Neo Naruto RPG is a unique type of play by post roleplaying forum that mixes creative storywriting with RPG elements close to that of a tabletop RPG game and lets the players be the main characters in a story rather than yet another one.
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 Welcoming and Introduction

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PostSubject: Welcoming and Introduction   Tue 16 Apr - 12:08

Welcome everyone to Neo Naruto RPG,

This is a site where Naruto fans as well as people who simply would like to roleplay a character in the Naruto Universe, as created by Masashi Kishimoto and edited by the staff of this site to ensure more roleplaying enjoyment, come together and roleplay with one another to create their own epic tale of the ninja world.

E-mail :

What type of Roleplay is this?

This is a forum Post by Post RPG. Which means that you will have stats and Roleplaying combined into one system. If you are not good with numbers or systems DO NOT WORRY. The staff is here to take care of all that headache for you. We Judge the Battles, Calculate the damage and stat changes and give you the outcomes of your role-played actions. For those who do understand systems however it will be possible or more simple to see how the Staff Judges the battle exactly and understand better what works and what doesn't, but this is does not give one a roleplay advantage.

Who is welcome here?

Anyone who likes to roleplay and would like to do this within the setting that the site provides, anyone who is creative and likes to write and wants to do this for their enjoyment and to share their sensation of roleplaying with others.
People who want to play original characters withing the Naruto Universe

Who isn't welcome here?

Flamers, Trolls, Bots, Arrogant people or egomaniacs who only enter this to try and show their superiority above others, which they don't have most of the time. Also people who want to play very powerful characters to make up for their lack of IN REAL LIFE weakness are not welcome, however if you want to play a very powerful character and are willing to train your character there, you are more than welcome.
People who want to play canon characters or clones of Canon characters.

What is the difference between the Forum's setting and the Original Naruto Setting in the Anime?

This RPG provides a setting similar to Naruto but with one big difference, it plays outside of the events shown in the Anime/Manga.
Non of the Anime characters exist in this setting as their original selves, non of the events from the series ever happened anywhere in this setting the way they happened in the Anime/Manga , accept for the founding of the 5 Hidden Villages by the nominations of the Kages up to a certain point.

Some characters as seen in the Canon Naruto Anime/Manga are at this point present in this world, but they are practically placed there by the Admins to fill gaps in the way the world works. You will find their backgrounds to be quite different from the original ones.

Why this change?

The creator of the original Naruto Universe created his world in order to tell his story inside it. We adapted it so that YOU can tell YOUR story inside of it. If the events and characters from Naruto would be present they would dominate the scene and leave no space for original characters.

For example:

Having it be 5 years before Naruto we would limit ourselves to trying and take the story to where Naruto begins and not allow anyone to do anything that would contradict with the Naruto storyline.

Having it be 5 years after the series is simply NOT POSSIBLE, because we do not know how the series will end, the creator himself probably doesn't know that yet either I bet. So doing this would be wild crazy speculations which can only end in disaster by the arrival of every next week's manga with a plot twist or the killing of a main character like Orochimaru. What if we Roleplay that it is 10 years later and that Sasuke has restored the Uchiha Clan and then 10 weeks later in that weeks manga Sasuke get's killed and there are no Uchiha left, what then?

This is why we have a setting free from the Canon Storyline and Characters of Naruto.
Actually : Naruto himself isn't even present in this setting.

What is our Aim?
Our aim is not to have thousands of characters running around being absorbed in their own personal story and personal development and having almost everyone else going 'who the hell cares?' as I have personally witnessed in a lot of other roleplay forums based on Naruto.
Our aim is to involve all the player characters into the main story line as being main characters and having the main plot interacting with their personal plot as much as possible.

Think of it as a large scale tabletop RPG you play with friends where step by step, session by session (in this case event by event) your character develops through interaction with the game world, other players and NPC's .
In other words if you wish to just roleplay in the form of writing a lot of personal fan-fiction about a fictional character within the setting, you are probably at the wrong place. Because here 'nobody cares!' .

We are interested in seeing your original characters come to live and see how they develop relationships with other player characters, NPC's and the game world itself. We'd like to see your characters develop directly within the game world through interaction rather than through solitude writing, see them develop and react from things that they encounter and the interaction they have with others rather than it being your own solitude story that will slightly mix with those of others here and there.

This means that we put a lot of writing work into each no player that joins us and find ways to get their character involved in the main story at a constant trying to give them somewhat of an influential role. They might not all become Naruto and Sasuke-like important (although some will, depending on the character and the way they are played) but at the very least you'd be a character worth mentioning and rooting for as far as importance in the story.

So rather than proceeding in separated topics all over the place marked as locations, this roleplay advances through various Events and Main events. Events can be seen as somewhat filler arcs/episodes or simply less stressful missions through which characters develop themselves steadily.

Main events can be seen as Main Arcs in the Manga/Anime where the main plot-line is pushed forward and characters will get the chance to influence the flow of the story through their actions much like main characters in an Anime/Manga would do so. These events usually take a lot of time, but they are the base of the entire game. And the rewards for them are pretty nice.

*Note: A lot of the Canon Characters from Naruto are at this point used as NPC's but their background is different than from the series. This to allow the world to function on it's own as it is right now.
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Welcoming and Introduction
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