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 Chapter 5: The Hokage's Office

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 5: The Hokage's Office   Wed 3 Jul - 11:39

Itachi smiled at Houtarou.
"You have a kind heart Hatake Houtarou. And yes, I do try to keep the peace to the best of my abilities. However you must understand that my priority is sadly not peacekeeping, but the safekeeping of as many lives as possible of those that have placed their trust in me to do so. And for that sometimes sacrifices must be made. I can simply never weigh one human life equally to that of thousands."

He would stop and get a bit of a sad face for a moment before smiling again.
"No, I am lying...sometimes I can. Even I have weaknesses. But the point of the matter is that as a Genin you too are responsible for the lives of all the civilians in this country, and being a shinobi you sacrifice yourself for their peace. In order for them to be safe, we must fight, we must kill and we must die. We must throw ourselves in the heat of battle, in the midst of hell, so that they won't have to. So that there can be more people like you who grow up having a childhood and knowing what peace means. For this any shinobi must be willing to endure whatever it takes, including death and including the taking of lives. That is what being a ninja is all about. Enduring things, so that others won't have to. The ultimate expression of love." He nodded.

"Now go. Run along. You have people waiting it seems." The Hokage would chukle lightly and smile to Houtarou sending him off.
As the Hatake would walk to the door however the Sharkman would be walking back inside giving the Hatake a quick intimidating look with a little laugh.
"Have a nice day Hatake-san." He would say as he went back to his position and the window after locking the door behind Houtarou, Itachi likewise returning to his place behind the desk as their talk with Torame proceeded.

(For Houtarou, Tenshi and Nomaru ; I shall make a new topic for you guys if you want to continue this. Do Notify me of this in the Even Discussion thingy and/or PM me about it. It's not neccisery to do so however. As we could concider it as having happened and move on with you three to the next morning then as well.)
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Hatake Houtarou


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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 5: The Hokage's Office   Thu 4 Jul - 1:58

Thank you, Hokage-sama!!! Houtarou said happily as he was leaving the office. I get it all now! He came across the sharkman who he still didn't really like, but whatever. He kinda ignored his laugh and continued walking. I'll see you tomorrow Torame-san! We'll succeed tomorrow! He said closing the door. The Hokage was an awesome person! The things he said all made sense, and he said some interesting things there. Houtarou walked down the stairs thinking about what the Hokage had said, and saw Nomaru and Tenshi meeting in the hallway. They were talking about them sleeping over or something, but the hallway being so long and him still being sunk in thought he didn't really hear the details.

Haruno-san! We finally found you! He smiled as he got closer. We'd been looking for you for a while. Koui-san here was eager to see you, haha!
He finally arrived in front of them.
Well, that sure has been a long day... Guess we'll be walking home now, huh?
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Chapter 5: The Hokage's Office
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