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 Physical Skills

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PostSubject: Physical Skills   Wed 17 Apr - 5:00

Physical Skills

Achieved through some study, perhaps in some cases reading but mostly through learning, experimenting and training.
These skills are mostly based on ability rather than knowledge. And in many cases are very dependent on the corresponding stats but if trained well they could act as good boosts for said corresponding stats. One might know how to swing a sword but not have the raw power or speed required to do so hard and fast enough to actually deal significant damage or block an opponents attack. If untrained however the person receives a -1 penalty to all actions attempted that correspond with the given skill.

Jumping, Swimming, Lifting, Climbing etc.

Physical Combat and Grappling

Riding something or someone

Vehicle Operation
Operating a vehicle

Buki Jutsu
Weapon Techniques

Hiding/Concealing oneself

Survival knowledge/techniques

Pickpocketing, lock picking, cleaning evidence

Shuriken Jutsu
Projectile weapon techniques

Bombs, explosive tags, grenades etc.

Traps, pitfalls, sensor traps, ninja wire, ropes etc.

Smelling, Tasting, Hearing or being able to follow the tracks left by the target.

Ken Jutsu
Sword Techniques
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Physical Skills
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