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PostSubject: Sunagakure   Tue 25 Jun - 7:59


Welcome in Sunagakure, the hidden village located in the land of the Wind. As one of the five great shinobi countries, Suna has a kage. The Suna kage is known as the Kazekage. Suna itself is located within a large terraced mountain surrounded by miles of mountains and wasteland.

Villages in the land of the Wind are conveniently located around oases or near underground water supply. It is risky to traverse the country’s desert without a guide, for one can travel for days without ever finding one of the oases.
Although the land of Wind and the land of Fire have warred several times in the past, currently they are on good terms and there is a prosperous trade route established between the two countries.
This is much to the relief of the country of Rivers who profit from this treaty as well.

There are several factions within the land of Wind who favour different relationships with outside countries and feel their country does not get what the land of Wind deserves.


Sunagakure, Suna for short, is a village which for the large part was hewn from a mountain and crater. As you approach the city, you find a terraced mountain side, hewn for optimal defence from the outside. To get to the actual city you must traverse a narrow corridor with slits for hidden shinobi to fire out of the dark. Once on the other side, you will find a big city, mostly flat-topped houses and in the centre the Kazekage palace. The palace is spherical and the daily government is conducted there by the current Kazekage, Sabaku no Gaara.

As said, most houses are flat topped, but besides the houses in the centre you are able to find houses, garrisons and shops carved into the mountain side. The rubble from this project and the creation of the terraces was used to build the houses in the centre from.

Suna has been built in several different districts.

  • North west district; Where most clans have their clan compounds
  • North East district; “academy grounds” and beginner training grounds (the harsher grounds can be found close to, but outside the main village
  • South western district; Mostly the regular houses and civilian services (hospital, botany, etc.)
  • South eastern district; Industry complex.

Each district holds several shops. The most known of these:

  • The laughing puppet (puppet parts, traps and weapons)((SE district))
  • Steelarms weaponshop (local blacksmiths shop which also educates people in blacksmithing)((SE district))
  • Sandfree food (Local Kebabshop, from which there are several, but the promise of sandfree food is alluring to people.)((SW district))
  • Mister Malkins (Clothes and armour shop, whom tailor fits your favourite armour design. For money offcourse.)((NW district))


Though some people think Suna lacks behind in technology, they are mistaken. Suna just has a different view about technology. Most people hold on to traditions and feel that not every one of those should be replaced with technology. On the rooftops of the different buildings one will find solar panels and windmills though. But they have a different look to them. The windmills are a cross between the old mills and the modern mills. Long and sleek as the modern kind, they are built from traditional materials like wood and cloth.

An example of the technology, but think of it with more brown stone in the building instead of wood.

Though Suna does not rely on technology, they do have it. The technology they do have is mostly practical though. A big point to stress however is, that the mostly traditional Suna will always rely on themselves for survival.


Sunagakure differs in more than one way from other villages when it comes to educating their youth. Though Gaara has adopted several things from Konoha after his experience in that city, the traditional Suna folk will keep to their old ways up unto a certain point.

Suna’s key point in education and even primal thought is survival and that is what is central with the students as well. Besides that there are few mandatory lessons in Sunagakure. Though every student is educated in the shinobi ways and in the basic academics, the sensei’s mainly focus on the student’s strong points to get them to be their spearpoint and train their weak points enough to survive.

The typical Suna graduation test differs greatly from both Konoha and Kiri. Not as peaceful and safe as the Konoha, but neither as violent as the Kiri. The key point to their graduation is surviving and the student’s ability to do so in a harsh landscape. One of the ways of testing that survived from the old days is a survival experience for the students in the desert around Sunagakure.

There they are exposed to the elements and while they need to survive, their sensei will secretly subject their students to trials and obstacles in their attempt to graduate. Though there are rarely cases of severe injuries or deaths, they been known to occur.
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