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 Hints, Tips, Tricks and good to know things

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PostSubject: Hints, Tips, Tricks and good to know things   Tue 25 Jun - 8:48

Here you can share tips, tricks and good to know things about the game with one another.

As an admin I would like to share a few tricks to concider. These things are tricks of the game, but they are not cheats or secrets. They are just nifty little know hows both IC and OC.

For one take a look at the basic action list in the combat system, all that are things your character can do, just take your time to think about some of the things you could achieve, mostly with the use of chakra.
Chakra walk, chakra stat boost, chakra conversion, chakra sacrifice, chakra release and so could do a lot of different things with those.

Another thing is summoning forth your skill levels in order to gain information or know how.

At any moment in the game or even combat (although in combat this costs 1 action, but only 1 action for all such commands as long as it's no more total than your INT/2) you can notify the admin that you are using your skill in order to try and obtain information or reach a goal.
For example, trying to figure out if an NPC or a player is lying and can't seem to fully figure it out for sure on your own.....
Notify the admin that you are using your empathy skil and a roll will be made to see whether you succeed giving you the outcome. (however if the roll was a failure the outcome given might be false)
Or if you see someone using a fire jutsu in battle you can summon forth your ninjutsu skill, your katon skill and your chakra control skill in order to try deduct as much information about that Jutsu as you can. Rolls will be made and information will be provided.

Having a hard time intimidating someone, but have a high intimidation skill? why not use it?

Having a hard time seducing someone, but have a high seduction skill? why not use it?

Also a very important pitfall that many of you may stumble over. What you didn't notify us as the admins of prior to it's effects being needed....did not happen.
If you didn't notify us that you had stored up additional chakra prior to the battle that is commencing, you didn't store shit...even if you tell me ...but we had half an hour of a break, I could have easily done it then....
our reply would be...coulda, woulda, shoulda....but didn' you didn't....and it's not our fault.
Note; We won't even apply your skills and skill levels for you unless you tell us to. So make sure you do.

Trust me, your characters are all already capable of sick powerful shit, you just need to figure out how to bring it out.
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Koui Nomaru

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PostSubject: Re: Hints, Tips, Tricks and good to know things   Tue 25 Jun - 8:54

Hina just sent me this:
11 ways to be a better roleplayer <-- it's a link.
It's hilarious, but also quite true. It deserves a place here, even though it's mainly D&Dbased.
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Hatake Houtarou

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PostSubject: Re: Hints, Tips, Tricks and good to know things   Mon 1 Jul - 10:47

Thanks for the tips, both of you! Smile

I'm by no means an expert as this is my first RP ever, but maybe have some contact with, especially teammates, outside the RP! Thanks to some skype talks (although it can be anything of course) I got to know my teammates a bit better (although I already knew one of them), which makes for more fun, and you can help each other with the RP.
Basically something everybody already knows... But if you never talked to your teammates outside the RP yet, it might be fun to do so! =)
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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Hints, Tips, Tricks and good to know things   Sun 20 Oct - 6:00

Just a quick addition to Skill checks.

I notice a lot of people add the line: "and everything else that could be relevant."

I would like everyone to know that there are two kinds of skill checks. Active and Passive.

The passive skill checks are the ones the admins make for you without you having to ask for it. The active ones are those you ask for.

The active skill checks are only done on the skills you ask the checks for. It is up to you, the player, to decide which skill you need to check. It is further investigation to something you feel is important and your character would look into that particular thing more.

Typing and anything relevant will not add any additional skills to your skill check. Deciding which skills to check is something that is your decision. We could supply the right skills for you and make finding the answer that much easier, but where is the fun in that.

That is something we do to a limited amount with the passive skill checks, but that is mostly used in describing the scene.

So please note that, like Admin said in the above post, we do checks, but only those you tell us to do.
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Yellow Admin
Yellow Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Hints, Tips, Tricks and good to know things   Sun 18 May - 4:38

Alright, here's some hints, tips and tricks from my side based on the previous event:

- TEAMWORK! I mean: some teams nailed it, while others mainly sucked at it. Especially in combat.
How to solve this: create a skype group with your teammates, facebook chat, whatsapp or talk over PM about it. It really helps a bunch. You could ask each other questions like: "If I would throw a Kunai towards Enemy X, what would your character do to make sure it hits?" or something. Also you can work out strategies here and plans. It's what my character actually does and also some other teams.

DO NOT THINK ABOUT YOUR NEXT MOVE TOO MUCH! It's a battle, think of it like you have to react almost impulsively. Of course, you need a strategy, but make it general, don't go into detail too much about what effect a certain move will have, but at the same time don't be stupid about it. There's only one way to find out if a move will work or not and that's by doing it. See TEAMWORK! for more info.

You have got skills, why not use them frequently? Skills can really help on getting stuff out of other people, can help you with your surroundings and they can even help you find gear! Just use them right and whenever you need to. We don't mind you using them at all!

Your character is a person. A non existence person with motives and motivations, opinions about all kinds of things. You hate a certain thing? Cool. But why do you hate it? Just because it seemed cool or exciting to be a little bitch about it or is there more behind it? Roleplaying on this forum is really important. Even in battles. What does your character see? Feel? What are his or hers motives behind a certain action?
To get everyone who roleplays with your character get the real vibe of what this person is like, do the things told in this. It really helps getting a better view on them, both in and out character.

Good luck in the Side Event boys and girls! <3
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PostSubject: Re: Hints, Tips, Tricks and good to know things   

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Hints, Tips, Tricks and good to know things
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