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 Katai no Genkaku

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PostSubject: Katai no Genkaku   Wed 26 Jun - 4:27

Name:  Katai no Genkaku

Age : 16

Sex: Male

Affiliation: None

Clan/Family: None


Bookworm  -   2 points
Earth Affinity - 1 points
Primary stat boost - 2 points
Secondary stat boost - 1 points
Social nut - 2 points
Combat ready mind - 1 points
Prodigy - 5 points
Strong back - 1 point


Missing nin
Special hidden background

Elemental Affinity: Doton
General Personality Outline: Presents himself as extremely calm even apathetic, hides his true intent and aligiance. Is capable of both friendly and hostile acts depending on the situation, is usually selfserving but has a soft spot for the "underdog". 

Character Background: Having very different world views than his instructors and elders he quickly began to drift from his studies and emerged himself in different activies, such as psychology. He learned that he could manipulate and pretend his way through life quite easily without actually fulfilling his responsibilities. He looked down on most people arround him as he saw them as mindless following their so called "superiors" without question, all he desired was freedom, and not be trapped within the confined reality of the village. So one day, he decided to escape...

Mental:                  Social:                      Physical:
Academics B        Genjutsu B               Stealth C
Chakra ctrl C        Impersonation B        Survival C
Earth style B        Intimidation C         Traps C
Science E           Emphaty D               Larceny C
Computers E        Shinobi codes D        Athletics D
Investigation C                                  Brawl D
Ninjutsu D                                        Bukijutsu D

Starting Jutsu:

Genjutsu:                                                                  Ninjutsu:
Mind's Veil                                                     Henge
Rainbow demon drowning                                 Kawarimi
Mist servants                                                 Earth hiding
Hell's fire

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PostSubject: Re: Katai no Genkaku   Thu 27 Jun - 9:16

where are your starting stats D:
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Katai no Genkaku
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