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 List of Flaws

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PostSubject: List of Flaws   Wed 17 Apr - 5:01

List of Flaws

(3 points)
No specializations at start

Chakra Inept
(5 points)
Unable to learn chakra control above 1

Young Child
(2 points)
You start out as a young child 9,10,11. Due to this you are temporary weakened. STA -2 , STR - 2, SPD -2, Size -1, - 3 Intimidation, + 1 Persuasion

Old Goat
(X points)
You are old and can no longer perform every task as good as before. No more 10 again, - 8 STA, - 8 STR, - 8 SPD, Admin rolls D10 each round for chance bad body reactions.

Small Frame
(2 points)
The user is small for his age or small in general, Size - 1, Intimidation - 1, Stealth +1

Social Inept
(2 points)
Less Points for Social Skills Exp.-30

(2 points)
Less Points for Mental Skills Exp.-30

(2 points)
Less Points for Physical Skills Exp.-30

Primary Stat De-buff
(3 points)
Gives a - 4 to a stat of choice (Stat must be a minimum of 5)

Secondary Stat Debuff
(2 points)
Gives a - 2 to a stat of choice (Stat must be a minimum of 4)

(3 points)
Get - 1 or - 2 on all social rolls influenced by looks.

One Eye
(3 points)
Your character has only one eye, which significantly limits their visual perception.

(5 points)
Death comes sooner than normal and certain negative status effects may occur on earlier stages.

Dark Secret
(4 points)
Your character has some sort of dark secret that would have bad things happen to the character if discovered.

(5 points)
Your character has a pacifistic, peaceful and bright outlook on the world making it hard for him to kill others. The player will have to do a contesting roll each time they attempt to make a kill.

(1, 2, 3, 4 points)
The character has a phobia.

(6 points)

One Arm
(3 points)

One Leg
(4 points)

Weak Willed
(2 points)
+2 to all attempts to socially manipulate the character

(2 points)
-2 penalty on GEN rolls to resist Genjutsu that works on the Trauma or is connected to it in some way

(2 points)
-2 on STA rolls to resist sickness or poisoning

(3 points)
The character for whatever reason, Usually bodily dysfunction or damage, is unable to speak.

Known Anathema
(6 points)
The character possesses something of interest to a group outside of his/her affiliation. This group will eventually try to hunt them to obtain this.

(1, 2, 3 points)
The character has an addiction or an obsession they can barely resist. The stronger the addiction/obsession the more points.

Code of Honor
(2 points)
The character has a strong sense of personal honor that makes it difficult to break their word or act dishonorably. -2 to all such attempts

Slow Healer
(3 points)
The character heals twice as slow as the usual person taking 2 full days to heal a point of HP

Lack of Confidence
(3 points)
Your character lacks confidence in his own abilities to such an extend that he cannot perform an act he/she hasn't trained for Excessively. This doubles the penalties for all untrained skills.

Jinxed Skill
(4 points)
The character has a special Jinx when it comes to a certain type of Jutsu  making them harder for him to master. (1.5 x exp cost.)

(2 points)
The character is either very lazy or very slow or very stupid with his Academy schoolwork decreasing the amount of Jutsu at start. (- 8 exp)

(1, 2 points)
The character has a very lively imagination often taking him away from the present moment as a form of genjutsu cast on themselves. The level of this Flaw decides the severity, intensity and chances of this happening.

(1 point)
Your character has a great deal of dislike towards a certain type of people, behavior or something else. Making you wanna destroy or at least harm it or the one performing it on sight. A genjutsu resistance roll must be performed with a minus 2 penalty to resist doing so.

(1 point)
You're not a social butterfly, to say the least. Many social rolls are at +1 difficulty, and if you're the center of attention, all rolls are at +2 difficulty.

(2 points)
You always tend to blow little things out of proportion into the negative. Always thinking doom scenarios on everything. This must be role-played every time the chance provides itself for such an act.

Curse of the King of Hell
(4 points)
The King of Hell has put his curse upon you and awaits your coming. - 4 to all rolls that could potentially save you from your death.

Tengu Mark
(5 points)
A Tengu has taken interest in you and placed it's Mark on you to show this. What it does is a mystery for Tengu are stuff of legends, right?

Special Hidden Background
(6 points)
The admins will read your character background and anything not specified in there including any other openings they can find they will use to connect your character to the main plot of the story somehow, but it will have major drawbacks in one way or another and will at the very least make for a much harder life for your character. Once taken, you are not allowed to bitch or whine about whatever the Admin team will have in store for you. Pick at own discretion and risk.
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List of Flaws
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