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PostSubject: Nikandros(WIP)   Sat 13 Jul - 6:40

[Victory of a Man]


5'10.5"(178cm) - Expected full growth: 6'3"(190cm)

164lbs(74kg) - Expected full growth: 194lbs(88kg)




[Birth Country]


(Has some custom to be judged)


(Has some custom to be judged)

[Elemental Affinity]

.: Friend Is Good :.
Nikandros never has problems with friends but then...many have a problem being friend with him, at least so far in the academy. He has always appreciate companionship and while he is not very good at socializing, he has never reject them.

.: Religious :.
Nikandros is pretty religious thanks to his nomad culture. His tribe worships plenty of Gods and so does him. He is a very faithful person in this case and has always believe and trust Gods in his life.

.: Impoilte :.
Being one with low education, he sometime chooses the wrong words to say and that makes him seem less friendly to others or just too honest that he can be an ass to people. He is trying his best to fix this but it's going to take times.

.: Battle Hungry :.
Nikandros loves battle to a level of freaky. In his childhood, hunting has always been his favorite pastime and he really doesn't mind going against human. He has seen one tribe war and has no problem killing human if he has to do so. Still, he is not a crazy killer so he is fine with sparring battle, as long as he gets to fight.

.: Adventurous :.
Nikandros wants to see as much of the world as possible in his life. He has always wanted to be an adventurer, exploring the world and the great wonders of nature, even the sheer thought of it can put a genuine smile on his face.


[Pic 1 | Pic 2]

Note: I am too lazy(and I don't like child picture) to find a child character that resembles his look, so just think of the current him as a younger version of what's on the picture if necessary. It also doesn't resemble the character 100%. The main difference is Nikandros doesn't have that eye-covering thing.

Nikandros is pretty tall and muscular for his age due to the exposure of physical training everyday since the dawn of his life. His go-to image for a complete stranger is likely to be a wild child, those that just love to play, play and play somemore but aside from playing, has nothing much going on in their life. One can see that his cleanliness awareness isn't the best from his look and that part is true on the most case. His pants are made from the skin of his prey but since he doesn't really have the chance to hunt anymore, they are pretty old and can be dirty-looking to some people. Initially, he doesn't wear any clothes, much like the people in his tribe, but he was forced to wear a shirt in the hidden village so he started to wear them. His choice of shirts is similar to his pants. He loves those that resembles animal's body in terms of pattern. Alternatively, fur-made shirt or plain, one-colored shirt is fine too.

Those "tattoo" on his arms are painted by the artist of his village. It's a common art form in the tribe but most in the city apparently doesn't like that a lot. It kinds of give him a bad person vibe albeit he isn't. The giant bead chain he wears around his body is a holy symbol of his religion. In term of usage, they are similar to buddhist prayer beads. In his battle wear, he always pack a few javelins behind him in some sort of "javelin bag" but aside from that, he doesn't add anything else to his body.

[Character Background]
Nikandros was from a nomad tribe of the Southern Kaze no Kuni, adapting a closer-to-nature lifestyle than the typical civilized citizens of Kaze no Kuni. His tribe relied hunting and farming to sustain their life and rarely has any interaction with other tribes or the Kaze civilization. In the past, they have tried herding but due to the extreme climate of the land, it was abandoned. Farming was hard enough on its own and herdng was even harder. Throughout the year, the tribe would move through several pastures of themselves and rotate when needed and tha's pretty much their way of life. The only interaction they had with the civilization was trading but it was once in a blue moon that they would do such thing because it's rare to have extra food and items left and money were really too much to their life aside from buying some stock like tents and maybe food on emergency situation.

Life of a nomad tribe wasn't really peaceful though as valuable pasture location was needed for survival and so there would be occassional tribe war. They were mostly honorable battle and small-scale skirmish between two tribes and not necessarily to the death although the option was there. Of course, some tribes were more dirty, relying more on ambush attack and raiding to capture the pastures. The Kaze government has tons of other stuffs to cater than some tribes so these fights or wars were not interfered at all. Of course, these things only happened once at a while so it's not too much to worry about.

Nikandros grew up in this sort of traveling, nature survival type of society, was well-trained from his childhood. He was a pretty formidable hunter ever since he was 7 and was one of the best javelin throwers of his generation. He had always preferred hunting as compared to the farming aspect of his life, finding the hunting part to be thrilling and fun. Growing up he lusted for travel as he was aware that the world was much bigger than the constant path that his tribe was travelling all the time. While education was limited to the tribe, they did have a very basic education system. Each family would teach their children the basic of stuffs and they did have a good pack of books to help with this process. Occassionally, the tribe's prophet will be the teacher to the children of multiple families at once. In terms of booksmart, Nikandros was pretty average and average in his tribe means below average actually, when compared to the ordinary civilians.

Nikandros has a fairly average social life with the others of his tribe. His best friends were a boy named Irmin and two girls named Eirene and Ffion. The fourof them always hang out together and Eirene was kind of his childhood sweetheart although he never really knew what the heck was the feeling of love, he just enjoyed spending time with her. Irmin was his primary hunting partner ever since they were paired up and were the closest to each other among the clique.

Throughout the life of Nikandros, there's only one tribe war when he was 10 and he was too young to participate directly in it. Though as a spectator, he found the concept of war(or just battles between humans) to be thrilling, arguably much more thrilling than hunting. Since then, he has always trained hard so when he could be a tribe hero in a future tribe war. However, that appeared to be a dream and would likely to stay as a dream for time to come.

As Nikandros' tribe was out of the most powerful tribes, the opponents were fierce to trying to cut some of the power off and so the tribe was constantly under pressure despite only have one tribe war in the last 12 years. The tribe had some sort of a plan since one year ago, and that was to send tribeman to learn "sorcery" from the Hidden Village. According to the charted history of the time(which may or may not be true), their ancestors knew some forms of sorcery but there has not been a sorcerer for thousand of years. On one occassion, some tribemen witnessed a battle of Suna shinobi and some criminals and the prophet explained this event as a hint of the ancestors, to pick up sorcery once again so the tribe can continue to stay at the top. After some ceremonies and prayers and well, that sort of stuff, the result from gods was that the tribe has to send one child per year for four years to the academy or from the tribe's perspective, sorcery academy. After some information gathering, they found out that it was rare for a shinobi to retire at early age so they were having to give four children away from the tribe for decades. Well, it was a message from gods so there's no objection and may the tribe triumph in the far future!

Nikandros was chosen when he was 12, the second child of the prophecy, and was sent on his way to the acedemy. Nikandros was happy on the travelling part, seeing another part of the world was something he has been wanting to do for the whole time. Academy life was...special to him but of course the more application method used by the Suna academy made the adapting process easier. He wasn't too bad either when it comes to the result as he clearly knows a good deal about survival in the wild and his taijutsu standard was pretty good...aside from shinobi weaponry. Shuriken and kunai were complete stranger to him and their throwing method was just...not what he used to. While his mission there was to learn "sorcery" or as he learned later, "ninjutsu", his talent on that part was...feeble. He had hard time learning the academy level jutsus so it should be a long road for him on this aspect. Genjutsu? Might as well be some sort of fruits, he didn't even know the word "illusion".

Life in the academy was different for him and he found himself to be...isolated at times. It was hard to really break into any topic since the lifestyle of him was so different from the others and so socializing with others was a tough challenge and he found himself to be not very good at that. Yes, he could talk well with his tribemates but that was because they had similar standards of vocubalary and so on while the city kids are better in this sort of things. He didn't really expect that sort of difference and so he was just trying his best to accomodate himself. The concept of city life was also all new to him. Living in building, usage of money, there's just so much to learn and it really expanded his world perspective. And seriously, why everything in the city has to be so complex? Even the names are complex and long, just...what the heck. Back to the topic of friend, he is mostly seen with the other kids that just can't blend in with others, kind of like the rejected clique but he appreciates them for who they are.

[Physical Skill]


[Social Skill]


[Mental Skill]


[Main Stat]
Seal Knowledge


Custom to be judged

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