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 Mana, Tenshi and Kenshi vs Sakena

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Haruno Tenshi


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PostSubject: Re: Mana, Tenshi and Kenshi vs Sakena   Wed 16 Oct - 22:53

Feeling heavy as a ton and breathing heavily, Tenshi was doused. She was satisfied she had at least make her Sensei lose some footing and she was proud of Mana for her successful attack.

She couldn't do anything but to block any incoming hits from Sakena (if they would come). She could only hope the stunned feeling would go over soon.

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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Mana, Tenshi and Kenshi vs Sakena   Thu 17 Oct - 6:40

Tenshi would notice the stun effect wearing of during this round. Though she might be a little craggy, she would function normally during her next round.

Admin note: However a stun does not mean you can do nothing Tenshi, instead it means you can only spend half AP. I will allow you to edit should you wish. You can spend 2 actions this turn.


Kenshi, you are up!
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Uzumaki Kenshi


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PostSubject: Re: Mana, Tenshi and Kenshi vs Sakena   Thu 17 Oct - 9:14

The Kenshi's would be standing scattered across the field and they would all run towards Sakena. All three of them ran towards her and tried to land a hit. But once 1 of them got closer he would disappear in a cloud of smoke. Covering the area around Sakena and Mana in smoke. The other two would continue running towards her.
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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Mana, Tenshi and Kenshi vs Sakena   Thu 17 Oct - 12:13

Hatake Mana's turn:

Mana was quite painfully harmed due to her actions the previous turn, this left her stunned and dazed.
For the 2 AP that she has, she would let go of Sakena with great effort. She had done what she could.

Mana's bull dog would immediatly proceed to drag Mana away from harm, To the north from where the first fake Kenshi would launch his attack. Both the bull as Setsuko would guard Mana's body from Sakena should she come their way. The other dogs would prepare to resume their previous attacks and preparations from last turn, should Sakena drop or be forced to drop her lightning armour.

(See the previous Mana Post or ask me in PM should you drop Lightning armour without ending the fight)

The fake Mana's would all disappear in a puff of smoke.


Brief summary for Sakena's benefit:

Sakena is stunned (all actions cost Double AP!)

Mana is hurt and lays still behind Sakena guarded by 2 dogs. (north 4m distance)

Kenshi 1 is coming from the north attacking Sakena, but disapates into smoke before it lands. This smoke is only briefly there and causes little to no obscurity

Tenshi is on the ground right in front of Sakena. Guarded by 2 dogs (South 3m)
Kenshi 2 is coming from this direction attacking with kunai in hand.

Kenshi 3 is coming from the West with kunai in hand.
2 Dogs are standing west guardian/ready to attack

1 Dog and Akane (mastermind dog) are standing to the east, one ready to attack, the other studying Sakena, ready to give orders.


Sakena's turn
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Haruno Sakena

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PostSubject: Re: Mana, Tenshi and Kenshi vs Sakena   Fri 18 Oct - 17:04

Two thirds of the team had been disabled all that was left was Kenshi, and seeing his eagerness to pull a weapon out and make his way to her was everything she needed to see. The fight was not yet over and seeing as Mana was weakened behind her there was little choice in what would happen next.

She dropped the lightning armor, and with Kenshi coming at her with the weaponry she would tilt her head as if warning Manas dogs of an incoming attack, she merely held her hands out to show them she had no foul intentions and would gather Mana up in her arms, "Get back!" She barked to the canines to keep them from having any injuries.

(3 Actions - Move to, pick up Mana)

With little effort to pick the Hatake up she shunshined her body to Tenshi setting Mana gently beside her comrade.

"Uzumaki Kun, you are willing to cut me, in order to win...or to protect them?" She glanced down at the girls then to the Genin still clutching his weapon.

Sensei was there to protect and to teach her students, she could sense where Kenshi was and dashed at him grasping the kunai firmly in her hand. Enough to shed blood from her palm she leaned forward and smiled, "You....pass."

(2 Actions - Dash)


Whether Kenshi would decide to pursue the attack now that Sakena had clearly seen enough she would lay a hand on each girls shoulder and cast a Healing Palm Technique.

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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Mana, Tenshi and Kenshi vs Sakena   Mon 21 Oct - 7:30

As Sakena would move towards the Hatake her dogs would eye her, not trusting, ready to leap. With their master knocked hurt and unresponsive they did not like Sakena one tiny bit. Especially as she barked orders at them. With those words the eight dogs would slowly start to converge upon Sakena growling, baring their teeth.

"Enough!" a weak voice would issue from Mana's small frame. The girl would attempt a motion towards her dogs. It was enough to somewhat calm her dogs, but they stayed on edge.

As Sakena Shunshined towards Tenshi, a kunai would fly passed where Sakena had just stood moments before. She would drop Mana next to Tenshi and then turn towards Kenshi.

Normally, due to her stun, this would be where her actions would have ended. However, due to the fact that Sakena ended the fight, the following will also happen.

The real Kenshi was also located near Tenshi and now resurfaced from his underground hiding place.
Sakena could address him, but not approach him in this turn. She would say the words stated above, but she would remain near Tenshi and Mana.
So the words said are said, but the actions will not be performed. Including the Healing words. How ever those can be performed during the upcoming posts.




All receive 5 CP for the combat!

Please continue play in the Chapter 6: Team Sakena topic.

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PostSubject: Re: Mana, Tenshi and Kenshi vs Sakena   

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Mana, Tenshi and Kenshi vs Sakena
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