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 Creating Custom Jutsu

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PostSubject: Creating Custom Jutsu    Tue 3 Sep - 7:51

Creating Custom Jutsu

Even in a world as diverse as the Narutoverse, at times you will find that the canon jutsu do not always fulfill the needs of your character in combat. At times you have an idea for a jutsu that is new and not shown in the site's jutsu lists. Well at those times it is time to create your own Jutsu.
Whether you design custom jutsu is all up to you, it is far from mandatory. But it is not without rules.

So what do you do once you decide on creating a custom Jutsu?

Well, the first thing you need to ask yourself is why? How did your character decide to create this jutsu.
Unlike other sites or the previous NN site, we will place a strong emphasis on this part of the creation, your character must have a reason for spending time and energy on the creation of the Jutsu. It should not be the player thinking, "Hey, this is cool!" it must be the character that thinks, "Hey, this is what I need!"

We would like you to explain why your character thought up the jutsu, what experience did he have in his life to develop the jutsu?!

As the Admin team, the answer to this question is valued beyond the following steps and needs to have a satisfactory answer for us to accept the jutsu as a whole.

A custom jutsu takes time and effort to create, these two are not static numbers and will be assigned to the jutsu by the admin. This is represented in CP and Development time.
As you know, your character is advanced between events, where you can spend CP, heal up, develop custom jutsu or craft items. There always are a certain number of days in between events, these are called time skip, these breaks can be long or short, but your character cannot do unlimited things during these days.

This is why you need to prioritize, for instance, when your character is forging a weapon, he cannot work on a new custom jutsu. Or when he is resting to heal wounds, he cannot endure the heavy labor of crafting. So choices have to be made.

After filling out the application, the Admins will judge your entry on different things, as mentioned they will look at the reasoning and development time, but also the CP cost, jutsu as a whole and cost to perform the Jutsu.

A player is allowed to have a maximum of 5 custom creations unobtained, this includes, but is not limited to: Custom Jutsu, Custom Items, Craft items and custom summons.
This means that there will only be 5 creations to be judged and accepted at one time. After the customs are accepted, they must be learned/obtained. Once you learn or obtain something, you have one more spot free again. You can only drop customs that have not been accepted yet. Once they are approved, they have to be learned. This rule is there so the admins do not get overworked.

When you considered the above, you can start to make an application for your Jutsu.
In this application you need to fill out the following:

Quote :

Topic Title:
The topic title should be the name of the Jutsu and the name of the character the Jutsu is used for.

Size 24 name of Jutsu
The post itself should have the name of your jutsu on top

Brief description of the jutsu, what does it do, what does it look like?

The reason your character developed the jutsu

How does your character plan to learn the jutsu?

Special Circumstances?
Are there any things that the admins should know of that might influence his decision? (prodigy in the selected area? Did you sent them cookies? The usual stuff.)

Optional picture for the jutsu, max size 150x150

The jutsu itself, in quote tags.

Quote :
Name: insert jutsu name here
Art:Genjutsu/Taijutsu/Katon jutsu????
Inventor:Character name
Rank:Proposed Jutsu Rank

Description: Description of the jutsu and what it does

Limits:Optional limits of the jutsu
[quote][b]Name:[/b] insert jutsu name here
[b]Art:[/b]Genjutsu/Taijutsu/Katon jutsu????
[b]Inventor:[/b]Character name
[b]Rank:[/b]Proposed Jutsu Rank

[b]Description:[/b] Description of the jutsu and what it does

[b]Limits:[/b]Optional limits of the jutsu[/quote]
The admin will respond whether or not he agrees with the custom jutsu, suggestions of improvements if he does not agree, CP cost and development time.
The latter two are variable and depend on your answers in the application. A well thought of approach might take less time to develop than a sloppy 2 minute application.

Good luck developing your jutsu!
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Creating Custom Jutsu
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