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 Chapter 3 : Red Dawn of the Sun

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 3 : Red Dawn of the Sun   Mon 7 Oct - 13:02

"Finally!!" meran thought as Hina seemed to grasp the situation. A grin appeared on his face, how could she not see this coming?! Surely she should have noticed it before...
Meran could not help but to have a smirk on his face.

As he listened, to his teammates, he knew that both were right to a certain degree, he put in his own two cents. "I would suggest we would split up slightly during the fight, not enough to lose sight of each other mind you, but I think we would work well in teams of two who watch each other's back."

Meran would turn serious, losing the grin and he would start to motivate his proposal.
"Actually, there would be 3 teams. Guujin, you are very talented at long range, so I would suggest you and Hiten team up together. You guys compliment each other and both are good in mid to long range. So if you two are somewhat out of sight, from the enemies mind you, you can do most damage." He would gesture and hint. The entire room knew the qualities of both Hiten and Hina, but he would not voice them, just in case.

Meran would then gesture towards Akira "And though I think Akira could handle herself admirably, I think it is wise for her to stay close to me..." For once it seemed he did not say this to get her to be close, but rather to be safe "Though my sand defends me only, it does not discriminate if someone is within its circle of protection. So in worst case, i can jump in front of an attack she cannot handle to have my sand take the blunt of the attack." With those words, he would look seriously at Hina, he knew her thoughts or at least suspected them and he did not like them. He rather place his sand between it, than her body.

"Then there is your satellite attacker.." Meran would say, hinting a Chouchou with a nod. "It is a great surprise for the enemies to have it come in unexpectedly and it can close the cap between the two groups, to connect them as a whole."

"Should the situation call for it, we can always regroup to one defense force, with all four of us in one circle of defense. However I'd prefer it if we were the ones to make initial contact and surprise the possible attackers. So we move stealthily.." Meran noticed he was rambling a bit, but the three would understand him. He basically put down the tactic that the four usually had practiced in. With some adaptations. His biggest point was that he did not want to be surprised, but wanted to be the one that surprised the possible threats.

He was already planning the ways he could acquire food and what weapon he should take. What would be useful? He'd probably choice to take a supply of nin-wire... Or would there be a better option out there?

He pondered about it.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 3 : Red Dawn of the Sun   Wed 9 Oct - 3:16

Hiten smiled when Kazenkou told the rest that he was right.
And gave Kazenkou his full attention while she explained the mission. He nodded when they where called the all-star genin team and drifted away in thoughts. '2 bottles of water per person.. Hmmm I should think of a way to screw this up for the other teams. In such a way that it would put them to shame but would not be negative for the village.If there are any other teams what if there are no other teams and they would be all alone?..It's going to be a sleepless night..'
He raised his hand and looked at Kazenkou. "Are we the only team this mission? Or will there be more teams and is this a test to see what we can do sensei?"
Hiten listened to Meran&Akira and nodded. "Sounds like a great plan... But we should also think a few steps ahead. For example make sure we have eaten enough today so we will require less tomorrow. And thus can keep going longer on a smaller of food than normal.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 3 : Red Dawn of the Sun   Wed 9 Oct - 10:50

"Yeah? Well, if they did that. That would be the last mistake they would ever make." Akira's lips tugged upward at hearing Hina's words. "I'm sure," she said, and followed Hina's gaze outside the window where the stars shone brightly in the dark night's sky.
"As you know I like to keep my distance in fights." Hina continued a moment later. "But I think that if we were to meet people out to kill the others, I should stay closer. To defend the others."
Akira immediately picked up on the underlying message. "Just make sure you won't do anything too risky," she warned. Like joining in hand to hand combat when the situation gets dire, she added in thought, because they all knew that wasn't Hina's forte at all. Just because she wouldn't be killed, didn't mean she had a free pass to throw herself in close range battle.

She nodded at Meran when he proposed they split up during fights, in two teams of two as she had suggested. Then he talked of her and how he'd like for her to stay close to him. "I'd like that, Meran." Every other time she would have turned the offer down, but now she appreciated it. Who knew how fit she'd be in the morning. It didn't matter when it came to participating in the survival test, because she was in no matter what. But when it came down to actually surviving if it came to a fight... she might need a hand from her friends.
Also, she didn't miss the look he gave Hina. He'd heard her unsaid words as well.

"Are we the only team this mission? Hiten asked Kazenkou. "Or will there be more teams and is this a test to see what we can do sensei?" Despite not being the one who was addressed, Akira answered anyway. "Of course we aren't the only team," she said brusquely. "The survival exercise is for every graduating team." She shrugged. "Not that there are very many of them." How many teams were about to graduate? Three? Four? Surely no more than that.
"Sounds like a great plan... But we should also think a few steps ahead. For example make sure we have eaten enough today so we will require less tomorrow."
Her good arm went up and she went through the hair of her long black ponytail before letting out a yawn. She was tired... and realized she was hungry as well. "Oh, but I am hungry... that's the best plan I've heard so far. I want food."
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 3 : Red Dawn of the Sun   Mon 14 Oct - 7:55

Hina gave a reassuring smile at Akira and then Meran, even though there was the faintest touch of defiance as well. Of course she wouldn't just throw herself in between first chance she got. That sort of stuff got people killed. But she would do everything she can to save her friends, even if that would place her own life in risk. Then again, she knew that they would all do that for each other, and that the fact that they cared so much for each other was the whole reason why they were telling her not to risk anything. She didn't have any biological siblings, but in a way, she had two brothers and a sister all the same.

She liked Meran's idea of splitting up into pairs during fights. That way they could much easier attack from different directions while still having each others' backs. His idea of having her at the back was, in all honesty, the most logical, so she just hummed in agreement.

At the mention of her "satellite attacker" she grinned and let Chouchou open and close her "mouth" a couple of times, as if the puppet was excited. "You got it, cousin." She noticed a tiny fleck of oil as the mouth was opening and pulled out her cleaning rag from her pouch to clean around the hinges, her face was focused on her puppet as she said, "I think it is a very good idea to sneak up on any situations and be the first to instigate contact, thereby making it on our terms. We are after all," she looked up from her work for a second to flash Meran a devilish smirk, "shinobi." Meran and her used to sneak around quite a bit and both enjoyed it immensely. Especially if it meant that they could pull a prank on an unsuspecting victim. Not all of their victims were always only happy with their stunts. But hey! They were shinobi! They were being trained to do tricks like that. They learned them in school. It was practically homework. Based on that point of view Hina and Meran would be the two most diligent, hard-working students in the entire school!

After another check she decided that Chouchou was in pristine condition. Which wasn't surprising in any way, seeing how she did maintenance every day and she hadn't used Chouchou in battle today. She put the puppet down next to her on the bed, uncrossed her legs and loosely swung the back and forth over the edge of the bed.

She listened to Hiten and Akira. Food did sound like a good idea, actually. "I could go see if I can find some food somewhere." she offered. She didn't feel like sitting still, even though they were discussing tactics. There was more time for that later, plus, they could fill her in on the things she missed while being gone. She looked at Kazenkou, ready to hop off the bed at her approval of Hina fixing something to eat. Surely she could get food somewhere in the hospital. Maybe Kazenkou had even already made arrangements for dinner to be made for them and Hina would only have to get it. Otherwise she was sure that she could just talk to a nurse who would help her.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 3 : Red Dawn of the Sun   Mon 14 Oct - 8:36

Due to the absence from Admin, I will post the following in accordance with him and Green Admin. This post also includes Meran's post, so I do not have to type 2 posts.

Blue Admin

Meran would smile with pride as the others would agree, though this was their basic training method, he felt pride in them all accepting it so readily. He simply nodded at the mention of food, but he also yawned.

This did not escape Kazenkou and a small smile appeared upon her lips. Her brother would not admit to it, would not want to show weakness, but it had been a hard day for him, for all of these kids now in her care. Was she ever so young as they appear now? Could anyone ever be? It was so long that she could hardly remember.
"Akira-san is right, you are not the only team that succeeded and will be tested tomorrow. There are 4 or 5 teams that will attempt the survival. However it is unlikely you will meet during your trials. Each group will be dropped at another starting position and will face different challenges."

Looking at her students, whom all seemed to be hungry, except for her niece, who seemed always full of energy. These kids made her smile, reminiscent of her own start as a shinobi. The events of the day still stung, but tonight these kids should eat and sleep, there was a big day ahead of them.

"Let's go get something to eat, Hina-chan. The rest of you get ready for bed, you have a big day ahead of you!" Meran opened his mouth to protest, wanting to address the fact he wanted to put up night shifts. "All of you..." Kazenkou said firmly before he could speak "You have a couple of tough days ahead of you. Worry about those things tomorrow."

With that Kazenkou stood up and walked towards the door, holding it open for Hina.


We will prepare the next chapter for you guys, please post what you want to do until the lights go out.
At the start of the new topic you can describe how you got through the night.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 3 : Red Dawn of the Sun   

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Chapter 3 : Red Dawn of the Sun
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