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 Forum Activity?

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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Forum Activity?   Tue 22 Oct - 13:20

Dear Players,

Lately I have noticed some things. Activity on the forum is low, lower as we would like.
We as admins realize this was due to our lessened activity due to problems with the main story admin's down time.

I also realize that I might have been a little late in taking over from Admin as long as he is absent.

However, I have noticed that in spite of the increased admin activity, the player activity stays low. And what surprises me most is that some of the low activity players are the players that complained about the low activity.

I have done my best to push the forum along, asking players to post when the wait is long for their teammates, but a few people only seem to post only when I ask them directly.

The thing that confuses me though, is that most players that can post, are keeping an eye on the forum, but are not posting. And I am wondering why to be honest.
I would really like to make the forum more active and have a fun active RPing forum when Admin get back on, but I cannot do it on my own.

So if you read this, could you please respond with a short answer. (or long) I really like to know what is stopping people from posting. Perhaps we can change things for the better...

I hope to hear from each of you!


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Chikamatsu no Hina

Chikamatsu no Hina

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PostSubject: Re: Forum Activity?   Tue 22 Oct - 22:11

Eh. Short answer. I guess.
I have no idea what to say.
What do you want from me?! TT.TT *insert drama*

Nah, I agree with you though. I'd like to see more activity as well.
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Sakurai Akira

Sakurai Akira

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PostSubject: Re: Forum Activity?   Thu 24 Oct - 19:00


Short enough? Razz

I'm off to Paris this weekend, be sure to count on me when I'm back Smile (which will be Monday)

Akira's profile page
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Hatake Houtarou

Hatake Houtarou

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PostSubject: Re: Forum Activity?   Fri 25 Oct - 3:52

If you have to reply, then here I am!

Try to post as soon as possible!

Activity has indeed slown down a bit, but that also has a lot to do with the fact that the vacation is over I guess.
There's isn't much you can do about it though.
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Tenshu Ryochoku

Tenshu Ryochoku

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PostSubject: Re: Forum Activity?   Fri 25 Oct - 5:33

I am not posting cuz I thought my thread has a strict turn format, as in it MUST be Hayate -> me -> Kouhi so I am waiting for Hayate to post. Now that I know it's not the case, I posted. And no one has informed me anything(PM is always available) so that's that.

As for reason, in my opinion, activity sparks activity. When your activity is relatively low(such as now), you need time to "generate" more activity, you can't expect the activity to shoot back to the top all of a sudden. So a longer period of consistent posting will help the case, from what I see.

For a more personal reason, I get unmotivated easily when things are slow, I start to slack as well and are not as interested in the game so I get reluctant to post. Momentum is important to me. And yeah, I know it's a flaw in me but it's hard to change that.
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Activity?   Fri 1 Nov - 0:23

Well I am back now and up to take back full activity. I'm sorry for the disturbance that this long absence has cost you guys but I hope we can re-establish that.
For now due to the low activity updates towards Kiri and Iwa will be postponed as we as the Admin team would prefer to first have a good and solid activity in the currently present villages. I honestly hope we can all soon realize this.
Also a reminder, we as admins can only give feedback to player activity...we cannot necessarily create it. If you don't act shit won't happen. Someone gotta roll the dice and pick what color pony to ride on and whether he wants to cast magick missle on the darkness or run away from the gazebo. Ultimately we admins just eat you...I mean we just give you feedback on your actions.
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Activity?   

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Forum Activity?
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