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Sunėkuaizu Kiryuu


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PostSubject: SUNĖKUAIZU, KIRYUU   Sat 30 Nov - 11:15

Basic Character Information
Name: Sunėkuaizu, Kiryuu
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Bloodtype: O+
Height: 6'6" [1.98 m]
Weight: 219 lbs [99.3 kg]

Affiliation: Konohagakure

General Personality Outline:

Upon first impressions, Kiryuu is often portrayed as an aloof and cold person; and with such characteristics, it's no wonder it ultimately causes others to perceive him as an apathetic individual. His relaxed and silent demeanour does not aid him in removing the label which others have forcibly placed upon him. Those mere characteristics have caused others to grow wary around him as he is often depicted as a fearless, heartless, and ruthless individual. His stoic state does not waver in any dangerous situation he had ever faced; such as when someone had pulled a knife on him, or when he had been surrounded by many whom sought to harm him. He expressed absolutely nothing whenever there was a death in the family, nor did it ever seem that he ever cared for the pets that he had whilst he was younger. Neither did he ever bat an eyelash as he brutally retaliated against injustice done to him. Give him a reason. A single reason. And you'll wish you died. It does not matter to him whether he is against a tough guy, a cripple, a woman, an elderly person, or a child. He will be ruthless whilst he is retaliating; lest you apologized. However, a simple 'sorry' will not be your saving grace. He will demand that you make proper amends for what you have done to him; such as falling to your knees and bowing before him. Apologizing repeatedly. Whilst he kicks you until he feels the bitterness to fade away from his being. With all of these taken into account, it's no wonder Kiryuu is often identified as a deranged psychopath.

Kiryuu would undoubtedly answer the timeless question of whether the glass is half full or half empty with... "The glass is half empty". He is incapable of fathoming why so many others would answer otherwise. Why would so many other people cling unto a small shred of hope, of a false sense of security, or of blind faith. The world is unforgiving, truly harsh in every sense. Optimism would surely sink you deeper and deeper into the pits of hell as you would come to realize how cruel life is. Pessimism allows you to see reality for what it is, without experiencing any kind of delusion of a more grandeur and fulfilling life. Though some would say that realists won't ever be capable of soaring above everything. The young man is cynical to the extreme, incapable of trusting anyone besides himself, always questioning what the motives of another is. He will always assume the worst of a person. That he is lying. That she plans to use him. That the person is only pretending to be kind, just so they are not by their lonesome selves. Hence brings about the origin of his dislike for acts of kindness. An odd quirk; hating whenever others treat him with kindness. He cannot convince himself that the other is merely being kind, but that they must have some sort of an hidden agenda. That they are making fun of him. That they will exploit his weaknesses. Thus, treating him with sympathy is the quickest method in getting him to dislike you; whether you mean to or not.

Whilst the young man may appear to have an extreme amount of confidence in himself, as well as possessing an absurd amount of pride. One would be surprised to see turmoil that dwells within the depths of his being. Conflictive in every aspect. "I am the impeccable role model of all humans". An arrogant and egoistical proclamation. Yet, no matter how much he tries to convince himself, whether it be aloud or internally... he tells himself otherwise. "I am the most horrible person that ever came into existence", "Why was I ever born, when all I've ever done was bring about havoc and ruin?", "How can I make amends for all that I've done... how can I clean these soiled hands?". Now, how hath such a thing came to be? Every person that he had ever met, judged him to be inferior. To be trash. To be incapable of doing any good for the world. That he is nothing but damaged goods. "Tell a genius he is an idiot long enough, and he'll come to genuinely believe it to be so". His mind is constantly plagued with such thoughts despite the constant bravado that he pulls off on a constant basis. In fact, he is obsessed. It's his method of crying out, his method of keeping himself sane, that he is something more than what others see in him. Take that away, and all you're left with is an empty husk...

In order to drown out the self-depreciative thoughts which would overwhelm him otherwise, he aims to do but a singular thing in his day to day life. Fill his mind. Fill it to the brim with everything but his self-conscious thoughts. Or better yet, completely empty his mind. The most effective method he had found to empty the vessel that is himself, is... training. It was a simple concept. Move your body a particular way. Over and over again. Keep moving. Focus on moving. Never stop. Perfect for thinking about nothing at all. With every passing day. With every passing season. With the years passing by. He became... absurd. Capable of lifting nearly twice his own body weight, became proficient in hand-to-hand combat. With such a physique, he became all the more intimidating. All the more foreign. Strange. Needing to conform. Thus he became more involved with delinquents whom sought to prove their power. With his strength, he earned recognition. People became all the more aware of his existence. Thus he received a new goal to chase after. To be acknowledged. By everyone. By society. By the world. Not as some sort of problem child. But someone whom deserves respect. Thus he involves himself as much as possible in all the current events occurring within the village. To prove his strength and his worth. To gain the awareness of others. Yet... he gained nothing but the fear of others; no matter what he tried to do. He did not achieve any form of the respect he sought. Nor of love or adoration. He gained nothing he had imagined. His will was drained. And now he seeks but one goal. A wish. A wish that may ever only be granted by what they referred as god. He wished for his entire existence to be erased. Maybe then, he'll finally find solace.

"Never judge a book by its cover", though most do not take heed of the metaphor. The young man dubbed as Kiryuu is often portrayed as an emotionless psychopath. That is untrue in every regard. If anything, he is too sentimental for his own good. A punch to the face wouldn't even faze him, but say just the right things... and he'll break down. Internally. He could be considered to be a tsundere, someone whom is not honest with their feelings. He would take in the abuse that others give, bottle it all up and become all the more conflicted with his sense of worth. He would be over-enjoyed if he could ever find someone whom he could truly refer as a friend; though he would never seek such a thing. He'll say he's all right if he's all alone. He isn't. He'll say he hates animals. He doesn't. He loves them. Since they do not judge him. Though due to the frailty of his own heart... he'll feel nothing but pain when it dies of age. This is his method of protecting his fragile emotions from the harshness of the world. Keeping everything and everyone out. Since they'll surely rip his heart apart. As time passed, as moments of vulnerabilities manifested, he became all the more scarred; unable to patch up any wound inflicted upon him. It is not difficult to see why others would consider him to be an independent individual; as he ain't keen on the idea of getting close with someone. Those whom had done a favour for him, one that is recognized by him at the least, can be sure that he will pay back twice as much.

Despite whatever the young man may say, he is truly an individual whom experiences deep amounts of empathy. Though he would never admit to such a thing; what with his tsundere self whom denies his every emotion. Though he had been corrupted by society, metamorphosing into someone he should have never become. "Oh, he's just a violent brute", "All he is good at is fighting", "I wonder what kind of parents raised that child...". Hence, the pressure eventually caved into him, making him react very violently to all those whom find themselves within his vicinity. Sinking deeper and deeper into the depths of the abyss, he eventually shuts down... allowing his primitive instincts to overflow. At the end of his moment of blind rage, he'll take notice of what had occurred. Notice the bodies. Hate himself for it. Try to help. Get pushed away. Called a freak. Then he would lament by his lonesome self. Other common scenarios, such as helping an injured creature, despite whether it reacts violently toward him. Regardless of whomever finds themselves around Kiryuu, he'll respond back no matter how badly he was treated by that person. He would never ignore another person, no matter how they have treated him. He had been, or at the least felt ignored, for such an amount of time that he became incapable of not having the last say. This is the origin for his absurd memory; being capable of recollecting any moment in time, and thus never forgetting what someone had said or done. Because, to him, that was one of the most painful things he himself had ever experienced. No way he would do the same to someone else. No one deserves such treatment.

Whilst it may appear as if the young man has no moral code which he follows, that is far from the truth. Kiryuu had established numerous codes in which he follows without hesitation; no matter how others may perceive him for it. The first of many consists of helping those whom need it; no matter whether they ask for it or not. The second consists of protecting others from harm; for example whenever a woman is being harassed by a questionable fellow. The third is to ensure that justice is served accordingly; though this aspect of his moral codes is the most flexible. For example, he would normally turn a thief to the authorities, but... if he were stealing bread to feed his family... he might not be as strict with the code. The last of the dominant moral codes consists of never following someone; no matter their authority, his only concern is whatever he thinks he should do; though it doesn't really help much with the frailty of his sense of worth. Hence he is more suited to be a leader than a follower; if only he had enough charisma to convince others to trust and follow him. The last notable thing about Kiryuu is about his sense of honour. No matter what, he keeps his promises. He will never break a promise, no matter how difficult it may be. In that sense, Kiryuu could be considered a responsible person.


Character Background:

The story begins like any other, man meets woman, woman meets man. The both of them fall in love with one another, can't dream of living without the other. Hence, they naturally become husband and wife. Two souls, united together for eternity through holy matrimony. The two of them started their lives together in some obscure location; no big cities, no masses of zombies scrambling toward work. An island out in the middle of nowhere was just right for them. While the city may present opportunities that may appeal to many others, the both of them wanted nothing more than to live peaceful lives; free of worry, free from industrialization, and free from the influence of shinobi. All that they've desired was a peaceful life for them and their children. The father, was described as a blue collar; otherwise known as a manual labourer. Due to certain familial circumstances whilst he was growing up, he was incapable of learning any decent trades; in order to help with the situation his family found themselves in, he had been forced to search far and wide for any job opportunities. No matter how demeaning such opportunities may have been. Ordinarily, he wouldn't put up with taking orders, or bowing his head down to someone whom doesn't deserve his respect; but the power of love could change a man in ways that no one else may imagine. No matter the disgrace he may experience, no matter what others might say... as long as his wife was happy, he was happy.

The mother, took upon herself the traditional role of the housewife. As the man felt happy when she felt happy, she too, felt happy when he was happy. Through this, the bond between the both of them grew stronger with every passing day. Permanently intertwining their lives. She was the ideal wife for any man: kind, beautiful, intelligent, and bearing a smile unlike any other; its no wonder why her husband did everything he could and more, into seeing that smile of hers. Though, whilst she may appear to be the perfect wife. She was a frail woman. Prone to sickness, incapable of exerting any physical strength; she even had to take extreme care in what she ate. Whilst she was not in any actual danger with such a condition, her husband felt pain whenever she was running a fever, or seeing her eat so little. But despite the problems that have occurred, he could never stop loving this woman. She became quite popular among the natives of the island, quickly gaining friends whom in turn would help her and her husband. The wife, with her kindness and radiating beauty, the husband, with his hard-working self, adapted to their new lives splendidly on the island. They weren't rich, but they were happy with how things had turned out. It was only natural that a certain question would pop up. The question being, "When will the both of you get children?". Once confronted with this question, the wife announced that she was indeed with child. The husband was shocked upon hearing the news, but obviously over enjoyed. He was going to have a child. They were going to have a child.

Hence the first of four children was born, a girl. The both of them were so happy that, one year later, they had made another child. This time, a boy. The first grew up to be a beautiful young lady and eventually became a kindergarten teacher. She was the most emotional of the four children, hence she fell in love quickly; and with the wrong guys. She was with child at the age of sixteen; the father ran away from responsibility. Though the mother and father were quite empathetic with their precious little girl and helped her through the trial without judging her. Eventually, she had gotten married to another man, had his child, though their marriage felt apart; she kept custody of the child, though he had the right to see his child every now and then. She eventually found herself a new husband, though unlike the other two, this one was staying. Her new husband was also recently divorced, and had a child with him, thus they became a happy family of three; that is, until they had a child together. All of them were girls. The son, he went through phases throughout the course of his life. None of them good. He was prone to violence against other children. Prone to play around with women. Prone to use all sorts of drugs. And lots of drinking. Eventually, one night, he drank... a little too much. Enough to experience severe alcohol poisoning. Though he came through; ever since then, he straightened his act together. He went off to work immediately after he finished with learning the carpentry trade. Keeping regular contact with his parents whenever possible.

It had been seven years after their second born, that they were yet against gifted with a miracle; the third of four children. The third was the one with the bad personality. Most would say that the second was obviously the bad one, though he had never hurt his family. Not intentionally anyway; mother could have died from shock when she saw him at the hospital. The third grew up as normal as can be, and once the fourth, once Kiryuu had been born... it was then that he changed. He was six years old when Kiryuu had been born. It was most probable that the third resented his younger brother; jealous that he no longer had the sole attention of his parents, that he was no longer treated as their precious little boy. The third became full of angst once he reached his teenage years, and it reflected in his personality. He would become quick to anger. Hate talking to the family. Hate to do anything with the family. Frequently yell out how he hates his family. How he wished he was born into another one; one that was more rich and didn't live in such a 'dump'. The father, while it wasn't his fault, couldn't help but feel as if he failed. After all, he wasn't exactly proud of his various occupations. Janitorial work. Caravan driver... jobs that anyone could do. The mother was too emotional, just incapable of discipling her child; hence the third did as he pleased whilst the father felt bad and the mother unsure of what to do.

Seeing as the third of the four was free to do as he wished, without suffering any actual consequences from his actions; he naturally grew to become increasingly difficult. The first and second born of the family were not there in the household, they were busy living their adult lives. The father was not home often, too busy working long hours in order to keep financial stability. Hence, it was only natural that the third became the male role model in Kiryuu's world. He would make small changes as time passed by, adopting a similar hairstyle, dress similarly, and eventually learn to act the same. Anti-social, quiet, cynical, hating everyone around him... he became this way, in order to appease his older brother. Though, the opposite had occurred. The third found it annoying more than anything else, and thus treated Kiryuu all the more harshly. Kiryuu's original feelings of wanting a place in his brother's eyes, was replaced with hatred. Thus the two of them never got along together. Such social interaction with his older brother became the origin of his current persona; where he felt completely worthless, yet he wanted to prove that he was so much more. The feud between the both of them continued well until the third left the household; though Kiryuu's hatred for his older brother never ceased. No matter how much the third changed after he left. Kiryuu would never forgive him for what he had done to him over the entirety of his life.

Kiryuu had became a teenager when the third had left the household; causing him to calm down and thus develop his own unique bland of personality, rather than being a copy of the third. Though old habits died hard; he kept being a silent individual whom saw the world through pessimistic eyes. The experience he received from dealing with his older brother had granted him new values, new ideals to follow. As such, he had appeared more mature than others of his age; hence he gradually became alienated from his peers. Isolation had forced him to become cynical, independent, and a tsundere. Adults treated him as a problem child seeing as how he was abnormal. Thus stemmed the origin of his dislike for adults; always treating him as inferior, always judging him for whom he is. He went through puberty a lot earlier than most children, hence he became all the more alienated. He thought about things more. Knew more things than before. He knew he was different. He knew that no one would ever see him as normal. He became enraged; assaulting anyone whom looked at him funny, finding others to be nothing but an annoyance. Due to such violent behaviour, and loads of bad rumours about him... delinquents became attracted to him. They attacked him, and he lost. He got beaten badly. Blood everywhere, broken bones; and a shattered pride. He lamented as he was sprawled across the ground. He was weak. He felt unloved, stupid, and among other things.

He just wanted to fade away into nothing. Stop feeling. Stop seeing, smelling, hearing... he wished he were imprisoned in oblivion; he wanted to stop dealing with everything that life was throwing at him. Though he had no such control, as such, picked himself off of the ground in a slow agonizing way. Headed back to his home; to lick his wounds somewhere more comfortable. Upon his arrival, his parents were obviously shocked to see their son in such a mess; fretting over the boy whom seemed completely unfazed by what was going on around him. Obviously they didn't want such a thing to ever happen again; the father was adamant about having his son taught martial arts; hence how he had been sent to Konohagakure no Sato. With that, Kiryuu became involved with taijutsu. His teacher was astounded by his progress, amazed at how his body flowed like liquid, and his physique became more and more impressive; or perhaps monstrous is the better word.

But... even when he reached the very top; where the light shone its brightest. He did not get what he desired. People knew whom he was. They knew how he looked. They knew his name... but this was not the recognition he searched for. Sure, he got what he came for. Recognition. He proved that he was so much more. Broke through the expectations of others when he first arrived. Showed the entire village his very soul. Yet... he didn't feel any closer of reaching the hearts of others. He just... he didn't even know what he was looking for. But this wasn't it. With the lack of a goal, life became dull. The days were slow, and he was alone; with only his self-deprecated thoughts to keep him company. He had all the time in the world to be with his thoughts; no matter how much he wanted to escape them. No friends, family was far away... he had nothing left. He just wanted to fade away. And with that, he had an idea. What if... is it even possible? To be erased...? With the goal of finding a method into erasing one's own existence, his life became full of fire as he ran forever onward tomorrow.

The story turns blank here, leaving all to wonder how his tale will come to an end.

Merits and Flaws

  • Asexual: Kiryuu is an asexual, and thus does not perceive either gender to be attractive. Thus making it an extremely difficult task in seducing him, receiving +2 when defending against seduction attempts. During one on one situations, Kiryuu suffers a -2 penalty to all related social skills unless he is currently attempting to intimidate the other. As a consequence, Kiryuu has more difficulty in impersonation suffering a -1 penalty, (-4 impersonation when trying to seduce.) Empathy is more difficult to raise, x1.5 to costs. Empathy suffers a -2 penalty whenever romance is involved.

  • Late Bloomer: Kiryuu has started attending the academy at an older age than most others; hence he is often perceived as an idiot or untalented for 'being' in the academy for so long. As a consequence, he is prone to violence to those who call him an idiot; frenzy checks!

  • Notorious: Kiryuu is perceived by the rest of the village as a delinquent; hence he has a bad reputation amongst both citizens and shinobi.

Giant-3Social Inept+2
Strong Will-2Code of Honour+2
Primary Elemental Affinity-1Jinxed Skill: Ninjutsu+4
Primary Stat Boost-2Slow Healer+3
Level 3: Unstoppable-6Asexual+1
Secondary Stat Boost-1Notorious
+1Late Bloomer+1

Elemental Affinities

  • Katon ~ Fire

Main Stats

Stamina4[+2]12Secondary Stat Boost
Strength4[+4]12Primary Stat Boost
Seal Knowledge10


Physical SkillsRankPointsSpeciality
BrawlB37Punching, Dodging
Buki JutsuD7
Ken JutsuD7

Social SkillsRankPointsSpeciality
Animal Ken-0
Shinobi CodesE2
Summoning Jutsu-0
Sen Jutsu-0
Total:50Social Inept: -30

Mental SkillsRankPointsSpeciality
Chakra ControlB37
Iryō Ninjutsu-0
Katon jutsuD7

Starting Jutsu

Ayatsuito no Jutsu - String Reeling TechniqueE2[+1] CP
Nawanuke no jutsu - Escaping Skill E2[+1] CP
Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone technique E2[+1] CP
Henge no jutsu - Transformation technique E2[+1] CP
Kawarimi no jutsu - Change of body stance technique E2[+1] CP
Shunshin no Jutsu - Body Flicker TechniqueD5[+3] CP
Total:23 CP

Last edited by Sunėkuaizu Kiryuu on Sun 8 Dec - 5:50; edited 14 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: SUNĖKUAIZU, KIRYUU   Sat 30 Nov - 14:11

Nice Nice, I haven't had the time to read through it fully and carefully yet. But I have browsed through it and read some bits and I like what I am seeing so far. Appears to be a rather interresting character if you ask me.
So please offer us some of your patience as we'll get to approving you shortly.
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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Re: SUNĖKUAIZU, KIRYUU   Sat 30 Nov - 16:48

Merits and Flaws:

Merits are all fine

I would like some more details on two of the flaws though.
* - A-sexual
* - Late Bloomer

We need to get a better view on these two custom flaws. What are the downsides for Kiryuu?
Right now they appear to be more like merits then flaws. One protecting you from merits that other players have and the other to get to pick the older age. But what are the downsides? What is so terrible about those flaws?

Main Stats

All seems in order.

Physical Skills:

Slight error in your physical skill list,

You raised 2 stats to B-rank, however for one you paid only 27 CP.
B-rank requires a total of 37 points, which you have done right in the other skill you placed at B-rank. This means you have spend 10 points to many.

(Survival on B you payed 27 CP for, it requires 37)

Social Skills
Everything seems to be in order, though I would like to point out that you raised socialize to E, however you say your character is very anti-social. Perhaps it is something to think about, but I would not disapprove your character because of it.

Mental Skills
Unfortunately 2 small errors are made here.
Both Chemistry and Deduction are unavailable to you at the moment.

Chemistry requires the MEdicine skill at C (yours is D)

Deduction requires Investigation C and Intelligence 9 (yours are 0 Investigation, and 4 Intelligence.)

Starting Jutsu

A slight error was made, though everything seemed to be in order, there was the matter of the Jinxed Skill flaw you took. This means every ninjutsu will cost 1,5x the amount of CP

In your case, this raises the cost for ninjutsu as follows

E = 3 CP
D = 7,5 CP
C = 15 CP
B = 30 CP
A = 60 CP
S = 90 CP

Please edit accordingly


Could you clarify on the above mentioned points?

Thnx and Welcome again! Smile
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Sunėkuaizu Kiryuu


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PostSubject: Re: SUNĖKUAIZU, KIRYUU   Sun 1 Dec - 5:16

I have edited everything accordingly, please verify that I haven't made any further mistakes~
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PostSubject: Re: SUNĖKUAIZU, KIRYUU   Thu 5 Dec - 9:31

Not sure if I'm allowed to comment here so remove if I'm not but damn, this seems like an interesting, well thought-out and strong character...!
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Sunėkuaizu Kiryuu


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PostSubject: Re: SUNĖKUAIZU, KIRYUU   Thu 5 Dec - 12:19

Thank ya for the kind words; s'alright, gonna take a while before I get integrated into the RP.
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PostSubject: Re: SUNĖKUAIZU, KIRYUU   Sat 7 Dec - 10:33

No problem. Ah, not sure when you will appear then, but we'll be waiting for you then. I'm not an Admin or anything so this is not an official welcome but: welcome! Wink
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Sunėkuaizu Kiryuu


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PostSubject: Re: SUNĖKUAIZU, KIRYUU   Wed 11 Dec - 4:45

Just bumping this just to see if there's any ETA on when I'll be capable of participating in the RP.
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PostSubject: Re: SUNĖKUAIZU, KIRYUU   Fri 13 Dec - 6:31

Please contact me on skype or PM to discuss the final details, then I hope to introduce you soon.


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PostSubject: Re: SUNĖKUAIZU, KIRYUU   Fri 13 Dec - 13:19

As there are no Final Problems and you yourself do not wish to change anything last minute, you are APPROVED!

However, it will take a little more patience for you to be entered into the game. Depending on how fast your team posts, it might take up to a week or two.
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Sunėkuaizu Kiryuu


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PostSubject: Re: SUNĖKUAIZU, KIRYUU   Mon 13 Jan - 17:47

Please add this for the appearance section.

There have been many mysteries and rumors which had shrouded the young enigmatic man long before his shinobi career, the few whom have had the chance of meeting him face to face are often found perplexed by his physical appearance; without a doubt expecting the man known as Kiryuu to be much more menacing judging from the tales that they have heard. One of the numerous myths which had flew around the name of Kiryuu, was that he were some sort of monstrous behemoth that towered over everyone at ten feet tall; a rather extravagant rumor created by delinquents whom have fought and lost against him, no matter how many they were, nor how well-armed. Though that is not to say that such rumors are completely groundless... Kiryuu is often considered by many to be a giant among men, standing at an absurd height of 6'6", or roughly around two meters tall; that is, if he were standing up straight instead of slouching down as per the norm. He bears a larger-than-average body frame which had led to numerous rumors being generated, people imagined that each and every step he took shook the very earth itself, that he must weigh a ton. Though obviously enough he does not even weigh near a ton, though he does weigh an enormous amount nonetheless; maxing out at around 219 pounds, in other words just about 99.3 kg kilograms. Now, that is not to say that all that weight stems from being overweight, or otherwise obese, but due to him possessing a muscular build which he gained as a result from getting caught into brawls by those who dislike him.

Though despite bearing an impressive physique, especially for someone of his age, he does not broadcast his body whatsoever out in public or even in private; in fact, he feels rather disgusted with how his bare skin shows all the scars and wounds he has sustained over the years. The vast majority of his body is completely covered in an absurd amount of wounds and scars that he had gained over his years of brawling with other delinquents; thus explaining why he has cuts, burned marks, and the like. The only scar that he has that is not the result of some fight of epic proportions, is the large one cutting through his torso vertically; being the result of a heart surgery he dealt with during his youth. As a result from the many fights he had ever been in, his face looks much more worn than that of an average teenager; ultimately causing him to have light creases located under his eyes. With all of these characteristics, it is no wonder that many do not believe him to be 16 years old, often being thought of as an adult. Due to the heart transplant he had received when he was younger not perfectly synchronizing with his system, he is prone to receiving chest pains throughout the day, they especially manifest when he is stressed, they more-or-less render him helpless during such episodes; rarely do such attacks ever become serious enough for him to be rushed to the hospital. Provided he takes his nitroglycerin pills.

Due to the poor blood flow as a result of his heart problems, he retains a somewhat permanent pale complexion despite spending the vast majority of his time outdoors; which some might find odd as he never got much of a tan. The final side-effect caused by his heart is his low body temperature, rendering most whom touch his bare skin to exclaim how cold he feels; he finds it rather poetic, somewhat liking how it fits well with his so called 'cold-hearted nature'. As he is often branded as a delinquent due to his looks, he had eventually caved in to the label and had started to do and wear stereotypical delinquent things. One of the prominent things is his piercings, a single silver earring on his left ear, and some whom could be found on his tongue; if it weren't due to certain issues, he would have undoubtedly gotten himself tattoos... though more to hide his body than to conform to the label placed upon him. Another stereotype he had subconsciously conformed to was gaining a smoking habit, hence it is not all too rare to find him with a cigarette in his mouth; though he does more so in order to calm his nerves rather than it being an addiction of his... at least that is what he tells himself anyway. It is quite obvious that Kiryuu adores objects made out of silver, as that is what his piercings consists, as well as his earring, the ring found on his index finger of his right hand... and the fact that he wears a necklace with a silver ornament. His hair is obviously kept untamed by the brush, short in length and quite ruffled and somewhat spiked; leading him to appear all the more wild and fitting more and more into the delinquent stereotype. Though much to everyone's surprised, his red hair is its natural color. His amber colored eyes are quite small and squinted, which in turn makes it appear as if he is permanently glaring at people.
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PostSubject: Re: SUNĖKUAIZU, KIRYUU   

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