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 Absence of Admin?

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Koui Nomaru

Koui Nomaru

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PostSubject: Absence of Admin?   Wed 8 Jan - 2:20

So. I am getting a bit tired of this. What the hell is going on and why is "our main admin" not posting? I mean: I've been trying to reach him and so have some other people I know, but he kinda is never "here" anymore. Sure, he's got a personal life and I understand that, but as it seems to me he's just not into it anymore.

So what I want to know, since I'm unable to reach you by phone: is this true? Admin, do you want to stop this RPG or keep to your self-made rule to post within two - three days (or at least once a week so we can continue)? Because this is - not only to me - a bit annoying. I love doing this and writing with Nomaru, so I kinda want to keep that up. This way however, it's impossible and this really doesn't work.
 I kinda assume nobody has got the idea what's going on right now, but if you're busy with your personal life, could you AT LEAST let people know?

This is in NO WAY a full assault or dickmove towards you something, it's more like the "I want to know what the fuck is going on, because nobody tells me nothin'-" kind of move.
So, give me a heads up or pick up your phone?
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Absence of Admin?
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