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 Akimichi Sachi

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Akimichi Sachi

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PostSubject: Akimichi Sachi   Sat 25 Jan - 2:12

Name: Akimichi Sachi (Good Fortune)

Age: 13

Sex: Male

Affiliation: Konoha

Clan/Family: Akimichi

Merits: 12/13
Primary Stat: Stamina -2
Secondary Stat: Seal Knowledge -1
Large Frame -2
Hardcore -2
Clan Heir: Akimichi -4
Primary Affinity: Doton -1
Flaws: 11
Lack of Confidence -3
Vice: Obession with health -1
Pacifist -5
Moderate Phobia: Needles and Hospitals -2

Elemental Affinity: Doton (Earth)

Appearance: Sachi is a bigger-than-normal kid for his age, easily taller than some older teenagers. He has appearance issues, and as such, wears loose-looking clothes to try to hide the extremity of his overweight body. He has taken great care to work his arms and legs a great deal, obsessed with at least appearing 'not fat', and wears short-sleeved shirts and vests to show off his arms, which almost deceive the casual observer about the rest of his body, if they don't look terribly close.

General Personality Outline: Sachi is insecure, and has been since very early in his academy days. The stinging words of children gave him many of the same problems other Akimichi faced as youths, but he took them particularly hard, developing a small complex about his size. This self-consciousness of his appearance has made him a little depressed, and his fears of being shunned for his weight turned him away from looking for friends, so he has become lonely. He has a defeatist attitude about a lot of things in life, and he doesn't have his father's berserk button to make up for his very passive, negative nature.

Character Background: Sachi is the first child of Chouji, head of the Akimichi clan. He enjoyed the early life of a clan head's heir as the man's only son, but Chouji protected him too vehemently from outside interference as a small child, and instead of having him play with the village children, he would play with other Akimichi. He would sometimes see other young, important children, but only on official clan business, so they would generally be on their best behavior.

At the time, Sachi was happy, outgoing, and carefree. When he entered the academy, he was woefully under-prepared for the cruel nature of pre-teens. In spite of his importance, he was teased mercilessly by some of the class. The surprise of experiencing meanness turned him away from trying to befriend many children in his classes, as he feared they would react the same way. This isolation continued for much of the year before he begged his father to let him stay home. Sachi was refused, and he began to act out. Several times he was returned home for striking his fellow students outside of spars, and while the adults knew he was being picked on, it was always generally considered better for the children to learn to control themselves now, before they could become particularly dangerous for acting out against a common insult.

Sachi suffered worse in his second year, and his actions were so poor, he was temporarily removed from the academy to cool down. The constant teasing had done it's damage, however, so Sachi was already becoming cynical and negative. He also became obsessed with his image, avoiding the fatty foods created for the family in favor of smaller meals and healthier choices. His actions had almost worked away all of his extra weight before Chouji sat him down and explained how important it was for him to keep the weight on, that he would find friends who wouldn't care what he looked like soon.

Sachi finished his second year awaiting these friends, and his third year as well. By his fourth year he had yet again given up, but instead of taking his frustration out on others, he held it in. As such, he returned to his old image-obsessed attitude, figuring that if he looked thinner people would think he was thinner. He did a lot of muscle work on his extremities, thinning the fat there, where most people really got to see what he looked like, and started to combine some wrapping with bigger clothes than necessary. His poor self-esteem still shied him away from trying particularly hard to make friends, but nobody teased him much anymore. Whether that was because of his appearance or the small increase in maturity that came from being a preteen was up for debate, however.

Now he must graduate, and Sachi is still waiting for these promised friends to come along. He hopes he won't have to wait much longer.

Starting Stats: #(#) - indicates base(indicates boosted stat) 64/65
Stamina 4( 8 ) - 12
intelligence 4 - 12
strength 4 - 12
speed 4 - 12
seal knowledge 3( 5 ) - 6
ninjutsu 2 - 2
taijutsu 3 - 6
genjutsu 2 - 2

Mental Skills and Ranks: 80/80
Academics C
Politics E
Medicine C Herbal Remedy I
Chakra Control C
Craft E
Computers E
Iryo Ninjutsu E
Ninjutsu D
Doton Jutsu D
Investigation D

Physical Skills and Ranks: 109/110
Athletics D
Brawl B
Buki Jutsu D Mace I
Stealth D
Survival B Safe to Eat I
Shuriken Jutsu D
Tracking D

Social Skills and Ranks: 80/80
Empathy B
Expression E
Intimidation C
Socialize C
Shinobi Codes D

Starting Jutsu:
Calorie Control Levels E through C: 2+5+10=17
Baika no Jutsu: 5
Henge: 2

Quote :

Karorī Kontorōru - Calorie Control
Skill: Akimichi Clan Jutsu
Rank: C Rank
Type: Supplementary
Range: Self
AP: 0

Description: The user is able to convert one point of fat into 6 chakra to use during ninja techniques.
The fast use of fat converted into chakra allows for the user to use it's Yang-type probabilities in the moment of conversion to use it for the purpose of changing their body mass and weight by use of various techniques.
However this level of calorie control only allows these changes to happen on the upper and lower body but more fat can be converted at once now allowing for larger forms and more chakra.
The user can use up to 4 points of fat per round.

Limit: Akimichi Clan.

Quote :
Baika no Jutsu - Multi-Size Technique
Skill: Akimichi Clan Jutsu
Rank: D Rank
Type: Supplementary
Range: Self
AP: 2
Chakra: 2 chakra per round.
Fat: 2

Description: The user is able to enlarge his upper and lower body blowing them up like a balloon.
This can be used to crush an opponent beneath oneself or for specific Taijutsu seeing as the user cannot walk around in this form like they normally would due to the weight imbalance.
This will effectively increase their size by 2 giving them the following bonuses;

+ 2 Temporary HP
+ 2 STR
+ 2 STA
+ 2 meters of movement per AP

Limit: Akimichi Clan. Karorī Kontorōru D Rank.

Quote :
Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique
Skill: Ninjutsu
Rank: E Rank
Type: Supplementary
Range: (Self)
Chakra: 2 ( + 1 ME per turn in transformed state)
AP: 1

Description: Henge no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique, which every ninja learns at the Ninja Academy. Henge allows the ninja to transform themselves into any person or object. This allows the ninja to move with stealth or to trick their opponents.
The user cannot transform into something that is greatly different from his own size, if the user still chooses to do this they will be forced out of the Jutsu and will receive damage to their body, the larger the difference in size the larger the damage they will receive. The damage received will be due to their body stretching itself forcibly.
However using surrounding objects and tools to make up for the difference in mass (if wanting to be larger) they can make those items/tools transform along as part of their form. But they would have to pay the cost for each individual object as if it were a person. Upon transformation the users impersonation skill will decide just how well they can pretend to be that which they transformed into.

Limit: None

Last edited by Akimichi Sachi on Thu 13 Feb - 19:13; edited 6 times in total (Reason for editing : Friggen smiley)
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Green Admin


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PostSubject: Re: Akimichi Sachi   Sat 25 Jan - 10:31

I have conflicted feelings, normally the missing nin flaw is something we don't generally toss around with the whole large chance of char death, but with the hyuuga it is something else entirely, because you are a hyuuga branch member the odds of your character dying in his second event is as close to 100% as it gets if we keep true to the lore and mythos of the setting.
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Akimichi Sachi

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PostSubject: Re: Akimichi Sachi   Sat 25 Jan - 10:53

This is acceptable.

Changed the character. Not missing anymore, too much pestering.
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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Akimichi Sachi   Thu 13 Feb - 0:28

Merit are only 12, not 13 as stated. Have you forgotten one?\

Besides that, the character is fine.
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Akimichi Sachi

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PostSubject: Re: Akimichi Sachi   Thu 13 Feb - 19:12

For the life of me I can't remember what the point was supposed to be, but whatever, twelve it is.
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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Akimichi Sachi   Thu 13 Feb - 21:23

Approved then
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PostSubject: Re: Akimichi Sachi   

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Akimichi Sachi
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