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 End Result and CP dividing:

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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: End Result and CP dividing:   Thu 13 Feb - 2:13

Dear Players,

We have come to the topic where you can finally divide your CP points. However there are a few things to take notion of. When you are dividing your CP you need to keep an eye on Development time as well as the CP cost. Every player has 45 Development time points! These are used for crafting as well as learning skills and Jutsu. It represents the time you need to improve yourself.

How much each Skill level and Jutsu level cost in DP is noted in the following table:

You can find most other costs in the table as well. Crafting DP is however fluent and you need to make a Craft request in the following forum in order to Craft. Click here to get to the craft/blacksmithing forum.

I would like players to remember that you need to be ready for the chuunin exams eventually, so do not forget those demands! Click here to see them!

Also, as promised, there is a max points you may spend in different categories
CategoryMax. %
Main Stats:20%

The CP each player gets for the first Main Event:
Quote :

Name:Main CPAdmin Bonus:SubTotal CP:
Team Sakena:
Haruno Tenshi150 CP45/75195 CP
Hatake Mana150 CP0/75150 CP
Uzumaki Kenshi150 CP35/75185 CP
Team Tonbo:
Hyuuga Sumiyaka150 CP0/75150 CP
Nara Shikataro150 CP25/75175 CP
Yamanaka Yorukasa150 CP40/75190 CP
Team Sendo:
Sarutobi Kouhi150 CP0/75150 CP
Sunèkaiza Kiryuu100 CP0/75100 CP
Tenshu Ryochoku150 CP25/75175 CP
Team Sora:
Hatake Houtarou150 CP50/75200 CP
Koui Nomaru150 CP75/75225 CP
Uchiha Torame150 CP25/75175 CP

AND FINALLY, and most important!
We would like you to explain for each point you spend Why? and How? you learned the thing you want. We want to why your character spends time on improving those skills and how he/she does it. We expect you to give a short paragraph on each improved point.

We ask this so we as admins know how you spend the time between the two events. We used to have mandatory Sidequests for this. However, seeing those are no longer mandatory to gain Jutsu, etc. we still would like to know what you do (and why) to get it.

Please post you divided points in order.

Main Stats

Good luck!
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Yamanaka Yorukasa

Yamanaka Yorukasa

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Thu 13 Feb - 10:44

Jutsu: 73,5 points


Kawarimi no Jutsu - Change of Body Stance Technique
Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique
Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique

Why: Yorukasa felt quite stupid for not knowing the basic jutsu that were taught in the academy, and deemed them necessary. Even if only to feel better about herself.

How: She took remedial classes at the academy for a little while.



Shunshin no Jutsu - Body Flicker Technique

Why: One of the essentials of being a ninja, is being able to appear and disappear quickly.

How: She was able to master this technique through the use of scrolls and the help of her father.

Fukumi Hari - Hidden Needles

Why: This technique is perfect for sneak attacks and can be combined perfectly with the poisonous fluids in her body. Making this one quite deadly.

How: She was able to master this technique through the use of scrolls and the help of her father, who has an even better understanding of her body than even Yorukasa herself.

Kahen Tonsou no Jutsu – Flower Petal Escape Technique
Magen • Narakumi no Jutsu - Demonic Illusion • Hell Viewing

Why: After discovering that she was actually quite good at Genjutsu, Yorukasa wanted to invest more of her time into this kind of jutsu. Because she's not much of a fighter, she has to remain her distance. Because of these jutsu, she'd be able to get closer, while still being as evasive as possible. She believed that in due time, nobody would even be able to lay a hand on her.

How: She was able to master these techniques through the use of scrolls and the help of Tonbo, who had initially initiated her in the use of Genjutsu.

Mizuame Nabara - Starch Syrup Capture Field

Why: This technique would enable her to lay a trap for an enemy, in case they'd come close to her, which would protect her in turn, and enable her to use her Shintenshin no Jutsu better.

How: Yorukasa was able to master this technique through the use of scrolls.

Mizu no Tatsumaki - Tornado of Water

Why: This technique would save her, should an enemy get in close range with physical attacks.

How: Yorukasa mastered this technique with the help of one of the academy teachers.

Hanazakari no Mai – Dance of the Blooming Flowers (custom)

Why: Yorukasa works in a flower shop en works with flowers a lot because of this. Ninjas are supposed to be able to fight with anything, so why not with flowers, as they can be found almost everywhere. Yorukasa is no short-range fighter, hence the reason to come up with a jutsu like this.

How: After learning other wind-style jutsu, the girl wanted to try her luck with using it on flowers. Pumping her chakra into the flowers didn't really do anything except harden them, but when she focused on the wind nature of her chakra, they almost seemed to start flying on their own. It took a while before she could actually control them, though she could only send them in one direction, much like throwing shuriken, just from a distance.



Hi Rensa Isshin - Unchained Mind (rank C)

Why: Because being able to use your clan jutsu only by touching someone, while you're not a brawler, is quite frustrating.

How: She was able to master this next level by training with Yamanaka Ino.

Hana Chirimai - Flower Scattering Dance

Why: She wanted to learn this technique, because she really needed something that packed a punch. That the technique also utilized flowers only made it an even more obvious choice.

How: She was able to learn this technique by the use of scrolls and extensive training.

Kyuukyuu no Jutsu- First Aid Technique

Why: To be able to aid her team when it was needed. Another reason would be that she wanted to be able to cure someone, should she actually poison them. Maybe this technique wasn't perfect for that, but it was a start. Also, Ino was a successful healer, which made her want to be one as well.

How: She was able to learn this technique with the help of Yamanaka Ino.


Stats: 34 points

Genjutsu: 4 -> 6      To be able to handle actual Genjutsu, Yorukasa needed to boost her
                                      proficiency with it. Due to the training with Tonbo, she was able to do this.

Intelligence: 5 -> 6   The be able to grasp the complex structures behind the use of Genjutsu,
                                     Yorukasa had to train her mind to be able to use those Jutsu efficiently.
                                     She trained with Tonbo to acchieve this.

Speed:    3 -> 4       To be able to be more evasive and pull off more techniques, she needed to
                                      become faster. Speed is essential to a ninja. She trained with weights
                                     on her body to increase her strength, and so her speed as well.


Skills: 74 points

Chakra Control: C -> B  Yorukasa thinks that chakra control is the key to a lot of jutsu.
                                        Without proper control, a jutsu simply won't work efficiently. She also
                                        wouldn't be able to use Genjutsu and Iryo Ninjutsu without it. She
                                        meditated a lot and climbed trees by focusing chakra on her feet to train
                                         this skill. She also trained standing on water with the use of chakra.

Medicine: D -> C          In order for her to become a proper medical nin, Yorukasa needed to
                                         improve her knowledge of medicine, as that was pretty much the first
                                         step towards the more difficult study. She read books and studied
                                         with her father and Ino.

Iryo Ninjutsu: C            Following Ino's example, she went to study healing jutsu, wanting to
                                         help people in any way she could. She'd be more useful now, she
                                         thought. She'd also be able to assist her father and her team better this
                                         way. She trained with Ino to gain this skill.

Animal Ken: D -> C        After the humiliating event where she was pretty much stuck in a
                                         squirrel's body and not able to do much, due to not being familiar with
                                         the animal, Yorukasa decided that she never wanted to be in a situation
                                         like that again. For that reason, she improved her knowledge of the
                                         animal kingdom by reading books and encyclopedias.

Buki Jutsu: D -> C         Weapons are the tools a ninja needs to be succesful. To be able to use
                                         whatever she could find, Yorukasa practised with a wide variety of tools
                                          and weapons.

Investigation: D            Because ninja sometimes have to solve difficult puzzles and have to
                                         solve crimes, Yorukasa decided that it would be wise to investigate in
                                         this skill. Her father had her practise with all kinds of riddles, games, and
                                         puzzles for this purpose.

Technology: E              To prevent looking like a total failure, should she be required to use
                                         technology at some point, she asked her father to teach her the basics
                                         about computers and other machines.


Ryõ: 6 points

+3000 Ryõ



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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Thu 13 Feb - 12:00

@ Yorukasa, Couple of mistakes, I have Skyped them to you.
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Nara Shikataro

Nara Shikataro

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Fri 14 Feb - 14:10

Jutsu: 53,75 points


Shunshin no Jutsu - Body Flicker Technique

Why: One of the essentials of being a ninja, is being able to appear and disappear quickly.

How: He was able to master this technique through the use of scrolls and the help of his father.

Kage Te -Shadow hand (custom)

Why: Shikataro learned that there are some opponents you don't want to face in close combat, LIKE HYUUGA SUMIYAKA. During sneak missions it can occur that in orde to be able to advance one has to be able to reach switches, levers, keys or other important items that normally cannot be reached otherwise. Shikataro preferes a ranged/trap style of combat in which he safely assails his target from a distance. In the event he is facing a tough opponent he will always be able to harras his foe without getting too close.

How: Using the Yang chakra and their ability to mold shadow shapes the user can form a hand that is able to physically interact with the enviorment. He'll try to ask his dad for pointers for development

Kirigakure - Hidden Mist

Why: This technique would enable him to make an escape and leave behind traps

How: Shikataro was able to master this technique through the use of scrolls.



Kage Seichuu- Shadow Control (rank C)

Why: Because being able to use your clan jutsu to a better extent for more range and spread

How: He was able to master this next level by training with his dad

Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu - Shadow Neck Bind Technique

Why: To be able to use his clan jutsu offensively

How: He was able to master this next level by training with his dad

Gyorai Shin - Torpedo Needle

Why: Shikataro has a large fondness for weapons and traps, this will allow him to immobilize an enemy and set him up for a hard hit

How: He will learn this jutsu through the study of scrolls and making battle plans

Hitei Mushou - Flying Nail Mist Pierce

Why: Shikataro has a large fondness for weapons and traps, this will allow him to to land an unconventional attack though Kage Mane or after someone is immobilzed.

How: He will learn this jutsu through the study of scrolls and making battle plans

Dochuu Eigyo - Underground Fish Projection

Why: Shikataro wil have to remain mobile and at a distance due to his weaker physiek compared to brawlers.

How: He will learn this jutsu through the study of Doton scrolls


Stats: 30 points

ninjutsu: 3 -> 4      To be able to be more profiecient with ninjutsu
                              He trained with Tonbo

strength: 2 -> 3      To be able to be land a better punch and land his weapons better he trained by himself

Stamina: 3 -> 5       Shikataro needed more chakra and endurance to be able to maintain his shadow
                              jutsu for longer periods of time, this compared with the large amount of C ranks he plans to learn

Seal knowledge    3 -> 4       To be able to be a quick thinker to pull off more techniques,
                                              He trained by training with Tonbo


Skills: 85 points

Chakra Control: C -> B        Chakra control is the key to a lot of jutsu.
                                           Without proper control, a jutsu simply won't work efficiently.He
                                           meditated a lot and climbed trees by focusing chakra on his feet to train
                                           this skill with Yorukasa. He also trained standing on water with the use
                                           of chakra.

Traps: D -> C               In order for him to become a proper medical nin, Shikataro needed to be able
                                      to be able to lay clever traps and make sure they do the job. He read 
                                      famous books like Art of War 

Explosives: D -> C         A key component of most deadly traps is explosives, He doesn't want his
                                      explosions to fall short and allow someone to escape. He read various 
                                      demolitions manuals

Craft: D -> C                 Shikataro loves ninja tools, therefore he aspires to be able to make his own 
                                         so he will end up saving money on purchase and maintenance. He read
                                         scrolls and practised making small basic contraptions

Blacksmith: D -> C         Shikataro loves weapons, therefore he aspires to be able to make his own 
                                    so he will end up saving money on purchase and maintenance. He read
                                    scrolls and practised making senbon and shuriken

Buki Jutsu: D -> C          Weapons are  the tools a ninja needs to be succesful. To be able to use
                                         whatever he could find, Shikataro practised with a wide variety of tools
                                         and weapons.

Technology: E -> C         To prevent screwing up when dealing with more complicated ninja tools
                                         He read scrolls and asked Tonbo for help.


Ryõ: 6 points

+3000 Ryõ


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Sunėkuaizu Kiryuu

Sunėkuaizu Kiryuu

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Sat 15 Feb - 7:47

Main Stats ~ 20% [20/100 CP]

  • Genjutsu: 2 --> 3 [4 CP]
    -----Due to the fact that Kiryuu had been sent to the youth correctional facility long before he could graduate from the academy, he had never finished learning all that the academy had to offer him in his upbringing to the shinobi world. Even though he exhibits no actual desire to use genjutsu, he had learned quite a lot about the skill itself though the various courses that came with being at the academy; such as their application, how to counteract them, as well from the experience of being struck by one by a academy teacher. He came to appreciate learning more about how to defend against the skill as he figured that even if he had all the brawn in the world, it would not mean squat if he were paralyzed or otherwise trapped by an illusion.
  • Taijutsu: 4 --> 5 [8 CP]
    -----Whereas he has difficulty grasping the skills associated with the use of ninjutsu, for whatever reason that may be, taijutsu just came natural to the already-battle ridden delinquent. All those years of brawling with whomever it may have been, already rewarded him with prodigy-like fighting instincts and thus, when he had been armed with proper application through the teachings of the academy... he naturally grew to become much more monstrous in close-quarter combat. Others have made him very much aware of the flaws associated with his form, whether it be when he throws a punch or the way he shuffles his feet while moving in combat, and with some practice, however awkward he found it to be, he eliminated some of those flaws.
  • Ninjutsu 2 --> 3 [4 CP]
    -----Ninjutsu, or otherwise known as the bane of his very existence, had been an all-too popular subject at the academy; which made it rather problematic as more often than not, there would be class about ninjutsu for that day. There were, and there always will be, lingering memories of the times he had been ridiculed by others due to his lack of talent within the realm of all things ninjutsu; which may or may not have played a role in his cynical views of the world. Fueled by the desire of avoiding such treatment from others, he had spent an extensive amount of time secretly practicing and studying during the three months spent at the academy. Despite his efforts, his skills were considered average and even then... some would say less than average. What a boost to his confidence...
  • Sealing Knowledge: 1 --> 2 [2 CP]
    -----His lack of knowledge concerning the hand-signs used for various ninjutsu stems from his lack of skill associated with ninjutsu, which severely impacted the amount of techniques available to him; seeing as his hands were pretty much too clumsy to actually perform hand-signs, and thus unfeasible during combat. Through the secret practices and the hours spent studying ninjutsu, he had naturally came to be capable of performing all signs without much hassle, as well as being capable of naming and identifying them from the top of his head.

Total: 18/20 CP

Skills ~ 40% [40/100 CP]

  • Physical Skills
    Survival: E --> D [5 CP]
    -----Kiryuu had suspected that, however rare that may be, he would find himself travelling from the village to another location for the sake of a mission or for some other similar reason; and it was not all that difficult to imagine that he would not have the luxury of staying at a hotel. He had figured that it would be best to learn a little something about the outdoors and how to make life as comfortable as possible when there was no proper housing provided for him. Through the brief explanations provided by the academy, and using his own time to read a book or two about the subject, he had furthered his understanding about the UNGREAT OUTDOORS.
    Larceny: E --> D [5 CP]
    -----While he was never the sort of person who would pick the pockets of another person, he had grown accustomed to picking locks; though it was not for nefarious purposes that others would suspect that of a delinquent. More often than he would like to admit, he had experienced being locked out of his own apartment as a result of him losing the keys. As he bore absolute no interest in searching for hours for a bit of metal, that may potentially still not be found, he had taken into picking into his own locks. With the numerous times that this had occured, he had grown to become quite skilled and eventually took his acquired skill-set into other locks; purely as an hobby of sorts. As a consequence, others had often seen him picking a door, not knowing that it was to his own flat.
    Shuriken Jutsu: --> D [7 CP]
    -----An individual striving to become a shinobi must learn the proper use of the various tools that come along with the associated job; one of those tools being the traditional shurikens. Kiryuu possessed no experience whatsoever with the tool as he relied on his brute strength and keen instincts during combat instead of weaponry, nor did he desire to ever learn how to handle such tools for combat purposes; he figured that only weaklings use tools and not their own respective strengths. However, those excuses of his were ignored by the academy teachers and thus he had been forced to learn how to handle them. He figured how to throw one, or many, with as much accuracy as possible through the various times they practiced outside. Though whilst still not keen on the idea of using shuriken for any purpose, at least it can be said that he possesses some skill.
    Tracking: E --> D [5 CP]
    -----Tracking and survival coincide with one another, if only a little, and thus much of what he had learned from books concerning survival helped further his understanding of tracking other beings; whether human or not.  
    Mental Skills
    Ninjutsu: D --> C [10 CP]
    Raiton Ninjutsu: --> E [2 CP]
    Fuuton Ninjutsu: --> E [2 CP]
    Suiton Ninjutsu: --> E [2 CP]
    Doton Ninjutsu: --> E [2 CP]

    -----Refer to Ninjutsu [Main Stat]

Total: 40/40 CP

Specialties ~ 40% [40/100 CP]

  • Larceny - Lock picking [25 CP]
    -----Refer to larceny in skills.

Total: 25/40 CP

Ryõ ~ 10% [10/100 CP]
------10 CP --> 5,000 Ryõ

Grand Total: 93/100 CP
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Uzumaki Kenshi

Uzumaki Kenshi

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Tue 18 Feb - 0:36

Main Stats ~ 20% [37/185 CP]

Intelligence: 5 -> 7 Sealing Jutsu's can be very difficult to use and understand. So in order to understand them better he raised his intelligence. He did this by reading a lot of books and asking his parents a few things.

Speed: 3 -> 5 To be able to use Sealing Jutsu's Kenshi has to be able to touch his opponent. In which speed is essential. He also didn't liked getting hit by lightning because his wasn't fast enough. He ran a lot, mostly sprinting, in order to get his speed up.

Total: 36/37 CP

Skills ~ 50% [92.5/185 CP]

Physical Skills:
Brawl: C  In his sparring match with Yorukasa he experienced his weakness with hand to hand combat. It will also be useful to place Sealing tags easier. He would practice this

Social Skills:
Genjutsu: E Kenshi didn't know anything about genjutsu so he decided to study it a bit. He read a book about the basic concepts of Genjutsu.

Expression: E Kenshi wasn't very good at expressing himself but he didn't think that it was necessary at first. But withing his week with Tenshi he started expressing himself a bit more.

Subterfuge: E Being able to falsify information could be very useful to hide information. Also being able to figure out when information isn't correct seemed very useful to Kenshi. He practiced lying in order to get better at it.

Shinobi Codes: D As a Clan Heir it would seem useful to know a bit about the Shinobi Codes. He read books and asked his parents.

Mental Skills:
Chakra Control: C -> B The use of Fuuin jutsu requires high chakra control so in order to get better at it he needed to get his chakra control higher. Kenshi would practice focusing to specific places like the bottom of his feet. He would stand on top of water while reading a book.  

Medicine: D After the all that happened around their team on their mission Kenshi wanted to be of more use to his future teammate by being able to heal them. He read books about different kinds of medicine.

Doton Jutsu: D -> C In order to make it easier for Kenshi to place barriers and seals he would try using the Doton element to place seals and make the substance of the earth different. He would practice a some Jutsu which slowly increased his control over Doton Jutsu.

Investigation: E His investigation improved during his mission while he was investigating what happened at the Hokage Stone Heads.  

Total: 69/92.5 CP

Specialty ~ 40% [74/185 CP]
Doton: Supplementary

Total: 25/74 CP

Jutsu ~ 40% [74/185 CP]

Shikoku Fuuin - Finger Engraving Seal:
Why: It enables Kenshi to place seals in different kinds of surfaces.
How: Focusing his chakra into his finger and then trying to writ into the ground.

Shunshin no Jutsu - Body Flicker Technique:
Why: To be able to use Fuuin Jutsu Kenshi has to touch the target. This jutsu helps getting closer to the target.
How: By reading scrolls on how it worked.

Oboro Bunshin no Jutsu - Haze Clone Technique:
Why: Kenshi isn't very good with close combat. Using this jutsu he can conceal himself from the target which enables him to land a surprise attack.  
How: Reading scrolls and with the help of his parents.

Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu - Double Suicide Decapitation Technique:
Why: Pulling an enemy into the ground would greatly limit his ability to move.
How: Getting underground and pull stuff into the ground.

Doryuu Taiga - Earth Flow River:
Why: Getting the target stuck in this technique makes it easier to hit him or place seals.
How: Focusing his chakra into the ground trying to change the structure.

Sekkoufuu Kekkai - Spying Seal Barrier:
Why: Concealing himself and others will be useful during spying missions or surprise attacks.
How: By the use of scrolls and with the help of his parents.

Fuu Kirikae - Seal Replacement:
Why/how: Link

Total: 55/74 CP

Grand Total: 185/185 CP
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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Mon 24 Feb - 3:19

How are the rest of you guys doing?
Having problems dividing?
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Koui Nomaru

Koui Nomaru

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Mon 24 Feb - 6:12

I haven't had the time for anything so far. I have vacation now, so probably Wednesday. Smile
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Tenshu Ryochoku

Tenshu Ryochoku

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Mon 24 Feb - 7:44

1. I have some concern over something, will talk to you on Skype when you are free -- take your time if you are busy, don't worry about it.

2. I am wondering if my custom jutsu will get approved in this time so I don't need to wait until the next division phase.
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Hatake Houtarou

Hatake Houtarou

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Mon 24 Feb - 9:45

Same situation as Nomaru. I'll dedicate my time to this next friday or saturday!
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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Mon 24 Feb - 12:09

No problems, if you guys have any questions hit me up on skype, if I am busy, I'll say so, otherwise I am available for questions.

Anji, I have to form a different proposal on your custom, some things are too good for a D-rank, so I need to sit down for it and do some calculations.
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Koui Nomaru

Koui Nomaru

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Sat 1 Mar - 12:44

Allright, my CP stuffzies.

Primary stats

Strength 4-->5 (8CP)
Stamina 2--> 3 (4CP)
Speed 3 --> 4 (6CP)
Seal Knowledge 3 --> 4 (6)
Ninjutsu 3--> 4 (6)
Genjustu 3 -->4 (6)

This part is pretty easy to explain, mainly because Nomaru has gone back to the academy and actually has to do something at the academy it would only make sense for her statts to get higher as well. She has been quite busy with basically everything because she is being watched more that ever and can't really be a slacker anymore. Besides: some classes (except for Taijutsu she enjoys pretty well, so she actually does something for it.


Academics C --> B
Nomaru is going back to school and has got to pay attention, which she kinda succeeds to. No more sleeping in class, no more skipping school but actually paying attention and reading loads of conspiracy magazines (see specialty) in her hallucinogenic, delusional ideas to throw over the government some day (a teenager can dream right?). Together with the fact she has always been quite interested in the world, just not the shinobi life-part of the world. Most of her knowledge she gets through reading books, magazines and now at school.

Ninjutsu D --> C
Having skipped pretty much every class she actually has been quit busy with her ninjutsu classes. She loved the awesome teacher she has for that class, who actually seemed to be aware of the fact she's an emotional wreck most of the time and it helps a lot to have a good teacher. Even to Nomaru's own surprise she started to enjoy the classes. Besides, she loves messing around with hand seals quite a lot.

Raiton D --> C
Suiton E --> C

Being some short of "prodigy" in elemental jutsu she has had a lot of extra classes in training her elemental skills. This mainly is also because she doesn't have any cool clan things and whatever, so this is basically the only thing they can go for and train her for in the school, pushing her to get better at both raiton and suiton. Nomaru doesn't necicarily like it, but she just has to roll with it. Still, she doesn't really care about either. But she does it. It's the thought that counts right?

Investigation D --> C
Nomaru loves observing people, classrooms, things. Anything to get her away from the boring classes at the academy. So basically she has been pretty much learning this skill to herself to not be busy to paying attention in class. This also is a thing she started to enjoy. Besides: her room is so messy she needs a good investigation and observation to actually deal with this shit. Nomaru spends a lot of time looking for things.

Explosions E --> D
What girl doesn't love herself some good explosions? Sorry, I really can't explain more about this. Oh, and the fact that she actually is quite destructive towards Konoha and everything involving it. She would love to be able to blow more shit up.

Medicine E --> D
Nomaru has always had an interest for medicine, medication, drugs, and everything involving these kind of things. She started reading some books about it, learned some more about it and in her boredom she started reading the descriptions of painkillers her mom has around. Nomaru doesn't want to die, even though she has the feeling she soon will like all her friends did. But she actually is quite attached to life. So why not train some more in medicine to actually be able to help yourself not dying? That's smart. It's smart. Nomaru is trying to act smart.


Socialize – Seduction
Well, let's face it. Nomaru is a carouser, has got a pretty face and body, so why not use it? She has already mastered the fine art of seduction and manipulation to begin with. Just try to act charming. If everything else fails: why not shove your breasts into someones face? It works all the time. In her mind Nomaru has told herself she should try to make a living out of it. But she won't.

Politics – Conspiracy theories
Nomaru loves Conspiracy Theories and loves figuring out if they're real or not. In every political system there's backdoor politics and stuff that just isn't right, so why not try to bring light on the situation? Apart from that Nomaru just wants to have the feeling the political system isn't right and will try everything in her power to overthrow it. Conspiracy theories are not always completely wrong, so she would like to make a use of that.


D Ranks
Kyuutai no Kaze - Orb of Wind (custom)
A Jutsu created by Nomaru. She wanted to create something to transport powders, like itching powder. Mainly just to mess with people and given them a bad time. That's in general just what Nomaru does anyway. Having a lot of extra classes gave Nomaru even more time to get this jutsu to perfection.

Suiben - Water Whip
YOU'VE BEEN A BAD SLAVE! No, Nomaru is not really that much into S&M, but she does like having a whip though... No wait, that also sounds wrong. In fact, to make sure she doesn't die instantly she just wanted some jutsu to attack with. Nomaru doesn't like the idea of fighting with weapons. Too much effort to begin with, so some jutsu actually doing damage seemed nice to have.

Hiraishin - Sparking Electric Needle
And if the enemy manages to get close she could at least have something to punch them away with and stun them, so she herself can get away.

Shunshin no Jutsu - Body Flicker Technique
And last: if everything else fails, just use some invisibility to get the fuck out. Perfect plan, right?

Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu - Water Clone Technique

Cuz clones are awesome and stuff. Nomaru isn't really a teamplayer and basically she could always use something that's not her to help her. She basically took this skill in case she ever has to pick up dog shit again so she doesn't have to do it herself. Maybe a bit too much effort to prevent herself from annoying tasks, but it helps. It could even help her clean her room, or something.

Ranji Shigumi no Jutsu - Wild Lion’s Mane Technique
What girl doesn't want long, wavy hair? No, Nomaru didn't take this justu to have long wavy hair. But she likes funky hair and funky haircuts. She really took this jutsu because it didn't seem too hard and the only thing she had to do was use her hair, simple. Using her own hair to hurt people. It's like USING YOUR LOOKS HURT PEOPLE! AWESOME!

Nomaru mainly learned all her techniques at the acadamy in her extra classes, when she didn't have to do boring things like tests! Inventing ways to hurt people of make them not hurt you is way better in every way.


I still have some points for Ryo I think? Blue, halp?!
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Hatake Houtarou

Hatake Houtarou

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Sun 2 Mar - 4:54


Stats. 20%. (40/200)

(overall Houtarou tries to spend time on various things because he wants to become an all-around strong ninja)

Speed: 3 ---> 5 (14 CP) (Houtarou wants to keep up with his dogs! That said, he'll have to be quite fast! Therefore, he often does running matches with the dogs. He isn't as fast as Junko yet but tries his hardest to catch up.)

Stamina: 3--->4 (6 CP) (Stamina is important for every ninja! Houtarou kept training digilently and his stamina improved)

Ninjutsu: 3--->4 (6 CP) (Houtarou thinks ninjutsu is awesome and strives to become better at the art!)

Sealing knowledge: 3--->4 (6CP) (knowing seals is important for every ninja, especially ones who use lots of ninjutsu. Therefore, Houtarou figured he'd practice them some more.)

Taijutsu: 2-->3 (4 CP) (while traning with his dogs and Torame he learned a few new taijutsu tricks. He doesn't want to be useless at hand to hand combat after all!)

Genjutsu: 2--->3 (4CP) (while still being far from a genjutsu master, Houtarou very well knew he had to learn more about it to make sure being trapped in a genjutsu wouldn't be an instakill for the opponent. He had not forgotten Sora's genjutsu)

(40/200 CP USED)

SKILLS. 50%. (100/200)

academics: D --> C (10 CP) (1,5/45 dt) (Houtarou went back to the academy, and guess what, he learned more!

Stealth: / ---> C (27 CP) (7,5/45 dt) (Houtarou figured that to make sure he doesn't hurt other people in attacks stealth could be a very useful thing. He also figured he might be able to take out villains more easily without things getting out of hand. Therefore, he did a lot of things to become more stealthy. Like hide and seek with his dogs. But he also learned some techniques that could help)

Tracking: / ---> C (17 CP) (10,5/45 DT) (practicing together with Haruki, Houtarou picked up the art of tracking)

Politics: / ---> D (7 CP) (12/45 Dt) (as he wanted to learn a little more about how the system really works, Houtarou dove into the books and learned some more about politics.)

Suiton: D ---> C (10 CP) (13,5/45 dt) (Houtarou continued to practice with this element as he wants to be great with ninjutsu)

Raiton: C ---> B (20 CP) (16,5/45 dt) (Houtarou continued to practice with this element as he wants to be great with ninjutsu.)

Expression: / ---> E (2 cp) (17/45 dt) (Houtarou can be quiet loud, so he knows how to express himself)

Until now 93 (from skills)+40 (stats)=133/200 CP spent.

Jutsus. 40%. (80/200)


Shoufuu - Rising Wind: D rank technique. 5 CP. (18/45 dt) (concerning taijutsu Houtarou knows his legs are stronger than his arms, so he learned some kicking techniques. This was one of them, he figured this might help him disarming an enemy and stuff)

Reppuu - Violent Wind: D rank technique. 5 CP (19/45 dt) (Houtarou figured being able to floor enemies with a low kick like this could be a very useful thing for his taijutsu skills)

Tsuuten Kyaku - Bruising Sky Leg. C rank technique. 10 cp. (21/45 dt) (Houtarou's strongest taijutsu attack as of right now makes him focus all of his leg strength in one kick. Only works well if the enemy is down and he knows that)


Ranji Shigumi no Jutsu - Wild Lion’s Mane Technique. C rank technique. 10 cp. (23/45 dt) (Houtarou read about this technique and loved the idea of getting long awesome hair. The fact that he'd be able to use it in battle for offensive and defensive purposes made it even more awesome! He trained hard with it and mastered it. He also read afterwards this is a technique the great Jiraiya used. That made him feel even more awesome about knowing it because Jiraiya was one of his great examples.)

Utsusemi no Jutsu - Empty Cicada Shell Technique. D rank technique. Qualifications met. 5 cp. (24/45 dt) (Houtarou learned this jutsu as it would help make him more stealthy. He can use this to mislead the enemy. After he learned it he grinned and thought this was his own little pseudo-genjutsu trick)

Oboro Bunshin no Jutsu - Haze Clone Technique. D rank technique. qualifications met. 5 cp. (25/45 dt) (to make the target even more confused Houtarou learned this technique. No way they'd find him between that many people, right?!)


Gian - False Darkness. B rank technique. 20 CP. (29/45dt) (All these nifty tricks were cool, but Houtarou realised he'd also have to learn a strong and precise attack. He read up on this one and loved it, as it's pretty tough and hard to dodge, so he practiced a lot and ultimately learned it)


Mizu no Tatsumaki - Tornado of Water. D rank technique. 5 CP. (30/45 dt) (Houtarou remembered how he was kinda vulnerable when Sora threw kunais at him. Therefore he learned to utilize water in a way and learned this technique, as it would serve as an excellent shield and keep those nasty kunais away)

(198/200 CP used)


2 CP: 1000 Ryõ (Houtarou ran a few errands in the Hatake compound and made some money)

200/200 CP SPENT. 30/45 DT SPENT

Side note on specializations: Houtarou had a few level 1 specializations already but also tried to do some branching out rather than focussing on one thing, so these are still level 1.


Alright, I suck at this so I'm pretty sure there may be a few mistakes... I've tried to work towards the chunin exams a little bit, and while it's not possible to meet all the requirements I at least tried not to do anything stupid. Like something that would be completely unnecessery for the chunin exams and cost a lot of CP.

Added somewhat of an explanation as to why Houtarou did certain things. Also hope the formatting is at least readable.

I'm aware that dogs can also be upgraded. But I decided to try and reach the chunin requirements a little already and make sure Houtarou gets a significant buff now. Once the chunin exams come I'll probably have some CP left because I already met some requirements which will all be spent on the amazing ninken team! =D At least that's the plan.

Also, if it ultimately gets approved, would be awesome if the change in Houtarou's character biography could also be added simalteneously. =)

Man I so hope I did this oké... Admins (blue), if I did anything wrong just tell me and I'll change it ASAP!

Last edited by Hatake Houtarou on Thu 17 Apr - 6:19; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Changed stealth from C to B. I'm sorry for not doing this sooner, it was so easy...)
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Haruno Tenshi

Haruno Tenshi

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Wed 12 Mar - 10:12

180 CP too spend
Main Stats: 20%= 36 36 CP: 3 to 4
Sealing Knowledge
In the weeks she had, Tenshi trained hard to become better. Jump higher, move better, learn to maintain her body and mind and sometimes get help with it. She read much about it, practised and practised more. Thanks to Kenshi she had a sparring partner and became better.

Skills: 50%= 90 84 CP:

Iryo C to B, Chakra control D to B 50CP
With help of Yorukasa she practised to get her Iryo jutsu and chakra control better. She also got help from other Haruno and they agreed that, with her dreams and intelligence, it would be good to learn more about her healing jutsu and to maintain her chakra better. The more she trained, the more she learned and with it, became better at what she did.

Brawl D to C 10CP
With help from Kenshi and others, Tenshi had created the idea to use her Gouwan better and if she could hit better with her body, there should be more ways to get a hit with her Gouwan. If she could fight better, she could help better, aiding when needed or to protect herself.

Investigation D to C 10CP
This was a bit harder to learn, but with help from Yorukasa as a Yamanaka, she learned to investigate better. Reading books and looking at how Shinobi solved crimes, this also improved.
She really enjoyed puzzles like Sudoku’s and tricky questions.

Shuriken  Jutsu D 7CP
Because of the few fighting skills she had, maybe it was good to learn a few. Shuriken were the basic Shinobi weapons and with luck, she could attack and defend herself with it.
Training with them to aim them at a bulls eye on a tree trunk at the academy was a begin to become better. It took a while but after a few days, she saw improvement because something actually stuck in the trunk and not spread to the four winds!

Shinobi codes D 7CP
To learn this, she read books about Shinobi codes and even dared to ask her senior Haruno about it. Keeping to certain codes was important and learning them was a good way to become a good Shinobi.
Sometimes she thought the rules were old and boring, but if it helped in gaining trust… who cared?

Jutsu: 40%= 72 52 CP:
Kyuukyuu no Jutsu- First Aid Technique,
Goukentama no Jutsu- Health Sphere Technique
Saikan Chūshutsu no Jutsu - Delicate Illness Extraction Technique
Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique

Also in here, practising with Yorukasa and her fellow Haruno helped Tenshi on her way to achieve more Jutsu. Studying, practising, helping and practising again really helped her to improve. It took the most time but when she cloned herself for the first time she got so scared she hid behind Yorukasa and stared with curiosity and disbelieve at the clone.
She helped Yorukasa practise the first aid technique even if the Yamanaka had problems wih it and with that the Haruno thought it was time to learn better healing skills. Within weeks she learned the healing sphere technique and the Delicate illness Extraction technique.
Proud as she was, she hoped to learn more!

Ryõ: 10%= 18 2CP      1000 Ryõ
For her hard work with the teacher and children after the attack, Tenshi earned Ryõ and was happy since she didn't get any allowance.

Hope this is all right and sorry it took so long...
PM me if I made a mistake Smile

Last edited by Haruno Tenshi on Fri 11 Apr - 22:01; edited 2 times in total
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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Fri 11 Apr - 11:08

Sorry for the late response:


It is ok as it is, you will save a lot of points, but in your case that is a wise thing to do. If you want Ryõ you could spend 3/4 points safely without having to worry too much.

You still have that problem I mentioned in the PM or on Skype, please fix it so your profile can be updated.


Could you please edit your text so it becomes a bit clearer for me to see the changes.
For example: Iryo C -> B (20 points)

thnx ^^

Torame - Ryochoku please post your CP divide.
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Haruno Tenshi

Haruno Tenshi

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Fri 11 Apr - 22:02

Is this better Blue? Please tell me if I missed anything ^^
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Tenshu Ryochoku

Tenshu Ryochoku

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Sat 12 Apr - 14:55

Blue Admin wrote:
Torame - Ryochoku please post your CP divide.

Still waiting on the custom, need to see which one I can get right now.
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Uchiha Torame

Uchiha Torame

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Sat 26 Apr - 23:58

Main stats: (max 35 CP)
Strength 2 > 5 (18 CP)
Speed 4 > 5 (8 CP)
CP left: 149

Skill stats: (max 87.5 CP)
Katon Jutsu C > A (I am not sure if this goes together with enton (50 CP)) (9 DP)
Chakra control: D > B (30 CP) (4.5 DP)
CP left: 69 (fuck you dirty mind, fuck you)
DP left: 31.5

Jutsu: (max 70 CP)
Katon: (all CP and development time/2, because enton)
Kasumi Enbu no Jutsu (2.5 CP) (0.5 DP)
Housenka no jutsu (5 CP) (1 DP)
Ryuuka no Jutsu (5 CP) (1 DP)
Endan (5 CP) (1 DP)
Karyuu Endan (10 CP) (2 DP)
Haisekishou (20 CP) (4 DP)
Gouryuuka no Jutsu (20 CP) (4 DP)
CP Left: 1.5
DP left: 18
Ryo: (max 17.5 CP)
1.5 * 500= 750 Ryo

How and Why
After Torame had seen what his teammates were capable off he found himself lacking the most in speed and strength, and though he knew that he would not be able to compete on those fields with them soon he could close the gap at least for a bit. He exercised every day doing push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups etc. to improve his strength and ran an obstacle track, over and over again, to increase his speed. This was his morning workout, he started it at 6 and finished at 8, and went to the academy feeling he had done a better job than yesterday.

Besides hard training on his strength and speed he wanted to stand out on ninjutsu, he asked different experienced ninja how he could improve it and they said, that one of the most important things was chakra control. They gave him different exercises like walking on walls, then on water, use jutsu while walking on water, he would fall from the walls, drop into the water and get home entirely wet and with bruises what scared his mother the first time but she understood and smiled at him, when she saw his smile from ear to ear, knowing he had improved himself that day and that he was working his ass off to get to the top.

When one day he was walking from school to home he noticed men building a new bridge over the river, he offered them to help and though they at first doubted he could help them in any way and politely said he couldn’t help them, Torame grabbed a log and placed it where it belonged he then took another one and walked over the water with it and helped it secure to its position. The men accepted his help and gave him a small amount of money for it. Torame was not expecting anything but accepted the money.

Meanwhile Torame’s mother tried to arrange a private teacher for Torame, she even asked Sasuke himself, but of course he was to bussy with stuf, in the end she found one and introduced Torame to him, he would teach Torame the fire element and since he progressed quickly he got the hold on the fire element like no other 9 year old.

sorry i am late, hope i did it correctly
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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Sun 27 Apr - 13:08

@ Houtarou, Nomaru, Tenshi, Torame, your profiles will be updated

Half points in Ryõ are not possible, so those will be removed.

@ Ryochoku, 3/4 Jutsu's have had a final judgement, for you to approve or reject
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Tenshu Ryochoku

Tenshu Ryochoku

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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   Mon 28 Apr - 12:34

Stats: 35

Stamina 2->3 [4]
Taijutsu 1->2 [2]

Intense physical drills both in the academy and the Tenshu house have improved his physical capability, mainly stamina due to the amount of training he received everyday. He would drop death out of exhaustion if his body has not adopted into such a stamina-intensive environment. His tajutsu skill was also improved thanks to the daily drill in the Tenshu house, as explained more in the brawl segment.

Intelligence 6->7 [12]
Genjutsu 7->8 [14]

Ryochoku has always been a fan of knowledge and theory. His tendency to do research on various things he are interested in has seen him grown in terms of mental capability. The genjutsu training he received also improved both his genjutsu skill and also the mental strength to perform such feat.

Saving: 3


Skills: 81

Brawl E->D [5]

Bushido flows in the blood of the Tenshu people and essential taijutsu drills are hosted everyday. Due to their pride in this aspect, they will punch the potential out of even the lousiest fighter in the house if they have to. Ryo never liked getting punched and so was forced to learn a thing or two about brawling so he could suffer less pain on the drills.

Ride -->E [2]

Horse mastery is important to the Tenshu tradition and so riding lesson is given to the members of the house. While Ryo has no objection on riding a horse, he didn't get the purpose of it seeing that shinobis were fast on their own and would be until the day horses were able to learn ninjutsus and possessed shinobi level of physical capabilities. Through the lessons though, he did learn the bare minimum of horse riding.

Stealth D->C [10]

Shinobi is supposed to be stealthy by nature and Ryochoku has always wanted to be a sneaky bastard. He nailed the bastard part now but has more works to be done on the sneaky part. It was tough to learn much about stealth in the Tenshu house though, as their samurai blood tends to make them preferring direct approach against their opponent even when they are shinobi now. Ryo has to find time to get lessons with the always-booked stealth teacher of the house. Luckily for him, the house's library has a good amount of books on stealth and thievery. Not sure why they stocked so many books on something they didn't like to begin with but he would gladly take them for granted.

Shuriken Jutsu D->C [10]

While he has always put more trust in jutsus than weaponry, his senseis thought otherwise and have instructed him a lot on how to utilize shinobi weaponry, especially ranged weaponry. They believed that Ryochoku needs to learn everything that he could do from afar if he was to at least be an acceptable genin, not exceptional by any mean, just acceptable and qualified. More options in a battle was never a bad thing.

Chakra Control C->B [20]

Ryochoku is more interested on the ninjutsu and genjutsu parts and so has more desire to strengthen his fundemental in chakra control. His training on suiton and genjutsu were big help on improving his chakra control.

Suiton Jutsu D->C [10]

As he has been hating taijutsu forever, he understood that he has to learn more ninjutsus to compliment his genjutsus. He needed something that could finish a fight and do real things to his opponent and suiton is his go-to choice because well, it's his element of choice - or not by choice, it's decided since his birth - and the most likely branch of jutsu that could do actual things among his arsenal.

Empathy D->C [10]

Ryochoku likes to read people for both understanding manipulation purposes. It's only natural for him to improve in this part of the social game when he was constantly observing and sensing them.

Expression -->E [2]

The Tenshu house seen themselves as higher than others and one of this level always understand art(or pretend they understand it). Samurai lords of the past have always appreciate multiple art form: Chado(tea ceremony), shodo(calligraphy), gado(painting) and ikebana/kado(way of flowers) and the Tenshu house has always wanted to continue this tradition. Ryochoku has taken classes in everyone of them but have not locked his interest on one for now. While Ryochoku was indecisive in choosing any one of them - definitely not ikebana, he is flowery enough as of now - he has a basic appreciation of multiple artform and an alternative way to express himself, which he needed as he's an introvert and talking wasn't his form of expression.

Persuasion D->C [10]

Persuasion is essential to manipulation. While there are other forms of manipulation like intimidation, he has always liked the gentle yet powerful approach of persuasion. That and he has never looked too intimidating anyway. It's not hard for him to learn about persuasion. Living in a political household, he was already living in the world of persuasion. Just eavesdropping around the house and he would learn how to persuade people or how to detect an persuasion right away.

Shinobi Codes -->E [2]

Ryochoku gave zero fuck to the shinobi codes but he has to, seeing that it might actually help him to qualify and finally became a genin as it might be used in a test of some kind. That and he realized that maybe he could use those codes to manipulate fellow shinobis in the future. Pathetic fools that live by the codes shall die by it too!


Jutsus: 59

Kasumi Juusha no Jutsu - Mist Servant Technique [2.5]
Kansoku Gosa no Jutsu - Observational Error Technique [3.75]

The senseis have no doubt on his genjutsu talent and so have given him a few genjutsus to work with. It's unusual for a Tenshu to have such genjutsu prowess at such an early stage of his shinobi career so the sensei were very willing to give him pointers.

Suberi Yasui Kyatchi no Jutsu - Slippery Catch Technique [7.5]
Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu - Water Clone Technique [10]
Suirou no Jutsu - Water Prison Technique ]10]
Mizurappa - Violent Water Wave [10]

A variety of Suiton to help in various situations. Mizurappa is a straightforward offensive jutsu and one that the user can use without needing nearby water source, which is a complaint Ryo has bring up to the sensei group. While one can argue that clone is kind of extra for a genjutsu user since you can do much more than clones with that, water clone has the ability to use suiton and that provides an extra layer of realism. Now, Ryo have the option to mess with his opponent with both actual and illusional clones. Slipper Catch for defense, especially on an area that Ryo is very bad at: melee taijutsu. Water Prison has multiple functions and is a solid addition to any suiton user's arsenal.

Shunshin no Jutsu - Body Flicker Technique [5]
Kage Shuriken no Jutsu - Shadow Projectile Technique [5]

Shadow Projectile is taught by the weaponry sensei in addition to the fundemental of shuriken skill. As Ryo favors genjutsu, the sensei believes that Shadow Projectile has the hidden element in it and suits Ryo more than other weaponry ninjutsus he known.

Shunshin will further help Ryo from keeping his distance from his opponents and that is a huge deal to someone that really needs his opponent to stay away from him.

Saving: 3.25(or just 3?)


Ryo: 1000 [2]
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PostSubject: Re: End Result and CP dividing:   

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End Result and CP dividing:
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