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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: BONUS CP SUNA!   Mon 14 Apr - 10:47

Yes it is time,

Here is the basic bonus CP as divided by the admins. Please state your favorite moments of other characters in this event to give them a few bonus bonus points. See the Konoha ME1 topic for details.

Quote :

Name:Main CPAdmin Bonus:SubTotal CP:
Team Souran:
Chikamatsu no Mukade225 CP10/55235 CP
Nando Kazuo225 CP35/55260 CP
Team Kazenkou:
Sakurai Akira225 CP55/55280 CP
Chikamatsu no Hina225 CP55/55280 CP
Sabaku no Meran225 CP55/55280 CP

Go ahead have fun giving bonusses.

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Sakurai Akira


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PostSubject: Re: BONUS CP SUNA!   Tue 15 Apr - 6:00

- getting stung by a scorpion. Oops.
- witnessing his teammate's head being chopped off, then having her head dropped in his lap.
- Emotionally struggling with his stupid mofo of a father

- sucking poison out of Mukade's wound.
- Getting picked up by a caravan, lucky guy

- pillow fight in the hospital
- Scroll? Hmm, what's this do...
- Breakdown because her cousin just got crushed underneath a portable laboratory
- Setting Meran's leg
- Hina having humorous interactions with one of the world's most dangerous living legends
- Nightmare
- That super awkward moment when you find out that the guy whose face you just kicked in, that squirted icky oozing stuff all over your shoes, was actually also a human being and a decent guy who had loved ones and was about to start a family. Ouch.
- Aftermath struggle.

- Quicksand foolishness.
- Going dramaqueenon the choice of sensei.
- attempt at theft that (unfortunately) failed
- Saving his friends' lives and getting CRUSHED by a freaking LABORATORY.
- Being prepared to die and trying to convince Akira to leave him if push came to shove.
- Throughout: all the strategies...!

Akira's profile page

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Koui Nomaru


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PostSubject: Re: BONUS CP SUNA!   Tue 15 Apr - 6:58

Team Souran:

- The caravan thingy and getting lost on the way

- Being a mute and his struggles with Souran.
- Amayas head landing on Mukade.

Team Kazenkou:

- Saving everyone and getting crushed by a laboratory and being a badass with a broken leg after. .
- Broken leg adventures

- Akira finding a dead body, keeping it a secret to their friends
- and panicking afterwards because her friends might have gotten the wrong idea after the Blood brothers revealed her secret.
-  Akira vs Souran, pretty epic

- Homecoming breakdown. It was pretty intense, well written and emotional. I loved it. >:'D
- Broken leg adventures

All three:
- fooling the reporters, but failing
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PostSubject: Re: BONUS CP SUNA!   Tue 15 Apr - 8:20

For channeling Hinata really, really well throughout the entire event. It was impressive, in spite of the fact that actual muteness gives him an advantage in the area. Without him, I have no doubt Souran would have made it infinitely more difficult, out of spite, for the less amicable members of the team.

Team Kazenkou:
Universally, the team's well-crafted interlocking pasts were executed nicely, it looked very little like a first event.
Akira's reaction to, subsequent hiding of, and reaction to the forced revelation of, the dead dude.
Meran becomes the wicked witch of the east, but unlike the bad end from Wizard of Oz, manages to not die. Nice!
Hina's personal revelation of the lab being filled with human puppet parts, and mild panic upon realizing whose lab it is.

Kazuo's Profile
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Chikamatsu no Hina


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PostSubject: Re: BONUS CP SUNA!   Wed 16 Apr - 10:13

- Henge-ing intoMukade to throw off the journalists. (Too bad they couldn't see through the mist.)
- The way Akira finds and reacts to a flipping corpse.
- Trying to act all innocent-like against the enemies. (You're not fooling anyone, you little psychopath, you.)

- Being a total jerk about how Hina didn't notice that one thing about the ANBU. (Then again, it was really typical as well. Some bad rolls, I guess.)
- Getting frustrated at not being able to get food, while Hina succeeds. (Not a biggy, but I liked it.)
- Meran's episode underneath the lab. (Which popped up out of nowhere, I mean, seriously, where did that thing even come from? I didn't do anything.)
- Trying to hurt the enemies as much as he can when he finds out who they are, even though he doesn't do much more than tripping them and dirtying his sand.

- Mukade and the scorpion
- His reaction to Amaya's head being chopped off and his complete (and understandable) fear of Zabuza.

- His disgust at "the ever-disturbing experience of touching skin that wasn't his own". Hahaha!
- His interaction with the nomads and how he believes the tales about them.
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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Re: BONUS CP SUNA!   Fri 18 Apr - 7:47

Aaaannnndddd time is up.

This will be the final total....

Quote :

Name:Main CPBonus:SubTotal CP:
Team Souran:
Chikamatsu no Mukade225 CP25/75250 CP
Nando Kazuo225 CP45/75270 CP
Team Kazenkou:
Sakurai Akira225 CP75/75300 CP
Chikamatsu no Hina225 CP75/75300 CP
Sabaku no Meran225 CP75/75300 CP
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PostSubject: Re: BONUS CP SUNA!   

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