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 CP Divide Suna

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PostSubject: CP Divide Suna   Fri 18 Apr - 7:49

Please divide your CP here.

Keep in mind the chuunin requirements and the other CP rules. You can find them in the Konoha CP divide topic! Please make sure to read that before posting your results here.

This is your CP:

Quote :

Name:Total CP:
Team Souran:
Chikamatsu no Mukade250 CP
Nando Kazuo270 CP
Team Kazenkou:
Sakurai Akira300 CP
Chikamatsu no Hina300 CP
Sabaku no Meran300 CP
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PostSubject: Re: CP Divide Suna   Fri 18 Apr - 8:29

Meran's CP divide:

Main Stats:
50/300 CP (16,67%)

lvl 2 -> lvl 3 === 4 CP

During his time in the desert, Meran faced a lot of difficult challenges regarding his strength. The boy always had endurance, but he never had to face pain and have the body strength to continue where others failed. He was tested on the long road home, though he mostly forced himself. Offcourse the girls wanted to help him, but he wanted to grow stronger and face the challenge himself. He did give in from time to time, allowing both the girls and Sasori to help him. During the months after the survival, he continued to train on his strength. He felt lacking next to Sasori and the opponents, so he worked mostly on his weak points. Things he never needed before becoming a Genin.

lvl 1 -> lvl 3 === 6 CP

Meran's bane, why would he need to focus on taijutsu? His sand would do the defending for him... Boy was he wrong, Ranmaru showed him so, so during the training sessions he had with his team, he asked the girls something unusual for him. Sparring without ninjutsu.

lvl 3 -> lvl 4 === 6 CP

Oh how he hated this subject, oh Meran understands it, he sure does, but he does not have to like it! But it proved effective against him, at least that was Ranmaru's main tactic. So this was again something to work on again. Because non of his immediate family and friends knew much about Genjutsu, Meran could not improve this much. The only thing he could do was analyse the fight he had with Ranmaru, he focused on the different ploys and what he could and could not trust about his senses while under a genjutsu. This meant that his natural talent with his defense against genjutsu improved with his understanding of the situation.

lvl 2 -> lvl 4 === 10 CP

Meran was a slowpoke... Sure, not as slow as the slowest cat on the block (Kazuo, man he was slow...) but still people wouldn't look at Meran in shock of how fast he was going. But up until now, that wasn't neccessary, his sand used to be fast enough.
USED TO BE, Ranmaru and the Jounin bloodbrotherhood showed him he was not fast enough. So he trained with another slowpoke (Hina) and despite her moaning at the start, they dragged eachother through. (Or Kazenkou would tear them apart... When she could be arsed to drag herself from her beach chair working hard on her tan while training her team...)
Besides the above reasons, Meran is convinced that the whole Laboratorium episode could have been prevented if Hina would stop summoning... he was just a little bit faster and could've gotten out the cave...

Seal Knowledge  
lvl 3 -> lvl 6 === 24 CP

Meran's relied much on his sand during the months that his leg needed to recover, as well as during his adventure in the desert. Besides that, he had a nagging feeling that if he had a higher awareness of Seal knowledge, he would have been able to do more during, what is now known as, the great laboratory incident of 1983.

His main ways to train his sealing knowledge was with sand works, One of the things he did during the first month was train more with his big sister, to stretch his sand abilities. While he trained on his sand manipulation, he also worked on his sealing knowledge, to better his ability even more.

Besides this, the boy did various training excersizes developed for the academy. This skill was raised so much because it was the only skill that he really was able to train during the first month of the Timeskip, besides the Genjutsu stat.

143/300 CP (47,67%)

Physical Skills:

Untrained -> E === 2 CP
Meran did not choose to acquire this skill, he was dared into it. His main reason for getting it is Akira and not letting her go to the riding school alone, instead joining her.
Meran being Meran picked out the most stubborn horse there was and got his ass kicked in the progress, however learned enough of the basics to get to the E skill.

Mental Skills:

Raiton Jutsu  
Untrained -> E === 2 CP
One of Meran's friends (Akira) was developing her own Raiton Jutsu the last couple of months, being interested in learning a little of everything, Meran questioned her about the workings of her skill. Through his experience with Akira and sparringmatches and her explanation, he learned the basics of Raiton Skills.

Hyoton Jutsu  
Untrained -> E === 2 CP
Meran couldn't do much in the first month, because of his leg, so besides practicing with his sand and inventing new Jutsu, he studied. On of the things he studied was Hiten, there was not a lot of information available on Hyoton Skill in Suna, but because of the years he spend with Hiten, he had some knowledge.

E -> C === 15 CP
With being unable to do a lot and the kidnapping of Hiten, Meran thirst for knowledge grew. He wanted to find out more and more. He did so by studying Hyoton, by gathering information on other things and by his old games of tracking and discovering. One of his games involved picking three random questions about a person's life and discovering the answers from a random person on the street, without asking them directly.

E -> C === 15 CP
Meran found he was severely lacking in his basic knowledge of ninjutsu, sure he had some, but somehow not as much as other people that performed elemental jutsu. He saw this as a flaw and worked to fix the issue. (Fixing an OC character creation mistake, where I overlooked a limit)  

Fuuton Jutsu  
E -> C === 15 CP
Sand is not the only elemental ability you have Meran... You should focus more on your other elements as well meran... Oh how irritating Kazenkou could be, she knew exactly how to push his buttons! But he did as he was told by his sensei. He could afterall not exactly join in with the physical training his sister gave histeam, so he worked on his greater weapon, his mind... ?His sister being specialized in Sand jutsu as well as fuuton jutsu, she choose to work him hard on that skill. Meran did not like Fuuton as much as her, but he listened and did his research. Though his focus lay more on Saton and a little bit on Doton in the practical sense.

Doton Jutsu  
E -> C === 15 CP
While his sister was far more focused on Fuuton, his father liked doton a lot more. Naturally, Meran liked Doton as well. (More because of irritating his sister, than actually liking Doton a lot)
So, his father helped him focus on the earth techniques. With this aid, Meran brushed up on his knowledge concerning the wonderfull world of earth....
Besides, his father insisted, because Doton has a jutsu that would have made the whole stuck beneath a laboratory thing a lot easier to deal with..

Saton Jutsu  
C -> B === 20 CP
Being stuck with a broken leg is really boring... Yeah sure, Meran manages to get around alright, still using the crutches he borrowed from Sasori, but while the girls were training with Kazenkou, Meran was training his mind, he tried to find challenges for his abilities and tried to push his own limits. While at first Kazenkou provided the sparring opposition, meran worked by copying his sister. When she noticed this, she started to make the required movement more obvious, without letting meran notice she did so. Knowing full well Meran would find it hard to accept help in this subject. Meran off course noticed his sister slowed things down for him, however, he silently accepted and used it to his full ability. This, combined with the experience he had acquired lifting a lab from his bag, allowed him to progress towards B-rank. The training for this skill was combined with training Soujou no Suna B-rank and Suna Bunshin no jutsu.

Chakra Control  
C -> B === 20 CP
One of the few things he could actively train while his leg was broken. Not only did his training in Saton use help improve this skill, but he also performed adapted tasks he had been trained in with the academy. Though Kazenkou did not imediately approve, she did reckonize the desire to do something active, even though he was hurt. And stopping Meran would mean unneccessary restrain on their relationship. Besides, training was good.

C -> B === 20 CP
Kazenkou punishing him with studying general knowledge was a blessing and a curse. Though he cursed the woman, he also took the opportunity to find more information about Sasori. Though not finding too much, he learned enough to improve his general knowledge. As well as find some new choice swear words to say about his sister.

Untrained -> C === 17 CP
Meran wants to find out secrets and in order to do that, he needs to be able to put 1 and 1 together. This skill is very important to him, because he wants to find out more about the disappearence of Hiten and he tries to find clues and hints about the blood brotherhood.
He trains this skill by using the information gathered for the Investigation skill boost and trying to find connections between random strangers. He also tries to deduce things about the people.
Lastly, he tries to find clues within his little book with information, in the hopes of getting new info about past events.

50/300 CP (16,67%)

Investigation Oddities  
25 CP
During his investigation training, Meran takes particular interest in things that do not seem to add up. Things that are strange in his eyes, which are out of place or cannot be explained by a simple reason. Meran is a curious kid always want to get to the bottom of things.

Subterfuge Hide Secrets  
25 CP
While Meran specializes in finding out things about his opponents, but what if those same opponents are trying to find out things about him? Well, in that case, Meran wants to keep his own (and the secrets he discovered about others) well... secret.

47/300 CP (15,67%)

Henge No Jutsu
Ninjutsu E-rank
2 CP
Meran discovered that he severely lacked this jutsu during his encounter with the Journalists.
He trained to overcome this weakness as soon as he could. It was afterall something he could do with his broken leg. He did one better though, as soon as he mastered the jutsu, he went on to experiment to combine the jutsu with his Sand. This lead to his custom Sand Henge.

Doton Kawa no Jutsu
Doton Jutsu D-rank
5 CP
The answer to all of Meran's laboratory summon problems. Gaara taught it to him when Meran asked for help to prevent future similar situations... But how likely was it that another lab would end up on top of his head?.... I am looking at you here Hina.... Yes you!

Suna Shigure
Saton Jutsu D-rank
2,5 CP
One of the Sabaku clan entry level jutsu, Meran never took the time to learn it, because he did not see the use of it. But the same was the case with Henge no Jutsu, so he figured it was invented for a reason. And after learning how to perform it, he could always "improve" on it, like with the henge.

Daisan no Me
Saton Jutsu D-rank
2,5 CP
Meran wants to learn Jutsu, well, seeing is knowing, so when he could see something he is not suppossed to attend. Well, they cannot say he is there when he is not. Only a bit of sand. And if people are mad about that sand, then they should just clean better and keep an eye out for intruders and such.

Suna Bunshin no Jutsu
Saton Jutsu C-rank
5 CP
Being stuck with a broken leg is really boring... Yeah sure, Meran manages to get around alright, still using the crutches he borrowed from Sasori, but while the girls were training with Kazenkou, Meran was training his mind, he tried to find challenges for his abilities and tried to push his own limits. While at first Kazenkou provided the sparring opposition, meran worked by copying his sister. When she noticed this, she started to make the required movement more obvious, without letting meran notice she did so. Knowing full well Meran would find it hard to accept help in this subject. Meran off course noticed his sister slowed things down for him, however, he silently accepted and used it to his full ability. This, combined with the experience he had acquired lifting a lab from his bag, allowed him to progress towards B-rank. The training for this skill was combined with training Soujou no Suna B-rank and Saton B-rank.
Kazenkou was using Suna Bunshin to help train Akira and Hina.

Sabaku Kyuu no Jutsu
Saton Jutsu C-rank
5 CP
When Meran explained about the Bloodline hunters to Gaara, the man immediately insisted on training the boy some more. Especially quick capture moves that would work wel with Meran's other jutsu. This Sand Jutsu was one of the few things that would work incredibly well with traps Meran was already using. Though this jutsu sets up for even higher level finisher move, it was the best that Meran could be taught before Kazenkou took over the training again.

Soujou no Suna lvl B
Saton Jutsu B-rank
10 CP
Being stuck with a broken leg is really boring... Yeah sure, Meran manages to get around alright, still using the crutches he borrowed from Sasori, but while the girls were training with Kazenkou, Meran was training his mind, he tried to find challenges for his abilities and tried to push his own limits. While at first Kazenkou provided the sparring opposition, meran worked by copying his sister. When she noticed this, she started to make the required movement more obvious, without letting meran notice she did so. Knowing full well Meran would find it hard to accept help in this subject. Meran off course noticed his sister slowed things down for him, however, he silently accepted and used it to his full ability. This, combined with the experience he had acquired lifting a lab from his bag, allowed him to progress towards B-rank. The training for this skill was combined with training Saton Skill B-rank and Suna Bunshin no jutsu.

Saton Henge
Custom Saton Jutsu D-rank
3,75 CP
Meran is a trap user at heart. It would not be a very good trap if the would be victim would see a large pile of sand in a forest now would it. A grass covered hill would be much more logical to expect.
So Meran went about to think of ways to hide the presence of his sand. While he was doing this he figured out a way to alter his own looks as well with help of the sand.
By practicing with his two team members, they already knew Henge no jutsu and he felt like he was a crutch for his team in this matter. So he wanted to work on it, using his own unique mindset to further improve the henge mentality, he wanted to apply it to his Sand.
After intense training sessions with his team, he finally managed to create the jutsu he wished.

Sabaku Suna Arashi
Custom Saton Jutsu D-rank
3,75 CP
Meran would first learn the Shigure technique for distributing sand over the battlefield from his father, but would not settle for that. The Jutsu would seem to passive for him, instead opting for a more aggressive method at times. He is inspired by both Hiten's technique, which he has seen on multiple occasions as well as the often feared sandstorms found all over the country of the wind.

Using this inspiration, he creates the Jutsu as a way to gain an advantage over his enemies, either for distraction, flight or how else it would seem useful.

Sabaku no Tejou
Custom Saton Jutsu D-rank
3,75 CP
As with all new sand moves Meran develops, he mostly thinks up the idea after RL screnario's or secret wishes. After seeing other jutsu performed by his father or sister, he looks to see if he can adapt or improve said jutsu.
In this case he has looked at sand coffin and wanted something quicker, more towards his own capabilities.
The D-rank suits him more than a C-rank, but it also allows him to determine how much a target is restricted.
Using these wishes, he turned towards his father and sister-sensei for advice, they helped him develop the technique. And his friends helped him perfect it.

Saton Senbon no Jutsu
Custom Saton Jutsu D-rank
3,75 CP
Meran is a prodigy in Sand Jutsu. During the last event, Meran was dropped into a situation where he and his team had limited weapons and unlimited opposition. Meran would like to prevent this in future situations. So Meran consulted with his father and his father explained about the A-rank spear weapon he knows how to make. However recognizing this was too high a level for Meran to master just yet, Gaara instead focused on alternatives. Meran suggested Senbon due to their size and usefulness.
By taking lessons from his father in aligning crystals in the sand. Both prodigies in their field, Gaara gladly helped his son with his technique development. Basically the jutsu is developed during lessons with Gaara.

10/300 CP (3,33%)
5000 Ryõ

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PostSubject: Re: CP Divide Suna   Fri 18 Apr - 11:26

  • TOTAL spent CP: 300/300
    TOTAL development time: 38/45
    TOTAL saved CP: 0

Main stats
Total: 56/300 CP (18,66%)

Intelligence 3->5 =14 CP

Akira is a diligent learner, but she is very much aware of the fact that both Hina and Meran are miles ahead of her in this area, just like she's aware that she's miles ahead of them with regards to stamina. They all had their strengths and weaknesses, but Akira misliked the idea of only having 'average' intelligence. She wanted to excel there as well, both in order to be able to better work with genjutsu in the future, and so she could expand her knowledge in many other areas, like the elemental techniques, science, a bit of genetics and even basics of barrier stuff. This all meant she would need to study more, so for the time being she became a regular at the library, spending her time there almost every noon when the sun was at its hottest.

Genjutsu 3->4 =6 CP

Neither Meran nor Hina excelled in genjutsu, but then, neither had to. Hina was a prodigy in puppetry and Meran a prodigy in sand control. Neither had much affinity with genjutsu, so Akira wanted to take it upon herself to try her hand at it (oblivious to the fact Meran was also working on it). She read books about genjutsu and read about all kinds of genjutsu techniques, in order to increase her understanding of the art. She wanted to master some genjutsu techniques as well, but felt her knowledge of genjutsu was still too inadequate.

Taijutsu 4->5 =8 CP

She'd always focused on taijutsu more than nin- and genjutsu. Even so, she got her ass royally kicked by Souran during her genin exam. This is why she decided she was going to try harder at her taijutsu skills. She trained at and mastered a whopping six taijutsu techniques, and practiced with Meran and Hina as well through sparring.

Speed 3->6 =24 CP

She had thought Souran had been fast when he'd kicked her ass, but Sasori's little blitzkrieg outside the cave had left her both stunned and amazed. She came to realize speed is absolutely essential in combat, and decided she was going to improve her own speed in a major way. In part she trained with Meran and Hina, but she also trained on her own by running laps in the early mornings and late in the evenings, when the air was crisp instead of smothering hot.

Seal knowledge 2->3 =4 CP

Akira knew seal knowledge was her weak point. In truth, she just never found it as important as taijutsu and stamina, which is why she didn't try as hard in this area. That simply wouldn't do anymore now she was a genin, so she resolved to practice her seal knowledge and get it at least up at genin level.

Total: 109/300 CP (36,3%)
Total Development time: 20

Physical skills

Ride ->E =2 CP

Because her parents had a discussion with an acquaintance of theirs, Akira was prompted to go to a riding school, for the sake of her parents' pride. She had to admit: she disliked it a lot. Especially the horses. Though she managed not to fall off those nervous beasts (not much, anyway) and by the end of the day she grasped the basics of riding. She was glad she didn't have to do it alone; Meran and Hina accompanied her. Together, they made the day worthwhile.

Larceny ->D =7 CP

The attempt at larceny by Meran, just before the survival exercise, made Akira realize that it was very useful to be able to nick things away without people noticing. Such skill could save your life someday. She asked Meran to assist her in trying to get her skill up to par to his.

Traps ->D =7 CP

During their survival, they camped out in a cave when they were suddenly under attack. Next time they had to spend a night somewhere on their own, it would be prudent to place traps around the campsite, so enemies wouldn't be able to sneak up on them so easily. Being able to place traps was also a very efficient way to catch food. During the survival, Akira was content giving the task of getting food to Hina and Meran, who had knowledge of using traps. Next time, Akira wanted to be able to help. She found some very helpful and instructive books in the library and practiced laying traps around her home, trying to catch unwanted critters like mice for which her parents were grateful.

Tracking ->E =2 CP

She had absolutely no skill at tracking, which was part of the reason that when presented with the hint that Hiten (allegedly) left behind, she chose not for pursuit. It was dark and they were tired and she had no skill at tracking... but she realized this was one of her major flaws. A shinobi who couldn't follow tracks? She needed to become better at her overall skills instead of focusing on the things she assumed were important. Maybe if they found tracks of Hiten again, she would be able to do something... She asked Meran to tutor her.

Mental skills

Academics C->B =20 CP

In order to up her intelligence she needed to study, so study she did. She often went to the library to read books and for a time she became a regular there, spending every noon reading when it was hottest outside.

Science ->C =17 CP

Akira became increasingly interested in science in the time she spent on improving her intellect. She devoured these books in the library, taking a few home to read at night as well. She was inspired by the Sasori's laboratory, that had been stuffed with tools that did this or that... Well, she didn't know what, but she meant to find out.

Katon ->E =2 CP

She wanted to gain general knowledge about the elemental techniques, and Kazenkou insisted on it anyway. Hina helped her up her study up on fire, for even though the girl hadn't mastered a fire technique, it was her elemental affinity and she knew more about it than Akira did.

Fuuton ->E =2 CP

She wanted to gain general knowledge about the elemental techniques, and Kazenkou insisted on it anyway. Meran had an affinity with wind, but he didn't know any wind techniques as far as she knew. Still, he had some knowledge about it and he was more than willing to share it with her.

Suiton ->E =2 CP

She wanted to gain general knowledge about the elemental techniques, and Kazenkou insisted on it anyway. She read up on the basics in the library.

Genetics ->E =2 CP

When she had studied science to such a degree that she could understand the basics of genetics, she went ahead and started on that as well. The puzzling mystery of Sasori still boggled her mind, and she struggled trying to wrap her head around the fact that he was old, yet he looked so young. Maybe studying genetics could give her some answers. (nope, she has not made the connection that he turned himself into a puppet :p )

Barrier ->E =2 CP

She decided to learn about barrier techniques because she thought that maybe they could be beneficial on missions. Whenever they needed to spend to night somewhere, barrier techniques could prove to be another layer of protection, next to placing traps. Turns out, one of the other regulars in the library was a kid who knew a lot about barrier techniques. She found out when she was searching for this particular book and it turned out he was reading it. When she asked, he was willing to teach her some basic knowledge.

Social skills

Animal ->D =7 CP

Because her parents had a discussion with an acquaintance of theirs, Akira was prompted to go to a riding school. During her time there, she learned more about animal behavior. She found out she particularly liked antelopes, and because they lived in the desert she wanted to find out more about desert dwelling animals. Afterwards, Akira decided that she maybe wanted to get a pet, like a snake or a scorpion, because they weren't demanding cuddlebugs and she could also use them for poisoning her weapons (and scare Hina Razz) That would first need the approval of her parents though, but Akira could contend herself with the fact that she at least had the knowledge to take care of them.

Socialize ->D =7 CP

Akira realizes she's not what you call social. When somebody challenges her, she's more like to punch their face than talk things over. Her feisty attitude and rather unforgiving nature has reached such a point that even when she wants to be friendly... she usually fails. She figured the best way to improve was by socializing, casual chitchat, being able to have conversations with people she didn't know nor care about. One of the best examples of her improvement in this area, is her interaction with the kid she met in the library called Kazuo. He was a bit of a know-it-all and at times she truly felt like shaking him to and fro--but she remained nice, and even offered something in return for the things he taught her.

Shinobi codes D->C =10 CP

Strategies and tactics were never Akira's greatest assets. She considered Meran a great tactician and relied on him mostly, but now she figured she should improve in this area herself. During her time spent in the library, she educated herself in shinobi codes of conduct and whatnot by reading up on it.

Impersonation C->B =20 CP

When the blood brotherhood attacked, Akira had tried to stall them by acting innocent. She failed horribly and the memory stuck with her. She thought that in part, her failure was because of her nonexistent social skills, so she sought to improve in that area. However, her impersonation itself also needed an upgrade, to make sure she wouldn't fail again the next time a life threatening situation came knocking. She practiced her acting skills with Hina and Meran, which was all fun and games, but at the same time very instructive because her friends had a keen eye and were ruthless in their feedback.

Total: 50/300 CP (16,66%)
Total Development time: 4

Ride specialty: Antelope (1 = 25 CP)

Because her parents had a discussion with an acquaintance of theirs, Akira was prompted to go to a riding school. She discovered she was no good with horses, but found out the antelopes weren't nearly as bad. By the end of the day she'd grown rather fond of the animals, and the next day she decided to come again of her own accord, trying her hand at it some more.

Sword specialty: Ninjato (1 = 25 CP)

She liked swordplay, and for the time being she liked ninjato best. That's why every time she practiced her swordplay, she practiced with a ninjato. In time, she felt better with a ninjato in hand than a katana or tanto or any other sword.

Total: 70/300 CP (23,33%)
Total Development time: 14


Dazzling Spark, D -> 7,5 CP (custom)

Akira wanted to create a technique that could serve as a distraction so she could more effectively nail her opponent. This is why she created the Dazzling Spark, a small raiton technique that does nothing much, except catch the eye.


Hidden needles, D -> 5 CP
Torpedo needle, C -> 10 CP

Akira has a senbon specialty, but she had not a single technique up her sleeves that incorporated senbon. By mastering Hidden Needles and Torpedo Needle, she fixed that. Torpedo Needle was a great technique that could nail an opponent to the ground, which Akira figured could be very easily combined with a taijutsu technique that required you to get up close. Hidden Needles allowed freedom of your hands so you could wield a sword for instance, while firing the technique. Torpedo Needle was exceptionally easy on the sandy desert ground, so she searched for a rocky area to master it more thoroughly. Hidden Needles was practiced on training dummies.

Shunshin, D -> 5 CP

One of her biggest aims since her genin exam, was to improve her speed. Hiten had been able to do Shunshin and she had been planning to learn the technique from him, but now he was gone she had to do it on her own. Shunshin would incorporate her speed in a very effective way. During her morning and evening lapse around Suna, she would practice this technique in various speeds until she felt confident she knew it well.


Thunder fist, D -> 5 CP
Whirlwind, D -> 5 CP
Violent wind, D -> 5 CP
Rising wind, D -> 5 CP
Meeting earth, C -> 15 CP (custom)

Akira wanted to improve on her taijutsu after her fight with Souran, so she upped her knowledge and mastered an array of close combat techniques and even invented a technique of her own. She practiced with training dummies, but she trained by sparring with Meran and Hina as well. After mastering these taijutsu techniques, she felt a lot more confident that the next time she'd come face to face with an enemy, both her increased speed and her taijutsu would serve her in defeating them.

Head salute, D -> 7,5 CP (custom)

The Head Salute, though also a taijutsu technique, differed from the other jutsu she learned because it is a counter instead of an outright attack. Akira wanted some sort of defensive technique as well, so she came up with this custom.

Total: 15/300 CP (5%)

15 CP *500 = 7500 ryõ

Akira's profile page

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PostSubject: Re: CP Divide Suna   Fri 18 Apr - 16:02

Waiting on Custom approvals

Main Stats: ((42/55))
2-3: 4 points
(2)3-4: (6)12 points
(2)4-5: (8)16 points
5-6: 10 points
total new: STA 5(3), SPD 5(3), STR 3(1), INT 6, GEN 3, TAI 2, NIN 3, SLK 10

Stamina+Speed 1->3: Kazuo realizes he is behind in basically every area of shinobi expertise, and that he will never move forward in his desires for more access without proving himself to be worth the effort. As such, he decides to quietly (and poorly) spy on his brothers' exercises and duplicates them exactly, despite their considerably more rigorous routine, about as poorly as he spied on them. Afterwards, he reluctantly asked for help when they hinted that they'd known he was spying, and jokingly corrected his mistakes and tried to help set up a less strenuous routine for him.

Intelligence 5->6: Kazuo is a natural prodigy in not just seals, and in the course of his continued growth and development, his body isn't the only thing becoming more powerful. Through his regular study habits and the advanced puzzle solving efforts of conceiving new seals, he develops his mental abilities further during his time off before his first mission.

Ninjutsu 2->3: Kazuo's second preferred style of combat is ninjutsu, but he has hardly any skill in the area, much like all of his other traits. His single-minded focus on sealing has caused his other skills to lag, and now that he realizes this, he has committed his time to improving himself more generally than he did in the academy. Ninjutsu held much theory work, and he did a great deal of studying in his time off between the survival disaster and his first mission.

Skills: ((110/135))
(10) E: 20 points
(2) D: 10 points
(2) C: 20 points
(3) B: 60 points

Athletics E: Kazuo hadn't intended to learn as much as he had from his brothers' training routines, and supposedly loathes the wasted time he could have spent learning something more interesting than energy-saving ways of running or swimming.

Traps E: Traps: Kazuo's genin access leads to the discovery of a scroll detailing making traps with seals in his regular library visits, and studies it religiously.

Medicine E: Kazuo still has nightmares about having to 'remove' the poison from Mukade during the survival test. He makes the decision to never need to do that again by knowing enough to deal with it differently, and finds a helpful tutor in Akira during their mutual library visits.

Politics E: Kazuo delves into Suna's political structure following his rescue in an attempt to actually get the name of the nomadic clan that had been exiled from the village, purely for academic reasons, of course. His family finds his new knowledge of minor infractions incredibly annoying, especially the laws that, while not removed, have not been enforced in decades.

Science E: Kazuo's regular visits to the library pay off more than once, and he finds a textbook of basic chemical reactions. Who knew he could make explosive gases by electrocuting water?

Technology E: Kazuo has a difficult battle with the library's relatively new computer system when a librarian directs him to use it instead of bothering him again. He doubts the claim that it's any faster than physically searching or asking for the texts he wants.

Raiton E: His eldest brother's affinity for raiton jutsu never interested Kazuo, but when forced to enjoy their company while trying to better himself physically, he unexpectedly picks up some useful knowledge that he won't complain about getting.

Fuuton E: Kazuo's older brother and middle child has a penchant for Fuuton jutsu, while observing a spar, and asking questions about the dynamics of their techniques, Kazuo learns to be particularly wary of the invisible killer, wind.

Kenjutsu non->D: Kazuo finally got to see why his eldest brother always tried to convince him to use a sword when forced to train with them for a day. Quite frankly, he still doesn't understand his brother's infatuation with swords, but they appeared to be incredibly powerful tools, should his seals not be available as they had been in the desert. He learns a few stances from his brother, just in case.

Jikakun Jutsu non->C: Kazuo discovers a third variety of jutsu that use the written word as a focus and source of power. Intense study follows. His family laments his shunning of the outdoors for the week he spends learning what he can.

Investigation D->C: Kazuo's inability to determine anything about the traveling merchants led him to try to find something out about them elsewhere. He had absolutely no idea where to start.

Chakra Control C->B: Sealing requires a delicate command of chakra, which Kazuo earnestly develops when he isn't reading, or enraged at attempting to decode what he is reading.

Fuuin Jutsu C->B: Kazuo absorbs information on the sealing arts in a way not all that dissimilar to a sponge when presented with it. He has access to basic shinobi archives. There was no question this would happen.

Kekai Jutsu C->B: Kazuo's perusal of technique archives leads to a very valuable sensor technique, and after all but eating the scroll it was written on to learn more on the subject, he finds new understanding of Kekai techniques not requiring written seals.

Specialty: ((25/108))
Academics: History I (25 points)

In the process of trying to learn more about the nomad clan that saved him, Kazuo gains a nigh-encyclopedic knowledge of historical fact.

Jutsu: ((56.5/108))
Tengai Hojin: B rank (20 points)
The technique presented Kazuo with the ability to be particularly useful as a sensor team member, and after the survival exam fiasco, he was desperate to take anything he could.

Shikoku Fuuin C (5 points)
While he found it damningly annoying to learn to write legibly all over again with his fingers instead of a brush, Kazuo must admit to the sudden ease he has producing seals.

Henge E (2 points)
Kazuo has never been particularly good at mental imagery in spite of knowing the technical aspects of Henge, but a not-to-be-discussed event has changed that weakness.

Nawanuke E (2 points)
There was a not-to-be-discussed event involving his brothers' training and 'helping' Kazuo along. He still scowls at loose rope.

Tetsu Fubatsu C custom (7.5 points)
Kazuo didn't enjoy having senbon spit at him for almost a minute during Souran's combat test. After a great deal of effort, he has rectified most of the problem.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu C (10 points)
Kazuo learned the Kuchiyose as a necessary add-on to the Jikoku Soushi. He'd never really thought about summoning before, but in the context of object summoning, he found it much more valuable.

Subtotal before Ryo: 235.5 points

Ryo: ((20.5/27))

500 per point: 10,250 ryo

Quote :

I would like to not spend 26 CP, and discuss with blue admin the reason why.

Kazuo's Profile

Last edited by Nando Kazuo on Tue 29 Apr - 6:54; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : had to alter, unable to acquire expected customs.)
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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Re: CP Divide Suna   Sun 4 May - 9:23

KAzuo Approved,

26 CP Saved in special category, but this does not mean the Jutsu is Accepted.
Ryõ does not come for 0.5 CP, so you will only get 10k Ryõ
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PostSubject: Re: CP Divide Suna   Sat 10 May - 1:10

Main Stats
48.5 CP spent. 20% spent. 2 CP leftover

Stamina 2 to 4. Cost 10 CP
Speed 3 to 6. cost 24 CP
During his first 'Mission' Mukade found his physical capabilities wanting, and afterwards dedicated more of his training time then usual to honing these skills. In particular his Speed, the Importance of which he learnt First hand. He improved this hoping to not only be able to move faster, but be able to use his puppets with more efficiency.

Genjutsu 3 to 4. Cost 6 CP
During his time at the Accademy Mukade often found his ability to pick up on genjutsu to be lacking. He put even more study into this ninja art, knowing that it would hopefully help him in resisting its effects, as well as his ability to focus.

Ninjutsu 3 to 4. Cost 6 CP
Mukade's studies didn't sway from his clan's secrets though. As his study of further Chikamatsu techniques increased, so did his understanding of ninjutsu as a whole.

%40 spent. 100 CP spent

Ride 0 to E. Cost 2 CP
While Mukade was drawing up designs for upgrading his puppet Koe, a strange burst of inspiration came to him... a Puppet BIRD that you could RIDE ON! So amused by this idea he began reading on the skills of Riding.

Chakra control C to B. Cost 20 CP
An obvious choice for a skill to improve for the young Puppet master. Who desired greater control of his chakra, and there for strings.

Technology 0 to D. Cost 7 CP
At some point Mukade began to take an interest in the recent advances in technology. Both out of fascination, and the prospect of incorporating it into his ninja training.

Ninjutsu C to B. Cost 20 CP
Mukade as always is eager to expand his understanding of Ninjutsu to better his capabilities as both a ninja and a puppet master.

Academics C to B. cost 20 CP
And so the 4 eyes nerd studied... is anyone surprised?

Socialize 0 to E. Cost 2 CP
After their first mission Mukade began to get to know his remaining team mate Kazou better. Though their interactions were limited, and they found to not have a massive amount in common, Mukade did pick up a few social cues from their interactions that he'd been oblivious to before.

Iryō Ninjutsu 0 to D. Cost 7 CP
Medicine E to C. Cost 15 CP
It became apparent to Mukade during his first mission that he had been the only member in his squad with any medical training at all, and not much at that. Given this fact, and the possibility of Amaya's replacement also not having any training in this area, Mukade made a point to educate himself further in not only general medical knowledge but also the beginning blocks of medical ninjutsu.

Chemestry 0 to E. Cost 2 CP
During his first mission Mukade suffered a painful run in with a scorpion and its venom. The experience however did not leave him scared but instead fascinated by the effects these chemicals could have on the body. He soon began studying simple chemistry with the goal of designing poisons.

Fuuin E to D. Cost 5
Mukade was inspired by his squad-mate Kazou who's entire skill set seemed to revolve around Sealing techniques. Mukade began to look further into this type of jutsu with both the hopes of benefiting from it, and from understanding his team-mate better.

14% Spent. 25 CP spent
Poison Speciality in Chemistry.
During his studies to in chemistry motivated to learn more about poisons Mukade discovered he picked up on the concepts rather quickly, and appeared to have quite the knack for them.

25% spent. 40 CP

Shunshin no Jutsu - Body Flicker Technique
Rank: D Rank
CP: 5
When deciding what new techniques to allocate his training time into, Mukade discovered an interest in Shunshin technique, particularly with the possibility of using it to surprise or escape his opponents, and in using it in combination with his recently designed Ninjutsu.

Koudo Kugutsu no Jutsu - Advanced Puppetry Technique
Rank: B
CP: 10 (Puppetry Prodigy)
Himonin no Jutsu - Human String Technique
Rank: B
CP: 10 (Puppetry Prodigy)
An obvious skill choice for one of his clan. Much of Mukade's training was spent with his father, who taught him further Jutsus of their clan.

Custom jutsu - Kyūsokuna mojiretsu no Jutsu – Sudden String technique
Rank: C
CP: 7.5 (Puppetry prodigy)

Kugutsu Hensei no Jutsu - Puppetry Formation Techniques
Rank: C
CP 5 (Puppetry prodigy)
Striking Centipede:
I've changed this technique from an offensive one to a defensive one. since I think this defensive idea will be easier to approve, and given the delay I'm hoping this isn't a problem.

25 CP x 500 = 12500 Ryo. 10% spent
One of the things Mukade had been eager to do for a long time was to further improve Koe, a puppet who not only had practical, but sentimental value to him. He would look for opportunities were ever possible to earn Ryo from his family, other members of his clan and even odd jobs for those amongst his village.

Last edited by Chikamatsu no Mukade on Thu 22 May - 6:41; edited 6 times in total (Reason for editing : I missed some of my CP, needed to finish filling it out.)
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PostSubject: Re: CP Divide Suna   Sun 11 May - 10:15

300 CP (45 DP)
300 CP used = 100%
35 DP used = 77,8 %

Stats: 40 CP = 13,3%
Taijutsu: 2 CP => lvl 2
Ninjutsu: 4+6 = 10 CP => lvl 4
Stamina: 6 CP => lvl 4
Speed: 6+8 = 14 CP => lvl 5
Seal knowledge: 8 CP => lvl 5

During Kazenkou's examination-fight with Hina they both found out she was.. pretty lacking in the taijutsu-department. Kazenkou had her train taijutsu so she at least could stand her own in a taijutsu fight. (Increasing taijutsu, stamina, and speed.)
Other than that Hina obviously trained more on her puppetry and ninjutsu, increasing the damage and speed of her puppeteering. (Increasing ninjutsu, speed, and seal knowledge.)

Skills: 105 CP = 35% (17,5 DP)

Ride: 0->E 2 (0,5)
Hina followed along with Akira to learn how to ride a horse and an giant eland. She thought it was fun. The best part was where she got to move around without making any effort of her own.

Deduction: 0->D 7 (1,5)
Her observational skills have increased, especially thanks to trying to figure out the ANBU's secret and observing the puppet arm, trying to figure out as much about it as possible.

Politics: 0->E 2 (0,5)
Basically, Souran is a bitch, and Guuzou should go suck a cactus.

Animal ken: 0->E 2 (0,5)
She's learned a thing or two about horses. Lesson number one: they're prey animals. If you chase them, they flee.

Blacksmithing: 0->D 7 (1,5)
She has tried her hand at smithing her own puppet parts and weapons.

Chakra control: C->B 20 (3)
Lots of puppetry training means lots of chakra control improvement.

Ninjutsu: D->C 10 (1,5)
Training puppetry, but also brushing up on a lot of basic ninjutsu have caused her ninjutsu to increase.

Investigation: E->C 15 (1)
Same as with deduction, she has learned to become more observing. Back in Suna she tries to make a habit of trying to figure out as much as possible about the things around her.

Survival: D->C 10 (1,5)
During their examination-survival she has learned a thing or two, and back in Suna she has trained a bit more as well, finding out new and more efficient ways of making fires and traps.

Shinobi codes: E->D 5 (1)
Something she should've know a long time ago, really, but something she often snoozed her way through in the academy. But seeing dubious shinobi behaviour she decided to open a book on shinobi codes to learn more about it.

Academics: C->B 20 (3)
Hina is a person who really likes to learn from scrolls. She has read many scrolls and thus her academics has improved. She also has been reading up on a lot of medicine and medical jutsu.

Science: E->D 5 (1)
In her reading through many scrolls she saw scientific topics here and there and felt drawn to it. It was all just so fascinating! Especially the bits about medicine appealed to her right now.

Jutsu: 62 CP = 20,7% (12,5 DP)

Fukumi Hari – Hidden Needles D 5 (1)
When you're a puppet user your hands are tied a large part of the time, so being able to attack with weapons from somewhere else than from her hands sounded like a good plan to Hina.

Shunshin – Body Flicker D 5 (1)
Very useful for getting out of tricky situations and moving larger distances at greater speed in less time, a thing that suits Hina quite nicely.

Utsusemi – Empty Cicada Shell D 5 (1)
Very useful during battles, in case she would have to communicate with her teammates. Also, when she found out about this jutsu her first thought was that she could use it to prank people with.

Chiyoshou – Healing Palm C 10 (2)
Seeing Akira get hurt, Meran get hurt, and Hiten, well, let's be honest, he probably got pretty hurt, she decided to step up her medical training. She had always been a bit interested in medicine and medical jutsu, but it had always been a bit of a hobby on the side. A bit of light reading, so to speak.

Kyuukyuu – First Aid C 10 (2)
Just like with the Chiyoshou she wanted to step up her game. So she decided to learn a second medical jutsu.

Bunshin – Clone E 2 (0,5)
What's better than one Hina in the world? Multiple Hinae in the world! Also, bunshin was one of those academy jutsu she almost found embarrassing not to know. Seriously, what self-respecting shinobi doesn't even know the standard academy jutsu?

Kirigakure – Hidden Mist D 5 (1)
Partly as a tribute to Hiten, and partly because it is a really useful jutsu that they now did no longer have in their team's arsenal.

Ihyou Kisama no Jutsu - Shadow Shuriken Pupp C 7,5 (1,5)
For a more detailed description of "why", see the custom jutsu. Basically: more puppetry is more better.

Kakurenbo no Jutsu - Hiden Mist Pupp D 3,75 (0,75)
Because being able to summon mist around your puppet and then being all "whoa!" on their assess is a nice thing.

Kanadzuchi Ma - Shundshin Pupp D 3,75 (0,75)
Partially because it is a really useful jutsu to make your puppet move rapidly across the field. Partially to be able to annoy as many people as possible by shunshinning herself and Chouchou around them at the same time. (May have caused some people to yell at her to "stop being so goddamn annoying", but then again, it may have not. I won't say.)

Specialities: 75 CP = 25% (6 DP)

Medicine -> Broken Bones 25 (2)
Seeing Akira get her arm broken and watching the medics deal with this, along with the actual setting of Meran's broken leg bone, has given her insight in the ways of dealing with broken bones in the traditional way.

Investigation -> Secrets 25 (2)
Because she has discovered a secret or two since the academy graduation. With the ANBU, the puppet arm, the scroll, things like that.

Shuriken -> Puppets 25 (2)
She has trained hard on shooting projectiles from her puppet, which has caused her to become a lot better at it. This has been achieved through hard training.

Ryo: 23 CP = 7,6%
23 * 500 = 11.500 ryo
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CP Divide Suna
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