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 Sabaku no Asura

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Sabaku no Asura

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PostSubject: Sabaku no Asura   Sun 11 May - 8:22

Name: Sabaku no Asura

Age: 12

Sex: Male

Affiliation: Sunagakure

Clan/Family: Sabaku

Merits: (15)
Clan Membership: Sabaku (2)
Second Family (1)
Kekkei Genkai (1)
Elemental Affinity: Fuuton (1)
Elemental Affinity: Doton (2)
Primary Stat Boost: Taijutsu (2)
Born to Lead (2)
Bookworm (2)
Hardcore (2)

Flaws: (14)
Code of Honor (2)
Trauma: Poison (2)
Immunodeficiency (2)
Phobia: Arachnids and Poisons (2)
Hidden Background (6)

Elemental Affinity:

General Personality Outline:
  Sabaku no Asura is a valiant soul, hellbent on protecting the innocent, destroying the wicked, and so on. His valor makes it difficult for him to turn to stealth for situations, although he will if the situation or teammates call for it. Asura is a free-willed spirit, hating the constrictions of his home and clan. He would much rather be off adventuring and exploring than studying or working. He despises most of his clan, save for his parents, as almost the entirety of them disagree with his goals in life.
  Asura loves meat of all kinds, and will sometimes go out of his way to find exotic meats in the marketplace. He absolutely adores birds, envying their freedom and power of flight. One of his goals in life is to master Fuuton and develop a jutsu that allows free flight using wind and air control. His other great love in the world is the wide horizon expanding before him, and the thrill of adventure. He loves heading out on expeditions into the desert and beyond.
  He despises being constrained or hampered in any way, from his time locked away in his own home after a terrifying event in his early life. Thanks to this same event, he developed a nasty phobia of scorpions, spiders, other arachnids and their poisons. He takes great offense at someone using poison in any way, and his natural weakness to venoms and poisons makes this fear even worse. He also has a deep fear that the main house of his clan will eventually come after him should he continue on his current path away from them.

Character Background:
  Murasame Asura was born to Sabaku no Rei and Murasame Akira 12 years ago. The two parents raised their child in the traditional fashion of Sunagakure, expecting him to follow their footsteps and join the Suna Ninja Academy. When the young Asura was 3 years old, he showed great physical prowess, venturing out to jump and run around the village. These adventures would often end with him coming back home with scrapes and cuts, often in the arms of chunin who had caught him stealing food or terrorizing animals. He generally ignored his parents warnings and admonitions regarding his behavior, continuing to torment the village.
  One day, he found someone from the outside world who did not take kindly to his attempted theft of his pouch. Asura didn't know what was in the pouch, just that it looked fancy and expensive... but what he didn't know was that the owner was a samurai, travelling as a diplomat from the Land of Iron. His attempted theft was stopped, but the samurai did not seek punishment against the young man. His parents, though, punished him by keeping him inside for a week, during which they bought him a book on the samurai, hoping he would read it and learn more about the man he tried to steal from. He did not, and ignored the book.
   On his sixth birthday, Asura finally achieved one of his life's goals. He managed to sneak outside the walls of the village. While laughing at the guards who tried to catch him, he outwitted them and snuck into a nearby rock cropping. However, inside, he found not freedom, but a nest of scorpions that did not take well to the young boy invading their home. Almost a dozen stings later, his screams of agony called the guards to his location, who pulled him out and rushed him to the hospital. After a full week of writhing pain and recovery, Asura finally recovered from the venom... but was irrevocably damaged by the poison. He would always have a weakness to the stings and poisons of the world.
  During the next month in the hospital required by the doctors to ensure there would be no additional effects of the poison on his body, the only company Asura had was the book his parents had given him. He read into it, learning of their codes, weapons, and combat styles. As he read into the book, he began to understand how his thievery had hurt others, either by taking food from those who needed it or stealing goods from those who worked hard for it. He vowed then and there to be a better man... er, boy.
  For the next couple years, his parents kept him holed up in his home. The two had seen what happened when they gave him free reign in the village, and they knew he needed deep study before he could sign up to the ninja academy. During these years, his mother began to teach him the arts of their clan, most notably the nature of Saton, of controlling sand. In this training, he learned basic chakra control, giving him what they hoped would be an edge over the other students. Near the beginning of his joining the academy, his parents placed a small gourd of sand before him. They tasked him with raising the sand into the air. Asura reached out towards the sand, and focused his chakra into it. As if by instinct, his hands moved, weaving the sand around himself, creating a ring of dust and sand. His father gasped in shock as he discovered his natural talent, the Kekkei Genkai of Saton. Immediately, his mother took him before the council of the Sabaku, and he displayed the talent once more. The council, despite the distant relation the boy and his mother had, admitted him into the clan, granting him the name Sabaku no Asura. With the application of the crimson tattoo on his forehead, he was part of the clan.
   After he learned of his bloodline, he signed up to the Suna Ninja Academy. He found himself disliking the sneaking around and stealth aspects of ninjutsu, and just barely passed each class on those subjects. However, almost everything else came to him naturally, and he soon found himself using nature releases near the end of his tenure at the academy. His natural affinity towards Fuuton drew attention to him, as the rarest of nature releases, and he was the first in class to actually use it properly. His Doton techniques as well made others look at him admiringly, although no one seemed to want to be teamed with him thanks to his loud and more valorous personality.
  During his training at the academy, he also had his mother, trained in the art of Saton, teaching him the intricacies and signs required for it. He took easily to it, but soon found himself learning different styles of ninjutsu rather than the sand. He was good at it, but there were other things to learn! Asura wanted one thing more than that as well, to learn kenjutsu. He had no idea where to actually buy his own sword, but the academy had some that he found himself practicing with often. The other student around him would often give him strange looks, wondering why a Sabaku wasn't practicing with sand... the others were, so why wasn't he? He paid them no mind, though. None of them seemed to like him, so why should he care? Sabaku no Asura focused more on his swordplay and using sand to make it stronger, combining ninjutsu and kenjutsu to create a glorious combination... and he knows that once he graduates, he'll have even more opportunities to grow stronger, more skilled, and make himself better.

Character Appearance:
  Sabaku no Asura is a pale-skinned young boy. The tattoo on his forehead, customary of his clan, is partially obscured by the wild red hair that juts out from his scalp. He leaves his bangs wild, which swirl out and cover his forehead and part of the left side of his head. He keeps the rest of his hair in a long ponytail that spikes out wildly, as if his hair is trying to escape from his head completely.
  His body is of average shape, a bit on the muscled side. His early life leaping around the village left him wiry and muscled, and it is clear from his outfit that he prefers movement and speed to strength. His normal ninja garb consists of a loose black shirt, a white sash across his torso starting on his left shoulder, black pants that fit snugly, and bands on his thighs that hold his weapons and equipment. His feet are covered by ninja sandals, but modified slightly to cover his toes with small steel plates.

Main stats: (64)
STA: 3 (6)
INT: 4 (12)
STR: 3 (6)
SPD: 3 (6)
SLK: 3 (6)
NIN: 5 (20)
TAI: 2 +4 (2)
GEN: 3 (6)

Mental Skills and Ranks: (109)
Academics: C (17)
Chakra Control: C (17)
Investigation: D (7)
Ninjutsu: C (17)
Fuuton Jutsu: C (17)
Doton Jutsu: C (17)
Saton Jutsu: C (17)
- Supplementary

CP: 1 remaining

Physical Skills and Ranks: (109)
Athletics: C (17)
Brawl: D (7)
Buki Jutsu: C (17)
Stealth: D (7)
Survival: C (17)
Shuriken Jutsu: D (7)
Kenjutsu: B (37)
- Katanas

CP: 1 remaining

Social Skills and Ranks: (79)
Animal Ken: D (7)
- Birds
Empathy: D (7)
Expression: C (17)
Intimidation: C (17)
Persuasion: C (17)
Subterfuge: D (7)
Shinobi Codes: D (7)

CP: 1 remaining

Starting Jutsu: (23)
Bunshin no Jutsu (2)
Henge no Jutsu (2)
Kawarimi no Jutsu (2)
Nawanuke no Jutsu (2)
Reppushou (5)
Doryuu Taiga (5)
Suna no Soujuu E
Suna no Soujuu D (5)

RP Sample:
  Asura leapt from roof to roof, chasing after the bird fluttering around the rooftops. The sun was bright today, not a cloud in the sky, and he'd have it no other way. Just the wind blowing through his hair as he ran towards his target. There was nothing else to worry about... no exams, no ninjutsu to practice, no family to deal with... just Asura and the bird to chase down. The rooftops were sandy, as usual, but his footgear was made to give him extra grip on the desert sands. As he leapt from one roof to another, the feeling of his footfalls sending shocks through his legs reminded him of his youth, jumping around the village... The bird! It had turned, heading towards a tall building with open windows. Asura recognized it as the message center of Sunagakure, and turned to leap across another street after it.
  He wasn't after the bird to stop it. Not at all. He wanted to just touch it, prove to himself that he could. There was no need for ninjutsu, although he could easily use fuuton to blow it out of the sky. He could use a clone to leap up and distract it. Hell, he could probably use doton on that cart down there, trip up the man holding it, cause it to catapult those veggies up to him, where he could grab one and throw it. But no, he was doing something else. He forged the hand signs, picking up sand from the rooftops as he ran, and lowering it to his feet.
  As he leapt across the next street, right before he jumped, he focused on the sand and had it cover his right foot. With his left, he slammed into the edge of the roof, pushing off of it and sending himself flying up towards the bird. He could hear the chirps as it looked back to see him coming, and he could almost reach it... but he had more up his sleeve. With his right hand, he hardened the sand under his right foot... and pushed off of it, jumping off of it, giving himself the boost he needed to reach the little feathery critter. With a touch, he stroked the back of the bird in mid-air.
  The bird managed to correct itself and flutter inside as he fell, landing heavily on the rooftop across from the message center. He stood there, panting and grinning, looking up at the center. He could see people looking out at him, expressions of surprise on their faces. They changed as they recognized the tattoo on his forehead, changing to shock... pride... fear... so many faces. Asura didn't care about what they thought. He gave them all a cocky grin, and saluted them. "Thank you, I'm here 'til Thursday." With his quip said, he ran off, leaping across rooftops, heading towards his next adventure...

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Blue Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Sabaku no Asura   Sun 11 May - 13:15

Again Welcome to the site,

A couple of things that still require editing. As I understand reading your altered background, your parents are Saton users. they should not be too surprised at him being able to control sand. If they were not, they would not be Sabaku no Rei/Akira, but ... Rei/Akira and Asura would have the name ... Asura until the sand controling ability surfaced. As soon as this happened and the council found out, you would receive the name Sabaku no Asura and have the Tattoo placed on you forehead. This would also grant you an automatic ticket into the academy.

Due to the low number of Sabaku (small clan) I would suggest only one of your parents being a Sabaku, which would allow for at least one to be surprised and delighted. Until they found out you would have had the last name of the parent that is not Sabaku.

This is because outside the main branch of the family the bloodline is somewhat less excistent. And seen as a gift/curse. (This is due to the fact the mayority of the current living Sabaku have had only one ancestor that was the host of Shukaku, some have had 2 hosts as ancestors, but only Gaara's kids have 3 ancestors that were the host of the Ichibi)

For instance, Meran/Kazenkou's parents are Sabaku no Gaara and Sakamoto Matsuri.
And until Meran showed the ability to use saton, he was known as Sakamoto Meran.
At 2 months of age, it was clear he could learn, at his 3rd month he got the Tattoo.
At 6 months of age, Gaara performed the ritual to sacrifice 1 HP for his special sand.


Your parents would not have to buy you a gourd of sand. Sand is pretty easy to find in Sunagakure, It is generally not bought by anyone living in the country of wind. ^^ (If it is, Meran would immediately start a profitable business... )


There is still mention of the sword in you appearance. ^^


CP divide is ok, so no problems there.


Only one thing about the RP Sample:

It was not a bad idea to use the sand to give you a stepping stone, however, consider it something you can do with sandcontrol rank B and above. It is very hard to control and say something to stay solid, while you yourself attempt to stay moving and fluent. That is why the floating sand island is a B-rank jutsu. (of which you created a temp version in the story.)
So be careful of using the trick in game, you might just find yourself stumbling forward and down instead of up.
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Sabaku no Asura

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PostSubject: Re: Sabaku no Asura   Tue 13 May - 7:23

And, edited.

Also, the RP sample was meant to be just that, a sample. Smile
I can totally understand that he can't pull that off well in-game, it's just an example of how he works and what he does.
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Yellow Admin
Yellow Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Sabaku no Asura   Sun 18 May - 8:21

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PostSubject: Re: Sabaku no Asura   

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Sabaku no Asura
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