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 Team #4 - Stormy Reunion

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Tenshu Ryochoku


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PostSubject: Re: Team #4 - Stormy Reunion   Sat 28 Jun - 17:21

As much as Ryochoku wanted to search for any sort of tracking tips in his mind, nothing came out of it. Zero. Na-da. The only thing that Ryochoku was sure of so far was that there's no wildlife around but that's more or less common sense as they weren't that far off yet, they were probably still in the safe zone. Animals don't go too near to wherever human inhabits if they can help it -- he knew that much.

Kiryuu was being grumpy as always. "Names are meaningless in the end", who said that sort of things to his teammates at first day? He was no doubt the most honest and blunt person he has seen so far in his life and he found that to be...special? It was a breath of fresh air for him, living in a household where every conversation could be a lie, no one was brutally honest inside the Tenshu house, it's part of survival in a household like that The only exception being when they were to throw him some insults. Those words were indeed honest and brutal at the same time.

"Standard bunshin can't interact with the environment, it's merely an illusion. We can rule out bunshin by your first clue. More advanced bunshin is a possibility but I don't think a simplified tracking mission has that much misdirection included." Ryo replied to Kiryuu's comment.

He didn't make a comment toward the girl's reasonable idea, instead turning back to face the Aburame. "Sensei, I have a question. Is our target still on the run or is he just standing on a spot right now waiting for us to reach him? From the briefing just now, the indication is that the target has already at the finishing point, somewhere in the area and has already left clues on various spots that will help us find him."

Then, he turned to the girl. "And if that's the case, with our target being solid on a location, then those birds are not helping us, I can't think of a clue that can startle birds and I doubt the 'finishing line' is so close from where we started."

The only clues so far were dirt and some broken branches. Dirt might stuck on the shoes of the target so assuming he leaped up to the trees, there might be dirt leftover on the trees. Ryochoku knew he wasn't a great jumper so he chose to just chakra walk up the tree instead of leaping up and risk falling down like an idiot. As he was on "branch level", he would jump around and do a clean sweep on every branches of all nearby trees.


Investigation D/Tracking Ø - Deep search for any sign of dirt in unusual location[Not sure which is appropriate so just roll the correct one]
Tracking Ø - General search for more clues
Persuasion C - Opposing suggestion
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Green Admin


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PostSubject: Re: Team #4 - Stormy Reunion   Sun 6 Jul - 10:28

Sendo listened carefully to his students questions then turned his head skywards as if he was trying to remember something. He scanned the treetops for a few seconds and then answered. "Your target is still on the move and may leave behind some surprises along the way. I assure you that's it's not in the realm of impossibility that your target is keeping a remote eye on you to see if the test isn't impossible. If I let a full fledged chuunin flee on full skill there would be no way that academy graduates would be able to keep up you see.

Ryochoku's searches sadly yielded nothing.
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Sunėkuaizu Kiryuu


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PostSubject: Re: Team #4 - Stormy Reunion   Tue 8 Jul - 20:58

The one whom had been bequeathed the ostentatious title 'custard cap' had immediately dismissed the conjectures and speculations from the towering hoodlum; as if it were an impossibility. "Ey, I-" the sudden outburst from the squad's kunoichi had impeded the red-head from making any sort of retort regarding Ryochoku's dismissal of his earlier comment. It had been apparent that the local wildlife, namely the birds from over yonder, had been disturbed which could have potentially signified that it was their mark. Potentially being the keyword; for all they knew, it could have been a bear or some other animal. He had taken note that she had purposefully chosen to say nothing as he had previously; which made it quite evident that she had been mocking him, or at the very least made him felt as if he were being mocked. He had been subjugated to such ridicule whenever he had been younger, and much less monstrous than he currently was and thus felt great resentment toward her for reminding him of his past. Which might have explained as to the reasoning behind his intense glare directed at her; which, at the very least, should have her realize that such mockery was not appreciated. He remained silent whilst his other squadmate further questioned as to the details of this 'mission' of theirs and had received his set of answers. It surprised him somewhat that the jounin had answered the questions; he had inquired earlier on whether or not that they had questions. To which they all remained silent. Now, a little while later once their 'mission' had begun... a question arose. " N 'ere I thought that we've begun the, quote unquote, mission without havin' any questions. Surprised that Aburame-sensei has enough leniency to answer yo question; makes one wonder whether we got a lucky draw with someone to hold our hand."

He often spoke about what was on his mind, perks of being unafraid of any potential consequences; which more-or-less stemmed from his belief that he could easily get rid of any annoyances with fisticuffs. And the fact that he was always one for creating some sort of mayhem; in other words... to be annoying. He had as well chosen to answer Sendo's last bit of comment about how academy graduates would have no chance against a chuunin. "Pfft, dunno 'bout those two, but nuffin' s'impossible for me." He based that proclamation on some grounds. Granted he had never fought against a chuunin, but he did have his share of experiences in which 'ordinary' people would have succumbed to their respective demises. Ryochoku had gone to further search for indicators, but Kiryuu had been perplexed whenever he had... walked up a tree. He had no idea how such a thing was possible.  Which prompted him to mutter, "... is he wearin' spiked shoes or sumthin'?" Which then he shook his head as if to chase away all thoughts of curiosity. "Whatever. I'll have to agree with him... more-so because I rather not have to be forced to deal with fighting off a bear or sumthin'..." Which shortly after he had turned to face Michiko with a brief expression consisting of a smirk and wide-eyes. You wouldn't believe how tough they are." A joke. More-so in order to humor him with mocking her in return. It was not to his belief that her suggestion was an idiotic one, it was much more-so that he had never particularly enjoyed listening to others. He was more the 'my way or the highway' type of person. But then again... there were no further clues... and he doubted that the sheltered kid poking through branches would find something which he himself had missed. Which then he sighed as he finally caved in. "Though I suppose that we should at the very least check it out. Just on the off-chance. S'not like these tracks are goin' anywhere anyhow. As ya've said Chibisuke, 'let's golio'." Beside, he was slightly curious as to whether or not he could win against a bear. He went on ahead whether or not the other two were following behind him. It made him felt much more independent that way.
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PostSubject: Re: Team #4 - Stormy Reunion   

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Team #4 - Stormy Reunion
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