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 Tenkei "Revelation" - Kazuo

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PostSubject: Tenkei "Revelation" - Kazuo   Mon 26 May - 4:32

Tenkei - Revelation

Description: Tenkei is a time-space sealing technique that appears as the symbol "reveal". In use, it merely glows faintly before fading away.

Why?: Kazuo is a self-proclaimed master of efficiency. When the idea popped into his head during timespace studies that he could do something like this, he immediately realized he could use this to bypass the time normally necessary to gather chakra, and immediately begin fighting at full strength. That he still had to pay the chakra back didn't even cross his mind till the first test of it.

How?: Kazuo is an actual master of sealing techniques. By applying his knowledge of time-space techniques to sealing, Kazuo can easily put into sealing language the otherwise ridiculously complex and unusable technique Tenkei would be. Like all of Kazuo's seals, he is of the opinion that they are perfect immediately upon first draft, and tests the seal foolishly as a hidden trick in team exercises.

Special Circumstances: Not really.

Quote :
Name: Revelation "Tenkei"
Art:Jikukan Jutsu
Chakra:1-10, Generates chakra

Description: Tenkei uses Jikukan seals to pull theoretical chakra into the user's system that the user will have soon, but doesn't have access to now because of the natural flow of time.

The user immediately and instantly gains up to six times the amount of chakra spent to perform the technique, but at the same time, cannot gain any new chakra until the amount he received from this technique is paid in full. If he cannot do this by the end of his third turn after performing the technique, it draws on FCS and HP until the amount required is met.

Naturally, it is impossible to draw in chakra that the user cannot actually produce, so the amount of chakra that can be drawn in is limited to the amount the user could possibly produce in three rounds.

Limits:Jikukan Jutsu A, Fuuinjutsu B, Chakra Control A, 1 Small Sealing Tag

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Tenkei "Revelation" - Kazuo
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