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 Divine Edge - Nando Kazuo

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PostSubject: Divine Edge - Nando Kazuo   Sat 7 Jun - 21:58

Tenrai Hana - Divine Edge

Description: Tenrai Hana is a strangely designed seal that writes itself upon creation. When placed, it begins re-writing itself in a straight line until the components degrade and become unusable. It's purpose is to create a super-thin wall of invisible force.

Why: Kazuo's physical strength is mediocre and he cannot throw weapons worth a damn. By creating a fast-moving self-writing seal, he can simply launch the seals as ranged attacks instead of shuriken or kunai.

How: After learning to use remote sealing, Kazuo will experiment with ways to use seals from further than the demanding and dangerous range of touching a person physically. By combining his highly developed knowledge of barriers with the technique he creates Tenrai Hana.

Special Circumstances: Prodigy in Fuuinjutsu.

Quote :
Name: Divine Edge "Tenrai Hana"
Art: Fuuinjutsu
Range: 0m-20m
Chakra: 5 plus the cost of Remote Sealing

Description: Tenrai Hana is an unusually designed seal that spontaneously generates another seal, effectively mass-manufacturing the main form of the seal. The main form of the seal is an almost snakelike series of lines that moves straight from the point it was created at. This line creates a barrier approximately two meters in height and one meter in length.

The offensive part of the seal is the immediate front of the moving line. The barrier produced is super-thin, and functions much like a sword, dealing B ranked slashing and piercing damage within the first 10 meters, decreasing to C rank, and finally D rank slashing damage at the last meter of range.

The seal also works defensively. Along the width of the sealing line, the barrier has the defensive power to block a single A rank attack, however, the speed of the sealing line is prohibitive. It only has a 60% chance to successfully block an attack, and even then, attacks with continuous components cannot be blocked at all.

Limits:Haruka Fuuin - Remote Sealing, Kekkai Jutsu B, Sealing Knowledge 10

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Divine Edge - Nando Kazuo
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