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 Seishou Fuuin - Uzumaki Kenshi

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Uzumaki Kenshi


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PostSubject: Seishou Fuuin - Uzumaki Kenshi   Wed 11 Jun - 23:29

Seishou Fuuin - Energy Seal

This jutsu will prevent the target from using techniques that require chakra.

A lot of shinobi are good at using jutsu which can be dangerous if they were your enemy. In order to lower the thread someone poses Kenshi wants to be able to completely seal the use of chakra. And not just the elemental jutsu.

Kenshi would studie the chakra system of the body a lot and started experimenting with the Gogyou Fuuin. In stead of 5 different seals he tried to create 1 bigger seal that would seal away all chakra.

Quote :
Name: Seishou Fuuin - Energy Seal
Skill: Fuuin Jutsu
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Range: on touch
Chakra: ?
ME: ?
AP: 1 to create seal, 1 to place seal

Description: Seishou Fuuin is a Fuuinjutsu created by Uzumaki Kenshi. The user forms a seal on the palm of his hand. This seal is used to disrupt the targets central location of active chakra creation effectively making the target unable to generate or receive any type of chakra including pure regular chakra and sage chakra. Making them unable to use techniques requiring chakra to be produced by the user.
It also blocks out the target from receiving chakra from others likewise effectively blocking out Medical techniques from having any effects on the target.

Note: This jutsu is an improved version of the Hogyou Fuuin.

Limit: Fuuin Jutsu ? , Chakra Control skill ?, Sealing knowledge ?. Shikoku Fuuin, Gogyou Fuuin.
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Seishou Fuuin - Uzumaki Kenshi
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