Neo Naruto RPG is a unique type of play by post roleplaying forum that mixes creative storywriting with RPG elements close to that of a tabletop RPG game and lets the players be the main characters in a story rather than yet another one.
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 Creating Your Character Step by Step

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PostSubject: Creating Your Character Step by Step   Tue 16 Apr - 13:09

Creating Your Character Step by Step

Welcome to the step by step guide of creation your own character for the Neo Naruto RPG.

For starting players we advice that you read this carefully and go through this process step by step.
However if you encounter any problems or have any questions that you need clearing up feel free to PM anyone on the Admin team and we'll be sure to help you out as soon as possible.

This may seem like a lot, but we are seeking dedicated players that will stick around and play for a while, and if you think about it it's only 5 little steps of which the only hardship is choice. It's a lot less than you think.

This guide will feature a few handy links and it is advised to keep this topic open during character creation while opening these links in another tap to use as a reference when needed.

Step 1.1: General Information and Concept

Before making a character you need to at the very least have a general concept of what you would like to play.
But all characters start out as Academy Students training to become Ninja in their own respective Village.
Various Villages have different culture and mentality and you should keep this in mind when deciding your characters affiliation.
So let us first decide what Village your character hails from.

Currently Available Villages and Links to History and Culture:

- (KONOHA) (Edit this later with Link)


Now that you have picked a Village another important part of your character is their name.
As you at the very least would need something for people to call you or refer to you as.
For help on this you could ask the Admin Team or perhaps visiting this site might help you get some good ideas.

English to Japanese

Note that we are currently asking for your characters first name not his family or Clan name. That will come later.

Next is your characters sex. We don't mean sex life, we mean sex as in gender. Is it a boy or a girl. Pretty self explanatory, right?

Next is your characters Age, do note that all characters start with the following ages : 12,13 or 14.  This is unless they will pick the young child Flaw in the next step, this would allow the character to start off at the age of 10 or 11.

Step 2: Merits and Flaws

Everyone has something special about them that makes them different from other people be it positive or negative.
You can choose from the list provided in the link below what those things will be for your character.
You get 2 points to put into Merits. But for every point in Merits above 2, you need to balance it out by at least an equal amount of points in flaws.

In example, if you take Merits who's collective amount of points is are not obliged to take any Flaws.
However if your total amount of points spent on Merits is are obliged to take at least 1 point in Flaws.
If your Merits together come to a number equaling are obliged to take at least 3 points worth in Flaws.
That being said obliged is not limited to, meaning you are free to take as many Flaws as you like above those obliged.
So having 3 points in Merits and 8 points in Flaws for example is very possible. And some players like a challenge.

For balance purpose one cannot have more than 15 points in Merits however the amount of flaws is unlimited.

Pick wisely though.

Merits & Flaws

If you have chosen the Clan or Kekei Genkai we would kindly like you to pick one now from the lists below. Notice that one cannot pick a clan or Kekei Genkai that doesn't correspond with their chosen Hidden Village.



Step 1.2: Finishing up the General Concept

Now that we are familiar with your characters Village,Name, Age, Sex, General personality outlines and their Merits and Flaws we also know whether or not they belong to a specific Clan and/or have a Kekei Genkai (Blood Inherited Abilities) we can finish up on the general information.

The Clan name or if Clan-less the family name is ALWAYS placed first and the given name is placed second. This is not a matter of language it is a matter of culture, and the culture followed in this setting makes it so that the family and clan are more important that the individual. It is possible that people refer to themselves only by their first name or refer to others as such, this however is only done towards very close friends or in the case where the person has reached a social status or importance within the clan or family that puts them above the clan or family in a certain way.

Example : Referring to yourself as "Ganki Uchiha." as an Academy student could and probably would be considered as an insult to the Uchiha Clan and an act of extreme vanity. And this could result in severe pain and punishment. For who does this little worm think he is placing himself above the Uchiha name. However if you are someone like "Madara Uchiha." Who in the Clan could say otherwise? Understand.
This culture is based on very subtle social hints and references and the placement of ones name is among them. Please do not make this mistake.
I repeat this has nothing to do with language, it is the culture. This does not only spread to Japan and China in the real world but also to many East-European countries and middle-eastern countries where people place their families and their homeland above their individualistic and egoistical selves.

Next you might want to slightly adapt or re-write your characters general personality outline and background based on the information that you have now about your character.

Also deciding how your character looks is likewise not of lesser importance. You can browse on Google or another search-site for pictures or you can go to one of the sites below for help;

Anime Characters Database
[size=16]Naruto Character Maker


Step 3: Stats

Now that we know what your character is like as far as age, name, sex, affiliation and background we can decide upon his or her Statistics, these are not trained skills or abilities but simply the power of your character in general. Off-course these have been trained as well but for example the Ninjutsu stat does not represent ones knowledge and the amount of Ninjutsu learned but rather represents the characters general ability to guide and perform such techniques when learned.

Here you will find the link to the stats as they are within this game system including the costs for obtaining them.
Every starting character starts out with 65 CP (Character Points) to spend on these. Some of these stats will then afterwards be automatically boosted or decreased depending on certain Merits and Flaws you had chosen earlier on. Make sure however that while doing so non of your stats will fall below 1. Yet again, if you need any help feel free to ask. We are not monsters, we are friendly Admins.

Stat Guide and Leveling Up


Step 4: Skills and Abilities

Now we know pretty much everything about your character aside from 2 things. What is it he learned during his lifetime so far? What has he trained himself in more and what are the things he knows little to nothing about. Below you will find a link to the skill list.

There are 3 types of skills;

Mental Skills
Achieved though study, reading, learning, doing tests and reading some more and perhaps a few experiments here and there.
These skills are mostly based on knowledge rather than ability. And not everyone who possesses certain mental skills is automatically able to perform the actions corresponding with it. Like stated before, one can have a Ninjutsu skills ranked B, giving him Jounin-level (Elite) knowledge on the subject, but if they lack techniques within this range of skill or lack the Ninjutsu stat they might not be too good at performing at it. They just know a good deal about it. If untrained however the person receives a -3 penalty to all actions attempted corresponding with the given skill.

Physical Skills
Achieved through some study, perhaps in some cases reading but mostly through learning, experimenting and training.
These skills are mostly based on ability rather than knowledge. And in many cases are very dependent on the corresponding stats but if trained well they could act as good boosts for said corresponding stats. One might know how to swing a sword but not have the raw power or speed required to do so hard and fast enough to actually deal significant damage or block an opponents attack. If untrained however the person receives a -1 penalty to all actions attempted that correspond with the given skill.

Social Skills
Unlike the Mental and Physical skills social skills require both ways of achievement, they are part mental, part physical.
One needs to not only understand human/animal/deity behavior and perhaps read about it, but also experience it for themselves as well as train themselves to perform in social interaction. Just reading about interaction is not enough to make one a good spokesperson, they need practice at the art they read about first. For example someone has read tons of books about seducing girls but has never actually talked to one will probably swallow his tongue at the first attempt due to lack of experience at said things. So as stated before Social skills are achieved through both learning and doing. If untrained however the person receives a - 2 penalty to all actions that correspond with the given skill.

A specialty is an additional asset to a skill, a part of the particular skill that the character focused excessively on. Every skill can hold up to 4 specialties (at Genin level). For example Buki Jutsu (Or weapon techniques) has ranks, but having a specialty in Kunai for example will give the user one extra dice to the pool for actions performed within the skill with Kunai. This is equivalent to the user having one extra rank in the skill. So if for example the user has Buki Jutsu of C-rank and a specialty in Kunai within the skill, his Buki Jutsu tied actions will be considered as being C-rank but the same actions applying a Kunai would be considered as if they were B-rank. One however cannot take the same specialty multiple times. Every character starts with 3 free specialties.

Every starting character receives 80 CP to spend on Physical Skills, 80 CP to spend on Mental Skills and 80 CP to spend on Social Skills.
These numbers may be lower or higher by 30 if the corresponding Merit or Flaw has been picked earlier on. Make sure you keep those in mind as you proceed.
Every starting character receives 3 free specialties at start.

Skills and Skills Lists

Step 5: Jutsu (Techniques)

Now then your character is almost complete, the only thing left to decide is what techniques he/she has mastered over their young years in the Academy. Jutsu is what defines Shinobi or Warriors in general, they are special trained skills meant for specific goals. Usually these techniques correspond with a certain skill and it is indeed required of one to posses the said skill first at least at the same level as the technique they would like to learn. You are still allowed to learn Jutsu of which the rank is higher than the rank of the corresponding skill, however in such a case a dice roll must be performed each time the character attempt this technique and if they fail the roll they fail to perform the technique correctly in some cases this could have devastating consequences for that character and should be reconsidered unless necessary.
For example having Medical Ninjutsu at Rank D but attempting to perform an A Rank Medical Ninjutsu would require one to perform a dice roll (done by the admins) upon sucess the Jutsu is performed as it should. But upon failure one might instead damage and not heal the target, or worse savor their own chakra connections in their own body and/or damage themselves.
The limitation here is though that your character only knows enough about said techniques to the rank of the corresponding skill, thus they are unable to learn Jutsu of a higher rank than the corresponding skill on their own and would have to be taught the technique by someone who possesses it.

All new characters get 25 CP for their starting techniques.

Below here you will find a link to the List of Jutsu (Techniques).

List of Jutsu


Final Step: Example Roleplay and Submitting the Character Application

Now your character is finally complete and you are (or should be) ready to post your application post.
There is just one more thing required and that is for us to see that you actually know what roleplaying is about.
We are in no way, shape or form elitists and welcome experienced and less experienced roleplayers here, however
we would like to be able to see some of your previous work, or you could grace us by writing something original, but submitting
an already existing part of a roleplay post you made so we can get an idea of your writing skills would be nice.
We are not grammar Nazi's but we would like for your English to be decent at the least.
This is because chat-speak and poor English can ruin the experience for other players who put hard work into this hobby.
Below you will find a link to the corresponding Hidden Village Section where you can post your Application.


Below you will find an example of a character application:

Quote :

Age :





Elemental Affinity:

General Personality Outline:
Character Background:
Character Appearance:

Main stats:

Mental Skills and Ranks:
Physical Skills and Ranks:
Social Skills and Ranks:

Starting Jutsu:

It would also be very nice of you, yet not obliged, to place the CP costs and the minimum requirements of the skills and Jutsu chosen (if such limits and/or requirements are present) this would greatly speed up the application process.
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Creating Your Character Step by Step
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