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 Academy Student Material Quick Summary

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Academy Student Material Quick Summary

*Note : This is the kind of stuff your characters read while in the Ninja Academy. But just like with real school not many people will remember everything the learn especially not from books.

List of Shinobi Rules

1. A Shinobi first serves his village, his liege to the country is of a secondary nature.

2. The Kage of the Village is the first in command, No orders are above.

3. A Shinobi can never be assigned a mission that would lead to their certain death without them agreeing to it.

4. A Shinobi shall never needlessly sacrifice his life.

5. A Shinobi must always be ready to die in order to complete a mission if such an act would be needed.

6. A Shinobi must be able to kill his emotions for the remainder of a mission in case that the given task would otherwise be unbearable or impossible to perform.

7. A Shinobi must be ready to kill

8. A Shinobi must be ready to fight

9. A Shinobi is mostly judged by his strategy in battle

10. A Shinobi must always adept to be able to cope with his situation.

11. A Shinobi must always avoid unnecessary confrontations.

12. A Shinobi must never let his personal feeling or judgments jeopardize the mission.

13. In a situation where sacrifices must be made in order to complete a mission the Shinobi will choose the path of least sacrifice.

14. A Shinobi must always value teamwork, A well balanced team can achieve more than any Shinobi can achieve on his own.

15. A Shinobi’s Primary tactic of choice to approach a battle situation must be sneaking and an attempt to ambush the target.

16. A Shinobi’s First battle tactic is Taijutsu, for it is the best way to test the opponents level of skill without wearing yourself out.

17. A Shinobi’s Second battle tactic is Genjutsu, for if one must use chakra to win a Shinobi should first resort to moves that don’t consume a lot of chakra.

20. A Shinobi’s Third battle tactic is Ninjutsu, Such skills should only be used as a last resort when the above both seemed ineffective or not effective enough to ensure a save victory. For when a Shinobi uses Ninjutsu they will loose a lot of chakra thus making themselves vulnerable for another attack and possibly unable to continue the mission afterwards.

21. A Shinobi of lower rank must obey orders given by Shinobi of a higher rank unless such orders contradict with other orders that were given by someone higher in command.

22. A Shinobi must stand ready to accept and perform any mission given to him at any time.

23. In a battle a Shinobi sees no friends, a Shinobi sees no enemies, only comrades and targets.

24. A Shinobi must never show fear.

25. A Shinobi must never show tears.

26. A Shinobi must never show mercy in battle to an opponent until that opponent is knocked out, securely bound and/or otherwise pacified. Not following this rule can lead one into a deathtrap.

27. A Shinobi must never leave the Village without someone of Jounin Rank or above being notified of his intentions and actions outside the Village. Should such a violation occur the Shinobi will be presumed a missing-nin and Hunter ANBU will be send to assassinate them in order to protect the secrets of the Village.

28. A Shinobi must never let his guard down as long as the mission is ongoing.

29. A Shinobi must never loose his temper, only a cool mind can overcome obstacles.

30. A Shinobi must never give in to the 5 things that make him go bad ; Drinking, Gambling, Stealing, Using Jutsu for own benefit, Perversion.

Genjutsu Explained

Genjutsu are Illusionary techniques that Ninja’s use to confuse and/or fool their opponents. All of these techniques focus around using chakra in order to disrupt the 5 senses of the target.

Everything that is part of a Genjutsu is purely an illusion, but as long as the victims nervous system experiences it as reality the body will react accordingly. Thus the victim will feel pain, temperature changes, impacts and wounds and react to them as if they were real.

Even when the victim is aware of the fact that they are in a Genjutsu their 5 senses are still gonna force the body to react to the illusions as if they are reality.

Genjutsu can potentially kill or debilitate a person due to the strain they can put on the nervous system and/or the brain.

Use of Genjutsu is usually left exclusively for the ‘smart types’ as performing a well timed, well formed genjutsu takes a high IQ, a good imagination and the ability to stay focused on multiple things for a long time.

There are 2 forms in which Genjutsu can be executed:

1.Targeted Genjutsu:
Targeted Genjutsu must be cast by the user onto a nearby target. This type of Genjutsu is quick and can be easily executed in any situation. The user will extend a portion of their chakra from their body and send it towards the head of the opponent. This chakra will then proceed to circulate around the opponents head reading their nervous input and output and giving the user the ability to manipulate it.
This type of Genjutsu is usually easily dispelled by stopping the chakra flow of the victim in the affected area. This would almost instantly stop the effects of a Genjutsu seeing as the circulating chakra clings on to the victims chakra to stay alive.
If the mind of the caster is stronger simply stopping the chakra flow could prove ineffective. In such a case the only way to stop the effects of a Genjutsu is through a shock or real pain. Breaking a bone or causing oneself to bleed should always immediately stop the effects of any targeted Genjutsu despite the level of the caster.

2. Area of Affect Genjutsu:
This is the most advanced, most complicated and least used form of Genjutsu. It requires a great deal of preparation and expertise and is near impossible to cast during battle.
The caster will create notes that he will seal with his own chakra the notes will then be placed on the sides of the Area the user wants to put under this Effect. When the caster chooses to activate the notes, depending on the amount of chakra that was put inside them an Illusionary theater will take place for anyone who enters the Area of Affect until the chakra that the caster put into the Jutsu runs out.

Ninjutsu Explained

Ninjutsu is the art of using once chakra to manipulate the environment. Virtually anything is possible to achieve with Ninjutsu as the only limit is the persons skill with chakra and hand seals.

Chakra is the physical representation of the shinobi’s spiritual power. A person constantly has chakra flowing through their body, the moment they don’t a person becomes very vulnerable as the body draws it’s strength from this flow of chakra.
When a person learns to control their chakra they can draw upon it and use it for Jutsu.
This is done by either letting the chakra flow to the hands of the caster and then molding it with hand seals to create the desired effect or by simply releasing it to a certain area.

Hand Seals and Molding Chakra:
The easiest way to performing a Jutsu is using hand seals to mold chakra into a certain form, This is done by sending the chakra to once hands and then performing the needed hand seals. Every hand seal represents a certain feature of the technique and therefore could give away the Jutsu’s nature and/or purpose to those quick enough to read them.
Performing Jutsu with the help of hand seals is the easiest way.

Chakra Control and Chakra Bleeding/Release:
A slightly more complicated way of performing a Jutsu is by use of chakra control and Chakra Bleeding/Release. In such a case the user will use their skill of chakra control to guide the chakra to the desired location and then release portions of it in order to manipulate the environment. Sometimes this is done by allowing chakra to flow from the users body or by simply releasing a large amount of chakra through a part of the body.
This is sometimes paired with hand seals by novice users to make the process easier.
Performing high level Jutsu with only chakra control and chakra release is extremely complicated and thus even Jounin level ninja will almost always use hand seals to aid them in this task. Test results have shown however that hand seals do weaken the force of the Jutsu significantly in such a case and increase it’s limitations.

Elemental Manipulation:
Every person is born with elemental affinity in their chakra, this allows the person to manipulate the nature of their chakra transforming it into a certain element in order to cast elemental jutsu.
Such manipulation is always paired with hand seals in order to transform once chakra into the desired element. Just like with chakra release jutsu performing hand seals will significantly decrease the power of elemental manipulation as the extracted element will only be an imitation of the pure element instead of fully adapting to it’s nature.
However it is near impossible to perform Elemental Manipulation without the use of hand seals. Such Jutsu that don’t require Hand Seals for Elemental Manipulation are always S-Rank due to their complexity. Yet achieving this does always result in great destructive power.
The only Jutsu known today that uses non-hand seal elemental manipulation is ‘Fuuton Rasenshuriken’ and it has become a forbidden Jutsu due to the damage it does to the caster itself.

Known Elements and their place in the World :

The Basic five elements are as followed
Fire > Wind > Lightning > Earth > Water > Fire
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Academy Student Material Quick Summary
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