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 Stats and Leveling Up

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PostSubject: Stats and Leveling Up   Tue 16 Apr - 13:53

Main Stats

The Main Stats are the stats that the players can increase using exp. they gain from participating in events, all other stats are derived from these essential Main Stats. Each of the stats levels separately and gaining each consecutive level in them becomes increasingly harder. But before we get to explaining how the main stats can be increased by use of CP (Character Points). let us go over the main stats one by one and see what they do.

In total there are 8 main stats, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Intelligence, Strength,Speed,Stamina and Seal Knowledge. All these stats level independently and can be trained up to level 15 and beyond. 1-3 (Civilian), 3-6 (Genin), 6-9 (Chuunin), 9-12 (Jounin),12-15 (S-Rank).

Stamina [STA]

Stamina decides how much strain or pressure one can take and how much resistance they can show.
It also decides how much damage a person can withstand and how much physical energy they have to perform.
Stamina is also directly responsible for the 'Sub-stat' PE (Physical Energy) from which the user draws energy to move at a fast speed and use powerful physical techniques but it is also the stat from which the user taps energy to convert into Chakra. It also governs the speed at which
PE regenerates itself (1 = 1 point of PE per round
2-3 = 2 points of PE per round
4-5 = 3 points of PE per round
6-7 = 4 points of PE per round
8-9 = 5 points of PE per round
10-11 = 6 points of PE per round
12-13 = 7 points of PE per round
14-15 = 8 points of PE per round.)
In short the Stamina Main Stat or [STA] is mainly responsible for the characters energy reserves and secondarily responsible for the amount of damage they can withstand.

Intelligence [INT]

Intelligence represents your understanding and ability to learn and figure things out. This stat is together with the Genjutsu stat responsible for the sub-stat FCS (Focus), which represents the characters level of awareness as far as their surroundings go as well as their mental vitality.
(0 FCS = Brain-fried, Zombie, Paralyzed)
The Intelligence Stat is directly linked to the sub-stat ME (Mental Energy)from which the user draws energy to move at a very fast speed and to focus oneself more to increase chances of success, but it is also the stat from which the user taps energy to convert into Chakra. It restres exactly like PE (Physical Energy)
The higher the Intelligence stat, the quicker you will be able to learn more Jutsu and Skills . This stat determines how many Development-Slots you have. This is determined by dividing your Intelligence by 3 and adding 1 (rounded down). This stat shows how smart a character is and how good they are at making strategies and seeing through them, some Skills require a minimum intelligence to be learned as they cannot be comprehended by anyone with a lower intelligence. This stat is essential for anyone to have as it represents how smart your character is, however having this stat up high is only essential for those that want to master illusions, spy techniques, advanced sciences and other likewise complicated things.

Strength [STR]

Strength decides how much physical force one has how heavy a weight they can lift and how much damage they can deal.
It also decides how much damage a person can withstand and how high they can jump.
Strength together with the Stamina stat is responsible for the AC (Armor Class) stat in the game which represents the armor value of the characters bare body. (most regular character that aren't high level have an AC of 0 unless given to them by armored equipment.)
The Strength is also mainly responsible for the amount of damage physical attacks deliver, in some cases it is also use to calculate damage from certain Ninjutsu.
In Short the Strength Main Stat or [STR] is mainly responsible for the damage delivered by Taijutsu, the distance and height a person can jump and the weight a person can carry, and secondarily responsible for how much damage the character can withstand.

Speed [SPD]

The speed stat is used for one thing and one thing only and that is to calculate how many actions a player may use each turn. For each level you have in the speed stat, you get 1 AP (Action Point). However, at a certain level you will have to pay a certain amount of PE (Physical Energy) to access that level of speed. This is to represent the effort it takes to be that fast. At higher levels it will even start to cost one their ME (Mental Energy) due to the fact that they have to concentrate extra hard on their environment to not bump into a wall when moving at such a high speed. However the more AP is actively used during said round the less chance opponents attacks have to hit the character.

Seal Knowledge [SLK]

Seal Knowledge represents the characters innate ability to handle chakra as well as their understanding of it's nature and workings and the speed at which handseals can be performed. The higher this stat the less AP it costs to perform Jutsu that require hand-seals and the less time it costs to develop ones own Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. It also represents the character's ability to mold concentrated active Chakra does making it more potent.
This means that this stat is also mainly responsible for the level of damage Ninjutsu and elemental Jutsu dish out but likewise how much medical techniques can heal and so forth (unless the Jutsu itself specifies otherwise). To achieve the possibility of attaining the Fuuin Jutsu Skill one must also first attain minimum requirements in this stat. Thus Seal Knowledge is a very important stat for anyone wanting to do anything with Jutsu and Chakra. Mainly Ninjutsu and Fuuinjutsu.

Ninjutsu [NIN]

Ninjutsu represents your skill and understanding of any Ninjutsu you perform. Thus also representing the amount of control you have over the techniques used as well as more experience with using them. This said in battle this stat is mainly responsible for how well your techniques will be able to hit your targets or rather how hard it will be for your targets to avoid said technique. It also represents the characters innate understanding of the art increasing his chances of successfully performing Ninjutsu above his range of skill.

Taijutsu [TAI]

Taijutsu represents your training in hand to hand combat and your ability to utilize weapons.The higher the stat the higher your chance of successfully landing a physical attack and the harder it will be for your opponent to hit you in general, be it with a physical attack or with a Ninjutsu as this skill represents your physical training and thus your ability to move agile,tactical and swiftly. Taijutsu is an important stat for any shinobi or anyone that often find themselves in combat situations. What is a shinobi without proper physical training, right?

Genjutsu [GEN]

The Genjutsu stat represents your understanding of the human psyche and the workings of the human brain and sensory systems. It also represents ones understandings of these things about themselves thus allowing them a stronger sense of their 'own' reality. It allows the character to easier cast a Genjutsu on their target as well as sense, avoid, fight back or counter one if cast on him or her. In other words the higher this stat the better you are in control of your own mind and the better you can take control over those of others. This said Genjutsu is thus the main stat that represents all social interaction and the character's ability to correctly perceive reality.
An important stat for those that wish to do things with illusions and mind-traps or spying, infiltration and interrogation.

Leveling Main Stats

Each of the Main Stats starts at a minimum of 1 and must be leveled separately according to the chart below.

Whenever the player has CP in their possession they can choose to spend it on leveling a main stat at any given moment when they are not participating in an event or a mission.
CP can be gained through participation in events and very small amounts of CP can be awarded for side quests depending on their nature and value.

Event Participation
Participating in an event has a general value of 10-15 CP . But depending on the event can be slightly higher or lower.
Participating in a Main event has a general value of 30 - 35CP added with the additional experience received during the event through active participation.
Participation in missions will grant one a general number of CP between a normal event and a Main Event depending on its hardship.


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PostSubject: Re: Stats and Leveling Up   Wed 17 Apr - 0:28

Short Summary of Main Stats and their Effects for a Quick Overview

Governs Physical Energy and HP.
Governs Resiliency.
Partially governs Armor Class stat.

Governs amount of Action Points one can use per round.
Governs Defense (dodge/reflective dodge)

Governs your chances of hitting an opponent with chakra based techniques.
Governs Ability to perform Ninja techniques correctly.

Governs your chances of hitting an opponent with physical attacks.
Governs your chances of blocking an attack.

Governs your chances of successfully trapping an opponent in an Illusionary technique.
Governs your general perception of surroundings and ability to resist illusions.
Partially governs Focus stat (Mental Health)

Governs Mental Energy
Partially governs Focus stat (Mental Health)
Governs the amount of Development Slots a character has (more development slots = faster at learning)
Governs damage dealt by Genjutsu.

Governs Chakra based damage
Governs success rate of time/space techniqes
Governs success rate of Sealing techniques
Governs Ninjutsu AP discount for some techniques

Governs physical damage
Partially governs Armor Class stat.
Governs amount of weight one can lift.
Governs how far/high the character can jump.
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Stats and Leveling Up
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