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 Time-line of Historical Events

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PostSubject: Time-line of Historical Events   Sun 19 May - 6:50

Time-line of Historical Events

Current Time

Current Year :
1983 AD (After Division)
(Referring to the Division of the King of Hell and King of Heaven into their multiple counterparts.)

Time of the Year:

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PostSubject: Re: Time-line of Historical Events   Sun 19 May - 7:04

Pre-Neo Naruto Events:

1845 AD

- The Fire Daimyou decides to expand his territory. He gets this idea from witnessing the great abilities of two Shinobi Clans under his wing. However underestimating the abilities of the surrounding neighbors greatly as well as overestimating the loyalty of these two mighty Clans who still followed in the path of the Rikudo Sanin.

1849 AD

- Victory is achieved by the Earth Country in the 10th Great Samurai War. This victory however did not come cheap as the Earth Nation sacrificed 2 of their greatest Shinobi Clans in order to trick and deceive the enemy in order to obtain their victory.

- The Wind Country and Lightning Country likewise each offered 2 Shinobi Clans to their death in their attempt for victory, however in their case their sacrifices ended up being in vain.

- The Fire Country suffered a great blow during this War and the Fire Daimyou saw his land fading fast. He blamed the two Clans on his land for seeing through his clever plan and working around dying, choosing their own survival over the victory of their country. These two Clans were the Uchiha Clan and the Senju Clan. The two Clans were banished from the Land of Fire with that and took hiding in nearby small countries or still unoccupied pieces of land, the two Clans were shunned publicly despite having offered up half of their numbers for the war and simply not wishing to fully be exterminated for this cause.

1850 AD

- The Shinobi that were previously always hired as spies against other Villages become increasingly displeased with their received treatment from the Daimyou that rule as the Samurai get all praise and money while those that sacrifice their lives, family, honor and dignity to obtain those victories remain unknown and living in poverty.

Some shinobi that got bitter by the losses suffered in the last Great Samurai war couldn't take it anymore seeing how they were seen as nothing but dirt by the rulers and law keepers while in fact they spend their lives denying themselves and honing their skills. These Shinobi began to form into small bands and initiate Guerrilla attacks and assassinations on important political figures.
Through this the end of the 10th Great Samurai war marked the beginning of the Samurai war that would later be known as 'The Last Samurai War'.

The Uchiha and Senju were the first among these Shinobi and soon managed to rile up more Clans. Starting with those that had allied ties to the Shinobi Clan's sacrificed during the last great samurai war.

1855 AD

- The Samurai find their forces significantly thinned out and find themselves no longer able to keep established laws or boarders assigned to them as a great deal of them die each day through masterful guerrilla strikes from all sides as well as specific assassinations of high standing Samurai.

Unable to keep up as one force battling off endless amounts of Shinobi Clans the Samurai drop the flag and a large deal of them moves to the Iron Country and beyond where the influence of Shinobi was much less if present at all.

This marks the beginning of a new era and it is after this very moment that the continent on which the 5 Great Shinobi Countries will later establish came to be called 'The Shinobi World'. In these lands Ninja are the primary military and combat force, here Samurai became relics of the past ending the Last Great Samurai War.

1891 AD

- The Clan battles between Shinobi reach their peek with the Senju and the Uchiha on top of it all.

1892 AD

- Uchiha and Senju strike a peace treaty and form an organization called Konohagakure.

- Konohagakure proposes their services to the Daimyou who accepts and helps fund the village in exchange for border protection and the guarding of his life and possessions.

- Quickly multiple Clans in the area decide the join the organization, either out of fear of being wiped out or because they could see the benefits of such an organization as opposed to the separated Clan system.

- Battle Between Uchiha Madara and Hashirama Senju at the Valley of the End.

1893 AD

- Sunagakure, Iwagakure, Kirigakure and Kumogakure come into existence as other countries see the benefit of a one country one Village System as opposed to the Chaos of the Shinobi Clans fighting one another for power and land.

- The Village System turns out successful.

1894 AD

- The other Villages aside from Konohagakure see the Fire Country Shinobi Village as a great threat due to them having the 9 tailed beasts in their possession.
Plans are set up for a collaboration attack against Konohagakure by the other 4 Great Villages. This Marks the Start of the First Great Shinobi War.

1899 AD

- Konohagakure wins the First Great Shinobi War due to their overwhelming manpower, diversity of Clans and their possession of the 9 tailed beasts establishing themselves officially as the mightiest Shinobi Village in the World.

1900 AD

- The First Hokage Hashirama makes diplomatic agreements with the surrounding Villages by offering them their tailed beasts in return.

1903 AD

- The three Legendary Sanin are born, Jiraya, Tsunade (the future 5th Hokage) and Orochimaru.

1925 AD

- The Nations slowly grow weak because of the prolonged time of peace and the Villages around Konoha feel that now that they have Bijuu of their own they stood a better chance. Howver seeing the peace treaty with Konohagakure still standing the 4 other great Villages didn't want to break their word that soon and that simple.
However with some pressing from their own Daimyou who decided to decrease their funding because their boarders were not being expended or protected significantly in their minds, the 4 Villages would begin an attempt at expanding their countries borders leading to the start of the second great Shinobi war.

1927 AD

- Hatake Kakashi is born. (Future assambler and leader of the Hatake Clan)

1929 AD

- The Second Great Shinobi War ends leaving the small countries around the Great 5 devastated due to them being used as the primary battlefields between the bigger Villages. Jiraya trains Nagato who is later to become the leader of the Akatsuki Organization.

1939 AD

- it began with the disappearance of the Third Kazekage. Sunagakure went to such lengths to find its Kazekage that it provoked intervention from neighboring countries.

Minato Namikaze became a hero during the war and received his nickname, "Konoha's Yellow Flash."

1942 AD

- Konohagakure and Iwagakure eventually began fighting across Kusagakure. It was not until the destruction of the Kannabi Bridge that the war began turning in Konoha's favor.

- Hatake Kakashi , having gained his Sharingan from Uchiha Obito during the mission to destroy the Kannabi Bridge, also gained fame as "Copy Ninja Kakashi."

- Uchiha Itachi was traumatized by the violence of the war and grew to crave peace at any cost because of it. The rest of his life would be greatly affected by this experience.

1947 AD

- Uchiha Sasuke is born (Future Leader of the Uchiha Clan)

- Haruno Sakura is born (Future Leader of the Haruno Clan)

- Uchiha Kimiko is born (Future wife of Uchiha Sasuke and mother of Uchiha Sora)

- Aburame Shino is born (Future Leader of the Aburame Clan)

- Shikamaru Nara is born (Future Leader of the Nara Clan)

1947 AD

- Inuzuka Kiba is born (Future Leader of the Inuzuka Clan)

- Hyuuga Hinata is born (Future Leader of the Hyuuga Clan)

- The Nine Tailed Fox attacks Konoha and is defeated by the 4th Hokage who gives his life in the battle. Attempts are done to seal the Kyuubi in a host but these attempts fail as the spirit vanishes without trace for the time being. The Uchiha Clan are accused of the attack.

1957 AD

- Uchiha Itachi massacres the majority of the Uchiha Clan and becomes a missing nin joining the Akatsuki Organization.

1959 AD

- Yodatsu Sion is born.

1960 AD

- The Akatsuki obtains the mayority of the Bijuu and becomes a great threat to the 5 Great Nations. At first the 5 Villages plan on banding together against the new threat but as the battle Rages on the Akatsuki manages to skillfully play the countries against one another starting a 4th Great Shinobi war.

1964 AD

- Aburame Sendo is born (Heir to the Aburame Clan)

- Inuzuka Faolan is born (Heir to the Inuzuka Clan)

- Uchiha Madara is defeated by Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke ending the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Itachi decides to stay missing. Akatsuki disbanded.

1965 AD

- Haruno Sakena is born in secret (Heir to the Haruno Clan.)

1967 AD

- Uchiha Sora is born (Heir to the Uchiha Clan)

- Haruno Ninigi dies by the hands of Kakuzu (Sakena's father)

1974 AD

- The Yodatsu Company Gains a monopoly on the Wave Country Transportation and Weapon Development.

- Yodatsu Sion becomes a trainee Detective.

1976 AD

- Kasumi Saku kills the former Mizukage and takes his place as the new Mizukage with the help of DEEP under the lead of the Mist Swordsman Raiga.

- Konoha Establishes full on Allied Status with the River Country thanks to Tsunade's diplomatic success.

- Yodatsu Sion becomes head detective and destroys 5 criminal organizations nearly single handed.
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PostSubject: Re: Time-line of Historical Events   Sun 19 May - 10:48

Old Neo Naruto-Events:

1977 AD (Spring)

(Arc 1 : Event 1)

- Mizukage marries the Water Country Daimyou

- Leech Division of Kirigakure Attacks Konoha

- Kisame Joins Konoha and becomes a Jounin Sensei

(Arc 1 : Event 2)

- Fire Country Daimyou asks Tsunade for marriage but is refused

- Kyuubi attacks Konoha and is sealed by ROOT.

- Leech is defeated through collaboration between ROOT and regular ANBU.

1977 AD (Summer) =

(Arc 1 : Event 3)

- Denteki Beach in the Wave Country comes under heavy Bandit attacks.

- Yodatsu Family hires protection from the bandits for themselves and the beach.

- Unexplained unnatural high storm waves have been sighted at see, some claimed they even saw the waves form a face and/or a hand grabbing other passengers and carrying them into the depths. But these are probably just rumors yet there is some picture evidence of unnaturally large waves, the rest is still just speculations.

- Konoha Shinobi Defend Denteki Beach successful.

- Akatsuki Deidara Attacks Yodatsu Manor

- Mizukage signs peace treaty with Konoha and a civil war breaks out in the Water Country spliting it into the Mizukage Faction and the Raiga Faction.

- Massive battle in the Water Country.

- Blood Brotherhood attacks Konoha Shinobi and 'The 4 Specialists Group' at Yodatsu Manor.

- Kyuubi Jinshuriki Yuma Rokurou loses control and attacks Denteki beach and is sealed away again soon by the appearance of Akatsuki and a multitude of Konoha and Kiri Sanin there to battle it as well as one another.

- Yodatsu Sion exposed as Mastermind Criminal behind the bandit attacks. His father agrees to the jail sentence for his son.

(Arc 1 : In Between Event 3 and 4)

- The Kyuubi Host Yuuma Rokurou escapes the hospital and kills civilians turning them into mini Kyuubi minions due to a defect in his seal.

- Team Neji is killed or wounded while attempting to catch the escaped Kyuubi Host

- Uchiha Sasuke is captivated, accused of being the one who illegally sealed the Kyuubi inside Yuuma Rokurou. Uchiha Sora becomes temporary stand in Clan Leader at the age of 10.

- Inuzuka Faolan, Haruno Sakena and Aburame Sendo are accused of incompetence as a Clan heirs for various mistakes they had committed or were framed into. Together with Uchiha Sora they are forced into an ultimatum by the majority of the council that they need to make the finals to prove their worth or else lose their heirloom.

- Yuuma Rokurou assambles army of mini Kyuubi.

1977 AD (Fall)

(Arc 1 : Event 4)

- The Chuunin Exam of the Dacade takes place and the Marvelous 8 are hyped by the media : Uchiha Sora, Haruno Sakena, Torimenshi Koden, Aburame Sendo, Sabaku no Kazenkou, Enzeru Nadleeh, Uchiha Gikan and Inuzuka Faolan. This granted these 8 quite a lot of fame and praise from the general public as Shinobi aren't too easy to fall into a mass media hype.

- Kaguya Anji by accident discovers Yuuma Rokurou's plan to attack losing his team in the process. Together with a mysterious figure called Mask the two inform the Hokage of the attack statistics lateron during the finals of the Chuunin Exams.

- Yuuma Rokurou attacks Konoha with his army during the Finals of the Chuunin Exam.

- Blood Brotherhood attacks Konoha using the Kyuubi attack for distraction but are killed by Konoha Shinobi.

- Haruno Sakena, the daughter of Haruno Sakura and Konoha Princess dies in the Kyuubi/ Blood Brotherhood attack

1977 AD (Winter)

(Time Skip Time)

- War of Mizukage Faction and Allies against the Raiga Faction breaks out on a large scale.

- Economical Problems arise in the Rice Field Country due to the war.

- Economical Problems arise in the Water and Fire Countries due to the length of the war.

- Economical Problems start showing in the Wind Country due to their expenses on the war.

- Iwagakura openly denies any collaboration with the Blood Brotherhood and names them their official enemies.

- Iwagakure seals Yonbi into Torimenshi Koden

- Sunagakure attacked by Ichibi but manages to capture it.

- Kumo Daimyou barely saved from an unknown attacker, rumors and suspicions cover the whole country.

- Raikage accused of murder for own benefit by paper, the paper is quickly after shut down for good by the Daimyou for spreading false rumors with potentially dangerous outcome.

1978 AD (Spring) =

- Konoha ANBU massive military strikes on Raiga Faction.

- Iwagakure has a political standoff with Konohagakure because both accuse the other of spying.

- Lightning Country re-instates it's political connections to the other countries first by attempting a meet with the Hokage. The Raikage's and Hokage's meeting appeared to have turned out positive.

- Suna seals Ichibi into Kazenkou.

- HEAT division of Suna ANBU spreads rumors about the Kazekage family.

1978 AD (Summer)

- Political assassinations without any potential suspects start occurring in Suna.

- Heat begins political campaign against the general ruling council riling the people behind them. Using the economical hardships as a reason and blaming the war and the Kazekage for it.

- Raiga Faction suffers a multitude of unexplained losses as his men seem to be randomly disappearing from the battlefield. As well as after some of the massive fights between large Shinobi forces no bodies of the dead were left. Many Shady rumors and scary superstition.

1978 AD (Fall)

1978 AD (Winter)

- Mizukage complains to the Hokage about inefficiency of her forces due to the complete incineration of 2 of her most cherished military buildings. The buildings were supposed to be re-captured not turned to ashes. The cause of this fiasco remains unknown to this day as the Hokage denies involvement of herself or her men in the case.

- The Daimyou complain about the captivity of Yodatsu Sion under his current conditions and say his captivity should proceed without further interrogations.
The Fire Country head threatened Konoha with decrease or complete cutting of funds if the interrogations don't cease immediately

1979 AD (Spring)

- The Sound Satoosa makes a deal with the Ricefield Country Daimyo. He is allowed to interrogate Sion be he captive in his Village.

- Suna begins conversation with HEAT about their increased propoganda for inside conflicts in the Village. This happens in Sound on a neutral ground.

- The Kazekage find evidence that could point to HEAT being behind the political killings as well as a possible forewarning at them wanting to hand Kazenkou over to the Akatsuki. The Kazekage sends his son Sabaku no Jinchi of a secret mission to deliver his daughter the message. He asks that Konoha Shinobi help escort him.

- A large group is formed under the leadership of Inuzuka Kiba, Hoshigake Kisame, Sarutobi Konohamaru and Uchiha Sora. This group is charged with delivering Yodatsu Sion to Sound for further interrogation as well as escorting Sabaku no Jinchi to the same location and keep him safe.

- Hoshigake Kisame defects from Konoha back to Akatsuki.

- Inuzuka Kiba dies by the hands of Kakuzu.

- Inuzuka Faolan becomes leader of the Inuzuka Clan.

- Inaba Inn Area gains a river around it.

- The Blood Brotherhood attacks Konoha Shinobi Hospital, one escapes, one is killed by the fifth Hokage.

-Uchiha Yami wins Shinobi Tag Competition.

1979 AD (Summer)

- Chuunin Exams take place in Konoha, however an attack on the Village was staged to take place during the finals of the exam. Kirigakure and Iwagakure both holding grudged against the leaf for a long time unleash their joint surprise attack with their forces already on the inside while their armies approach from outside. To make things worse they hired Akatsuki to fight at their side.

-Sunagakure and Otogakure approach quickly with their reinforcements to aid Konoha.

-The battle drags on and takes many lives among them many well known names and many not so well known yet great shinobi.

- Konohagakure, Otogakure and Sunagakure manage to push the attackers back towards the borders but the battle rages on for a whole year while both sides plead for assistance from Kumogakure.

- The 5th Hokage dies in battle against Akatsuki leader Pain (Nagato) as Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame reveal to both be inside agents from Konoha inside Akatsuki and defeat Pain with assistance from others, Shimura Danzou is appointed temporary Hokage despite some strong opposition from a large group of Clan Leaders and Jounin.

1979 AD (Fall)

- Kumogakure joins the war choosing to side with Kirigakure and Iwagakure in the war as the battle rages on for one more year.

- Shimura Danzou is revealed to be the mastermind behind the Uchiha Massacre and his possession of one of the eyes of Uchiha Shisui. He is instantly demoted from his position and eliminated by Uchiha Itachi.

- Uchiha Itachi is appointed new temporary Hokage.

1980 AD (Spring)

-The 5th Raikage is exposed of having assassinated the 4th Raikage to gain his position years ago and then defeated and executed. His name and memmory as ever having been a Raikage are forever erased and a new 5th Raikage is appointed (Not 6th since they plan on never remembering the other).

- The New 5th Raikage alters his policies in the war as his forces turn to join Sunagakure, Otogakure and Konohagakure.

- Yodatsu Sion escapes from prison during the events of the war.

1980 AD (Winter)

- Kirigakure receives a devastating blow from 4 heroic Konoha/Suna Teams.

Team 1: Hyuuga Neji , Hoshigake Kisame, Aburame Sendo, Inuzuka Faolan

Team 2: Hatake Kakashi , Sabaku no Kazenkou, Haruno Sakena, Uchiha Sora

Team 3: Haruno Sakura , Uchiha Sasuke, Nara Shikamaru, Temari

Team 4: Shikamatsu Kankuro, Maito Gai, Anzeru Nadleeh, Anzeru Tierria

1981 AD (Summer)

- The 3d Tsuchikage is killed.

- Torimenshi Koden is appointed 4th Tsuchikage.

- The war ends with a surrender from Iwagakure and Kirigakure as a peace treaty is formed between the 5 Hidden Villages.

- Troops retreat and all the countries begin to rebuild their establishments and try and start their daily lives again.

- Uchiha Itachi is officially appointed 6th Hokage.

- The economies of all the 5 great nations struggle due to the aftereffects of the war.

1982 AD (Summer)

- Rumors spread about the 5th Hokage having been seen alive outside the Fire Country, but any of these rumors lack evidence discharging all of them as mere urban-myth tales and make-belief.
However these rumors have created a strong support in the Leaf causing many to act hopeful that Lady Tsunade is indeed still alive and would return to her village and old position. This due to the opposition Uchiha Itachi faces as Hokage among other slander he has to endure due to his not so clean past.

- The Blood Brotherhood is shown to be highly active in the Lightning Country after laying low for many years after the death of their leaders at the hands of the 5th Hokage.

- The 5 Great Shinobi Villages have finally finished their rebuilding themselves and their economies begin to notice a slow but gradual rise.

- The 5 currently seated Kage try and improve their communications with one another as much as they can to promote peace within the Shinobi world, however with the war fresh in the memories of many they all face great opposition from their council members as well as Villagers all of them fearing to lose their people's support in their struggle.

Uchiha Itachi = His dark past gnaws at his intergrity as Hokage, His pleas for peace are largely opposed by those who wish for war and see Itachi as a token of victory, His Uchiha heritage makes many wary of him and his intentions as he is the first Uchiha to ever hold the title of Hokage and thus many Senjuu decendants and supporters dislike the fact he has obtained it.

Sabaku no Gaara = His decision of dragging his country into the war in order to support the leaf have given Gaara a bad name in the villages council. His opposition claims that Sunagakure could have easily avoided taking part in the war and that doing so would have caused the Village to currently hold the number one economical and military position. Gaara still manages to get the support of the people but on the political stage he is facing one hard hit after another.

Darui = Much like Gaara, Darui is facing great political opposition in his council where many members believe that he should have chosen to pull out of the war rather than switch sides upon obtaining his title. His background and heroic deeds of the past still grand him grand amounts of support from the people in the Village. This support makes his reign as Kage the most stable out of all the 5 at this point in time.

Terumii Mei = Having turned to peace only to save her own life the Mizukage has begun to lose a great deal of support from her people, however the council and political activists in the Water Country still stand to support her rule. Because of this the Water Country is slowly retaining it's militaristic and fascistic nature despite opposition from it's people.

Torimenshi Koden = Still being young and inexperienced in the art of leadership Koden faces strong opposition from the village council, likewise many high ranking shinobi of his Village see him as a traitor of sorts for choosing to side with the people responsible for the death of the Kage that came before him. Supporters claim it was the 3d Tsuchikage's fault entirely as he started a needless war. Opposition claims the war as necessary to maintain a balance in the Shinobi world and show a strong dislike towards the newly formed alliance between Iwa and Konoha. His rumored involvement with Konoha's princess Haruno Sakena as well as his friendship ties with other Konoha and Suna shinobi cause the opposition to label him as a traitor to his Village and claim he is weak to his feelings.
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PostSubject: Re: Time-line of Historical Events   Sun 19 May - 11:04

Neo Naruto-Events:

1983 AD (Spring)

- Iron Country closes off all borders and communications with the Shinobi world, this to maintain the safety of their people and protect them from involvement with the war-torn world of the ninja. An Iron curtain rises between the world of the Samurai and that of the Ninja.

- Archaeologists discover a new ancient tomb in the Fire Country currently theorized to have been the residence of the sage of the six paths at some point in history. A large part of the tomb is yet to be discovered but what intrigues the Archaeologists the most is that the old scriptures seem to refer to the discovered tomb as the main one out of a series of 3 tombs. The research is closely monitored by Konohagakure and has received official approval from the Fire Country Daimyou.

1983 AD (Summer)

- Preparations for the upcoming Chuunin Exams are well on their way despite there still being a great deal of tension between the Nations.

- The new generation of Genin in all the 5 Nations are nearing their graduation date at their respective Academies and Jounin are already being appointed to be their Jounin Sensei in the future.

- Criminal activity takes a significant and rather sudden rise in all of the 5 Nations near simultaneously.

- Political tension rising between the standing Kazekage Sabaku no Gaara and the Wind Country Daimyou.
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PostSubject: Re: Time-line of Historical Events   

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Time-line of Historical Events
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