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 List of Merits

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PostSubject: List of Merits   Wed 17 Apr - 1:59

List of Merits

Clan Membership
(2 Points)
You are member of a shinobi clan and profit from their teachings and upbringing.

Kekei Genkai
(1 Point)(Clan Membership Required)
You are blessed with the abilities that are passed down genetically in a clan.

Clan Heirdom
(2 Points)(Clan Membership Required)(Position Must be open)
You are the direct heir of the clan you are part of.

Main House
(1 Point)(Clan Membership Required)(Only for Specific Clans like the Hyuuga)
You are part of the family governing your clan

Second Family
(1 Point)(Clan Membership Required)(Only for Specific Clans like the Uchiha)
You are part of the family next in line after the Main Family

(1 point)
Grants the character one additional specialization at start

Large Frame
(2 Points)
The user is larger than most normal people, Size+ 1, Intimidation + 1, Stealth -1

(3 Points)
The user is a true giant, not just larger than most would be his age, but way beyond that., Size+2, Intimidation +2, Stealth - 2

Primary Elemental Affinity
(1 Point)

Secondary Elemental Affinity
(2 Points)

Third Elemental Affinity
(4 Points)

(2 Points)
Additional Points for Mental Skills , + 30 CP to spend on Mental Skills

Social Nut
(2 Points)
Additional Points for Social Skills , + 30 CP to spend on Social Skills

(2 Points)
Additional Points for Physical Skills , + 30 CP to spend on Physical Skills

Primary Stat Boost
(2 Points)
Instantly grants 4 additional levels to a Main Stat of your choosing. (max 1 per character)

Secondary Stat Boost
(1 Points)
Instantly grants 2 additional levels to a Main Stat of your choosing. (max 1 per character)

Striking Looks
(2 Points)
Get + 1 or +2 on influence with looks depending on situation.

Natural Immunity
(2 Points)
Gain + 2 on STA rolls to resist sickness or poisoning

Spotless Mind
(2 Points)
Gain + 2 on GEN rolls to resist Genjutsu

Strong Back
(1 Point)
Get  + 1 to rolls for carrying/lifting objects

Strong Lungs
(1 Point)
Get +1 to rolls for holding your breath.

Stunt Rider
(1 Point)
No penalties when riding a mount and performing actions simultaneously

Stunt Driver
(1 Point)
No penalties when driving/using a vehicle and performing actions simultaneously

(level 1 : 2 Points, Level 2: 4 Points, Level 3: 6 Points, Level 4: 8 Points)
Stays mobile and active X rounds after hitting 0 HP before going down.
X is equal to the level of this Merit.

Double Jointed
(3 Points)
+ 1  to Defense , You can bend your joints much easier than a regular person and are much more flexible.

Strong Will
(2 Points)
- 2 to all attempts to socially manipulate the character.

(2 Points)
The character is especially good at non-formal ways of seduction, gain + 2 for such attempts.

Born to Rule
(2 Points)
The character is a born leader and has an aura of majesty about him to those lower in rank or position. + 2 on all social rolls in such a case.

(5 Points)
The character has a special aptitude for a certain type of Jutsu allowing them to master these much quicker. (half exp cost)(half development Time)

Jack of All Trades
(4 Points)
The character seems to have a natural talent for just about everything. This merit removes all penalties for any untrained actions.

Common Sense
(2 Points)
The character has a good instinctive feel for what might be a good idea, a bad idea or downright a dangerously stupid idea. If the character shall do something that is a bad idea in most cases the admins will warn them via PM.

Quick Draw
(2 Points)( Taijutsu must be at least 5, Buki Jutsu Must be at least C-Rank . )
The character is able to equip and unequip weapons so fast and instinctive it doesn't cost them AP.
(And also usable for katana and swords if the user has Kenjutsu Ranked C.)

Combat Ready Mind
(1 Point)
The character has an instinctive readiness for combat at all times. Allowing them not to flinch when combat comes as an ambush or surprise and allowing them to instantly reflect and react to the sudden battle situation.

Special Resistance
(Level 1: 3 Points , Level 2: 6 Points)
The character is either very resistant or completely resistant to a certain type of poison, element, sickness or condition due to being overexposed to it often.
At level one the character has double the chance of resisting the chosen condition or poison and/or gets half the damage from said condition, poison or element (chakra based elements only.)
At level 2 the character is completely immune to said condition, poison or element (chakra based elements only)
The character background must feature the overexposure of choice.

Quick Healer
(2 Points)
The character heals twice as fast as usual taking only half a day to heal a point of HP

Blessing of the Heavenly King
(4 Points)
The King of Heaven watches over you giving you a + 4 bonus to all rolls that could potentially save you from your death.
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List of Merits
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