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 Sarutobi Kouhi (APPROVED!)

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Sarutobi Kouhi


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PostSubject: Sarutobi Kouhi (APPROVED!)   Tue 28 May - 2:50

Name: Sarutobi Kouhi

Age : 10

Sex: Female

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Clan/Family: Sarutobi


Clan Membership (2 Points)
Kekei Genkai (1 Point)
Clan Heirdom (2 Points)
Primary Elemental Affinity (1 Point) (Katon)
Secondary Elemental Affinity (2 Points)(Fuuton)
Primary Stat Boost (2 Points)
Secondary Stat Boost (1 Points)
Bookworm (2 Points)
Hardcore (2 Points)

total = 15 points


Young Child (2 points)
Known Anathema (6 points)(Sarutobi Heir, especially with her red hues.)
Vice (1 point) Being the Center of Attention
Phobia (3 points) Fear of turtles (especially the teenage mutant ninja variety. Razz )
Daydreamer (1 point)

total = 13

Elemental Affinity: Katon , Fuuton

General Personality Outline:

Loves being the center of attention,
Actress (Very polite and correct to those she doesn't know well, always acting her best. But once she gets to know you a whole different side might appear.),
Manipulator (Loves giving the puppy eyes of innocence.) ,
Bookworm (She loves to read and learn more new things, for one because she is very curious, for the other because at the same time it brings her closer to her goal of being the center of attention once more.) ,
Wannabe Hero (She always wants to be the hero, the savior the praised one, but in actuality she doesn't really want to BE the hero, as long as everyone just treats her AS IF she WAS the hero she is content. But hey if she needs to BE, well then, she needs to be.)

Character Background:

Kouhi is a cheerful young girl with many a talent even for her young age. Being born with her mother's red hues and her fathers raw talent it was impossible to keep the girl from joining the shinobi life very early on. At the age of 4 she was already throwing her first shuriken and practicing hand symbols with her father, not because she was forced to, but because she wanted to. She even cried crocodile tears when her father would refuse to train her.
Many wondered why she had such an attitude towards achieving as a Shinobi but would forget how one time on her 4th birthday a table full of people applauded for her because she threw that first shuriken of hers and hit the mark, even though the mark was rather big and easy, the applause was loud, massive and overwhelming as well as honest.
This left a very strong impression on the girl, making her love the attention she could get from being an early achiever. Ever since she didn't stop, her schedule was very tight, she would spend all her days if needed just for that one moment of pure glory.
It is due to this that the Sarutobi heiress would be transferred to the examination class of the academy at the young age of 10. Surely she was no record keeper, but she was a record keeper for the Sarutobi and a record keeper in her own right.
Named after her princess-like attitude and her will of fire this hard worker is also quite a bit of a daydreamer floating away into her own fantasy world every now and then to escape her daily reality and imagine the things to come, or as she wishes they would be.
Kouhi has a great relationship with her parents, she often helps her mother around the house and trains with her father at least 3 times a week,AT LEAST.
Not much more can be said about this wild girl aside from that she is a troublemaker in the sense that she is almost always loud and demands attention even when in the middle of the street. There is only one known way to get her quite and calm, to an extend. And that would be for Maito Guy to summon one of his turtles, those animals scare the living sweat and salt out of her upon sight and she has a hard time thinking, moving and even breathing when one is nearby.



Main Stats:

STR 4 (Small child - 2 = 2 )
SPD 4 Secondary Stat Boost + 2 = 6 (Small child - 2 = 4)
STA 3 Primary Stat Boost + 4 = 7 (Small child - 2 = 5)

Mental Skills and Ranks:
Academics C
Politics D
Medicine D
Chakra Control C
Craft E
Computers D
Nin Jutsu D
Katon Jutsu C
Fuuton Jutsu C (Specialty : Attack-Type Fuuton)
Suiton Jutsu E
Doton Jutsu E
Investigation D

Physical Skills and Ranks:
Athletics C (Specialty: Free running)
Brawl C
Buki Jutsu D
Stealth D
Survival D
Shuriken Jutsu C
Ken Jutsu D
Explosives D
Larceny D
Tracking D
Traps D

Social Skills and Ranks:
Animal Ken E
Empathy E
Expression C
Persuasion C (specialty: Puppy Eyes)
Intimidation E
Socialize D
Subterfuge E
Shinobi Codes D
Genjutsu C
Impersonation D

Starting Jutsu:

E-rank Jutsu ;

Ayatsuito no Jutsu - String Reeling Technique
Nawanuke no Jutsu - Escaping Skill
Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique
Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique
Kawarimi no Jutsu - Change of Body Stance Technique

x5 = 10 CP

D-rank Jutsu ;

Kasumi Enbu no Jutsu - Mist Waltz Technique

x 1 = 5 CP

C-rank Jutsu ;

Hana Chirimai - Flower Scattering Dance

x 1 = 10 CP

total = 25 CP
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PostSubject: Re: Sarutobi Kouhi (APPROVED!)   Tue 28 May - 3:01

Wow, and another girl to figure it out all on her own and quite quickly.
I'm starting to believe girls are somehow just genetically better at this than guys. >___>
Since just like the other one you didn't seem to have any question aside from that quick one.


Anyway, nice and interesting character, would love to see her in action.
Definitely a known anathema without a doubt, and all stats and numbers seem to be correct, you even accounted for the small child flaw giving yourself boosts there, very smart.

Anyway, without further dragging, I approve this character application. We shall create your character page as soon as possible and invite you to the event. In the meantime I would like to redirect you to the Event discussion section where the discussion for the first event is well on the way. And I believe people have already started roleplaying a bit.

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Sarutobi Kouhi


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PostSubject: Re: Sarutobi Kouhi (APPROVED!)   Tue 28 May - 3:02

O_O That was fast....thanks a bunch.
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PostSubject: Re: Sarutobi Kouhi (APPROVED!)   

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Sarutobi Kouhi (APPROVED!)
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