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 Haruno Tenshi (APPROVED!)

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Haruno Tenshi


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PostSubject: Haruno Tenshi (APPROVED!)   Wed 29 May - 1:26

Name: Tenshi

Age : 13

Sex: Female

Affiliation: Konoha

Clan/Family: Haruno

Clan Membership (2 Points)
Talented (1 point)
Natural Immunity (2 Points)
Spotless Mind (2 Points)
Strong Will (2 Points)
Combat Ready Mind (1 Point)
Bookworm (2 Points)
Primary Stat Boost (2 Points)
Secondary Stat Boost (1 Points)

Dark Secret (4 points)
Pacifist (5 points)
Tengu Mark (5 points)

Elemental Affinity: -

General Personality Outline: Quiet, alert, helpful, calm, determined, sometimes shy when asked for help and receiving an compliment, this also makes her a bit distant.

Character Background:
Haruno Tenshi is a 13 year old girl from the Haruno Clan.
She has dark blue eyes and long orange hair which she wears in a long tail sided by 2 long braids and 2 locks of hair beside her face.
When in town she can be recognized dressed fully in blue with a ‘teal scarf around her neck that reaches till her knees. On her back she has a mark that looks like a little flame surrounded by three drops of water, their point directing towards the flame. She received this mark the same day she lost her parents and no-one has ever been able to tell her more.

She doesn’t have parents, losing them at a young age. She learned to take care of herself and to function in society mostly on her own. This has also caused her love for animals because unlike other people, they would make her feel good and even make her smile.
She has a love for nature and water which made her very careful when going out to the forest and learn how to survive in a strange environment. To stimulate these traits she can be found a lot in the library, learning as much as possible to keep herself and fellow villagers alive. It isn’t unusual to find her on strange places reading a book.

She has always been a quiet girl although if needed she is there to help. Besides that she is distant and doesn’t like to talk about her past, becoming more distant when asked about it.
She is also a peaceful girl, never ready to fight and always looking for a better way out other than hurting someone. This also includes that, if there is a threat, she is more willing to try and slow her enemies down, than to face them in battle.
She does like helping out people and feels obliged to help wounded people.

Main stats:
GENJUTSU: 9+2=11

Mental Skills and Ranks:
Academics B 37
Medicine C 20
Specialization 2 points: Herbal Knowledge
Iryō Ninjutsu C 17
Investigation C 17
Deduction D 9

Physical Skills and Ranks:
Athletics: C 21
Stealth: C 17
Survival: C 25
Specialization 1 point
Traps: C 17

Social Skills and Ranks:
Animal Ken: D 7
Empathy: C 22
Specialization 1 point: Sensing emotions
Subterfuge: C 17
Impersonation: C 17
Genjutsu: C 17

Starting Jutsu:
Chiyoshou no Jutsu- Healing Palm Technique
Gouwan - Strong Arm
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PostSubject: Re: Haruno Tenshi (APPROVED!)   Wed 29 May - 1:59

I can see one major mistake, but it is not a mistake of calculation, it is a mistake of understanding I believe.

Would probably have to relocate the picture to make it more clear.

Anyway, you have filled in your main stats to together be worth 65 levels.
Instead you have 65 CP in order to level them from 1 till higher.

Here is the cost chart for the main stats ;

You can also find this one in the thread about stats and leveling up. Sorry for the confusion.

As your character is supposed to be a fresh academy student about to become a Genin, and right now it looks like a fresh Jounin ready to become Hokage >___>
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Haruno Tenshi


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PostSubject: Re: Haruno Tenshi (APPROVED!)   Wed 29 May - 4:59


Hope these are better?
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PostSubject: Re: Haruno Tenshi (APPROVED!)   

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Haruno Tenshi (APPROVED!)
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