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 Mental Skills

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PostSubject: Mental Skills   Wed 17 Apr - 4:35

Mental Skills

Achieved though study, reading, learning, doing tests and reading some more and perhaps a few experiments here and there.
These skills are mostly based on knowledge rather than ability. And not everyone who possesses certain mental skills is automatically able to perform the actions corresponding with it. Like stated before, one can have a Ninjutsu skills ranked B, giving him Jounin-level (Elite) knowledge on the subject, but if they lack techniques within this range of skill or lack the Ninjutsu stat they might not be too good at performing at it. They just know a good deal about it. If untrained however the person receives a -3 penalty to all actions attempted corresponding with the given skill.

General Academic Knowledge

General Political Knowledge
(Academics D required)

General Scientific Knowledge
(Academics B required)

General Medical Knowledge
(Academics C required)

Chakra Control
The ability to mold and manipulate Chakra

The ability to craft/repair non-metal objects

General Knowledge of Electrotechnology
(Academics D required)

Iryō Ninjutsu
Medical Ninjutsu Techniques
(Medicine C required)

Nin Jutsu
Yin-Jang Release Basic Ninjutsu Techniques
(Chakra Control D required)

Katon Jutsu
Fire Style Techniques
(Ninjutsu D required)

Raiton Jutsu
Lightning Style Techniques
(Ninjutsu D required)

Fuuton Jutsu
Wind Style Techniques
(Ninjutsu D required)

Suiton Jutsu
Water Style Techniques
(Ninjutsu D required)

Doton Jutsu
Earth Style Techniques
(Ninjutsu D required)

Investigation skills
(Academics D required)

Fuuin Jutsu
Sealing techniques
(Academics B required)
(Sealing Knowledge 6 Required)

General knowledge of Genetics
(Academics B, Medicine C, Science C required)

General knowledge of Chemistry
(Academics C, Medicine C required)

Kekai Ninjutsu
Barrier Ninjutsu
(Academics C required)

Jikūkan Ninjutsu
Time-Space Ninjutsu
(Intelligence 5, Sealing Knowledge 5, Chakra Control C
Academics D required)

The ability to craft/repair metal objects
(Academics D required)

Connecting little pieces of information into one.
(Academics B, Investigation C, Intelligence 9 required)
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Mental Skills
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