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 Sabaku no Meran

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PostSubject: Sabaku no Meran    Sun 9 Jun - 14:08

Name: Pepijn
Age: 26
Sex: M

Basic Character Information
Name: Sabaku no Meran
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Affiliation: Sunagakure

Clan Information
Clan: Sabaku Clan
Kekai Genkai: Saton (Sand Control)
Clan position: Main house 

Merits and Flaws
Clan Membership-2Special Hidden Background+6
Kekei Genkai-1Jinxed Skill (Genjutsu)+4
Primary Elemental Affiliation(Fuuton)-1Code of Honor+2
Secondary Elemental Affiliation(Doton)-2Vice (trophies collecting)+1
Prodigy (Saton Jutsu)-5
Combat Ready Mind-1
Primary Stat Boost (intelligence)-2
Secondary Stat Boost(stamina)-1
Elemental Affinities:

  • Fuuton
  • Doton
  • Saton


Meran is a charmer and flirts often with the women around him. He does not flirt with intent, except with Akira. Secretly he really likes her, but he is unable to truly make that kind of connection with her, due to her problems. But that does not mean he does not try. The same goes with many of the women he meets, in different intensities. But there is always that little charm in his voice.

Secretly Meran is in love with Akira or better yet, not that secretly, though he does not recognise it as love, due to his age. He really likes her and would do anything to protect her from harm. But that does not mean he would restrain her from fighting and surviving on her own. Even though he does not recognise his feelings as love, he does find her special and she is close to his heart. She however is (as of now) irresponsive to his flirts and does not take them seriously or does not notice them at times.

Suna Traditionalist:
He believes the old ways are often better, so he acts accordingly. He does not really like and trust technology. He is keen on survival and perseverance for himself and his friends.

Kind vs. Unkind/rude:
Meran is generally kind and hides his displeasure of others well. He is kind towards fellow inhabitants of Suna, but dislikes outsiders. He feels particularly strongly about people from Konoha and dislikes the ties his village has to them. He feels that it weakens Sunagakure relying on the friendship between the two countries instead of accumulating greater strength themselves.
Meran is a kind soul though, for anyone that is on his good side and even kinder for those really close to him. (Team and Family)

Meran usually remains calm, though those who know him well can get him worked up. In fights he is calm, calculative and a strategist.

Among the team Meran and Hina are usually the ones that instigate pranks played on other people. He is a joker and teases people. The norm is that his teases and jokes are not insulting, unless he could not care less if he insults someone.
Practical or Word jokes make no difference he loves them all. It is an ongoing battle between him and Hina to figure out the best insult, curse or worst pick-up line. Where each wins in turn and every insult, curse or pick-up line is tested in the field.

Hunter’s instinct:
He is a hunter in many ways, a little more on the wild side, a trapper and tracker. He finds the thrill of the hunt exciting and is driven by it. It does not matter greatly what kind of hunt. It can be for people, wildlife, but also for secrets and inanimate objects.


Meran has an average body, nothing really special. He is about 1m75 tall and has a slim build. His body is not very toned, but there is no sign of accumulated fat either. Meran isn’t very tanned. The parts of him that are exposed daily are nice and tanned, but as any wise Suna inhabitant, he knows that he must not expose his body too much. So large parts are usually covered.

Meran has red hair, just like his father, but unlike him his hair is untidy and long. It is sleek, but wild, as if he hasn’t taken the effort to comb through it a lot. In his hair there are signs of wilderness. In example, there are several feathers and beads woven into his hair. Some of those are at the end of small thin braids others are in a thin dread. This gives him a more wild like appearance.
His eyes are of a greyish green hue, which he inherited from his mother.

Meran wears a simple set of clothing. Wide pants stuffed in his combat sandals and a sleeveless shirt as a basic. He has loose sleeves on his arms and a shoulder belt (like his father’s (gaara)) for missions as well as a facial bandage covering. (You do not want to get caught in a sandstorm without it.) And a travel coat for long distance travels. Besides this he has a scarf which doubles as a turban, with which he can keep the sun from the exposed parts of his skin.

A drawing will be added later, when one is drawn by the lovely Akira. For which I am very grateful to her!

Character Background:

Meran is the second child of Gaara, the first being his older sister, Kazenkou. The boy grew up in the shadow of his older sister, whom mostly outshone him, but it did not matter much to Meran. The boy was glad to stay out of the spotlights, not liking that much attention and he turned to hunting. There was little to hunt in the streets of Sunagakure and at the age he started, it was impossible for him to go outside into the desert.

So he started to hunt people inside the village, deciding on a target and giving said target a 5 minute head start after which he would try to find him again. At times this worked, but mostly in those days he would fail. These kinds of games would distract him from the academy, so that is the reason he is one of the older students.

This does not mean he is stupid, in contrary, he is a smart guy, eagerly learning from different sources to gain an as wide as possible education, while focussing mostly on the things that interested him most.
One of those things was friendship, not in general, but with 3 classmates in particular.

Hina: He met Hina at age 1, when she was born, or at least not soon after. They grew up together seeing eachother almost daily. It is no wonder they turned out the best of buddies and very similar in ways to act. Both turned out to be pranksters, both turned out to love a good laugh. They share a dislike for outsiders and it would be impossible to pry these two family members apart from each other.

Akira: As described above, this girl is Meran’s love interest. Though he does not know it is love yet. All he can say at the moment is that he really likes her and she intrigues him. Besides that she is a great friend of his, whom he cannot imagine missing from his life.

Hiten: He met Hiten when Akira brought the boy into the group. As far as Meran is concerned he regards her as a good judge of character, so he swung with it for a while. As the boy joined the group, Meran found out the boy was an equal in personality to Akira. He was calm and easy going like her, unlike Hina and himself. At times he went along with all the mischief that Hina and Meran were planning and at other times he was just shaking his head.
At a certain moment in time, something happened, what changed everything and it was at this point in time that the four adopted their motto and code of honor. Team, Village, Mission, personal and they would handle all problems according to that code. From that moment on, they became inseparable.

Besides that, Meran focused on expanding his knowledge about Sand jutsu, studied medicine and focused his mind on several things he wanted to know more of.

Outside of school his games continued, where he would challenge himself more and more. He even sneaked outside of Suna eventually to find animals to hunt. He found secrets as well and collected those just like other trophies.
Eventually, the pressure of being a member of the main family of Suna got to him as well. His father wanted him to be more serious in class and pay more attention to actually graduating and becoming a shinobi. And he was taught… “Manners”… Not that he lacked those, but he was a little bit too liberal with them at that moment.

Collecting Trophies:

Meran’s vice is collecting trophies, though this does not always mean physical things. This can also mean information and secrets. He records things as soon as possible after witnessing them. This can include information about fighting style and general impressions. This is because he wants to know and learn.


Father; Meran’s Father is Sabaku no Gaara, the Kazekage and leader of the Sabaku clan.
There is little I can tell you about him that you do not already know.
Though he was very busy with ruling both the clan and village, Gaara made sure to always make some time for his children. That time offcourse had to be split, but it usually left some time for special secret training sessions with Meran. During these sessions Gaara helped Meran to develop his own sand jutsu. It took them months, but the two ended up with two very decent sand Jutsu.

Kazenkou; Meran’s older sister. She is the sand princess, who was always in the spotlights, where he himself preferred the shadows and he loved her for taking that burden upon her shoulders. But they have different views about what is good for Suna and the path the village should take. For Meran Hina would always be more of a sister then Kazenkou, she partly due to the age difference, was always more like an aunt. She was distant, though loving. The main problem that Meran had with Kazenkou was her pro-Konoha attitude, she was even more of a fan of Konoha then most supporters were. Where Gaara was pro-Suna allways, Kazenkou did not always have Suna first. This bothers Meran a lot.

Kankuro The loving Uncle. Though he enjoyed visiting at the Chikamatsu compound, he enjoyed it mostly for the presence of Hina. Kankuro was the favourite target for their pranks for a while, but they knew how far they could push his uncle and her dad. Kankuro was always ready with a good laugh and a prank or two of his own, outsmarting the two monkeys often by turning their own plan against them. But Kankuro was a busy man as well, so he would not always have time for their pranks and jollies.

Temari; What can I say about Temari… Mother of a konoha… Though he does not consider her a traitor, he doesn’t have strong feelings of love for Temari either. He respects her up unto a certain amount and is polite in conversation, but due to her spending a lot of time in Konoha, he has little contact with her and does not bother writing messages to her. He has visited her once in Konoha, but had trouble with the konoha people and their feigned attempts at happy conversation. All the time he was in Konoha, he could not wait to go back home… Back to where the weather at least made sense.  

Shikataro; … is Shikataro, the two boys never could really get along, though he could be a nice guy, Meran never took the effort to find out. Instead he took over the dislike that Hina got for him. If Hina dislikes someone, Meran figures she must have a good reason for it. Besides… It is a freaking Konoha shinobi... Not exactly the enemy, but not exactly friend material neither…

Physical SkillsRankPointsSpecialty
Buki JutsuE2
Ken Jutsu-0
Social SkillsRankPointsSpecialty
Animal KenE2
SubterfugeC17Uncovering Secrets  
Shinobi CodesD7
Summoning JutsuD7
Sen Jutsu-0
Mental SkillsRankPointsSpecialty
Chakra ControlC17Chakra Molding
Fuuton jutsuE2
Doton jutsuE2
Saton jutsuC17Supplementary Jutsu  
Main Stats

Stamina6 (4)12Secondary Stat Boost
Intelligence10 (6)30Primary Stat Boost
Seal Knowledge36
Starting Jutsu
Sand Jutsu = Prodigy = ½ CP
Genjutsu = Jinxed Skill = 1½ CP

Clan Jutsu:Rank:Cost:
Soujuu no Suna – Manipulation of the sand lvl 1.E1 CP
Soujuu no Suna – Manipulation of the sand lvl 2.D2,5 CP
Soujuu no Suna – Manipulation of the sand lvl 3.C5 CP
Hakaku Suna - Special Sand3 HP
Suna ShirukenD2,5 CP
Custom Saton Jutsu:Rank:
Sabaku Ryuusa – Desert QuicksandD5
Sabaku no Chourui – Birds of the DesertD5
Ninjutsu Jutsu:Rank:
Ayatsuito no Jutsu - String reeling techniqueE2
Kawarimi no Jutsu - Change of body stance techniqueE2
Total:25 CP
Quote :
Sabaku Ryuusa - Desert Quicksand
Art: Saton Jutsu
Rank: D Rank
Range: (Depends on 'Soujuu no Suna' range)
Type: Supplementary, Effect
Chakra: 1 (+ the already payed cost for controlling the sand)
AP: 1
Suna: From size 1  and up depending on users desire.

Description:Sabaku Ryuusa is a ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sabaku Clan. After forming the needed hand seals, the clan member will control 1m3 (or more) of his sand as quicksand, making it a trap location for potential targets. Once in contact with the infected area the opponent will sink into the ground.

How far the opponent will be constricted depends on the amount of sand used in this technique. A size 1 amount of sand spread over a 2m circle will sink an opponent 10cm.

After activation the trap does no longer cost the user any actions. The trap sand can still however be manipulated with 'Soujuu no Suna' like other sand, however a minimum of size 1 of sand per target will be required to remain active as quicksand in order to restrict the opponents. When less than size1 is used to restrict the opponent, the opponent is able to break free.

Limit: Sabaku Clan; Saton Skill D; Chakra Control D

Quote :
Sabaku no Chourui - Birds of the Desert
Art: Saton Jutsu
Rank: D Rank
Range: (Depends on 'Soujuu no Suna' range)
Type: Attack, Defence
Chakra: 2 (+ the already paid cost for controlling the sand)
AP: 2 (SLK 6+ = 1 AP)
Suna: Size1

Description:Sabaku no Chourui is a ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sabaku Clan. After moulding the needed chakra, the clan member will control size 1 of his sand to create two birdlike shapes that can be applied in two ways by the user’s desire.

Attack; the user decides to use the birds as a means of attack his target. Due to their shape these projectiles are very streamlined allowing them to change direction sharply. The user can elect to pay an extra ME to make the birds change direction after sending them on attack, making the attack a slightly harder dodge. (1 ME = +1 hit bonus)

Defence; the user decides to use the birds as a means of defence., the birds will block two incoming attacks. This can be either: Two normal strikes (with or without a weapon) or one d-rank taijutsu attack. If the user uses this to block an incoming d-rank taijutsu he will not be affected by the side effects of the jutsu.

Chakra Control Skill = # of times jutsu can be used in one battle

Limit: Sabaku Clan; Saton jutsu Skill C

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PostSubject: Re: Sabaku no Meran    Mon 10 Jun - 15:39

Ready for judging, only the character image needs to be updated, but description should be enough for judging purposes.

Thank you for taking the time to judge my application.
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Sabaku no Meran
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