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 Chikamatsu no Hina

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Chikamatsu no Hina


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PostSubject: Chikamatsu no Hina    Sun 9 Jun - 15:14

Basic Character Information
Name: Chikamatsu no Hina
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Affiliation: Sunagakure

Clan Information
Clan: Chikamatsu Clan
Clan position: Clan Heir

Merits and Flaws
Clan Membership-2Special Hidden Background+6
Clan Heirdom-2Jinxed Skill (Taijutsu)+4
Primary Elemental Affiliation (Katon)-1Code of Honor+2
Bookworm-2Phobia (Scorpions)+1
Prodigy (Puppet Jutsu)-5
Combat Ready Mind-1
Primary Stat Boost (Intelligence)-2
Elemental Affinities:

  • Katon

General Personality Outline:
She's a versatile person (some might say bipolar, others might disagree) with both the calculatedness of a Suna shinobi, being trained in surviving and hardened by the environment. But also being a silly prankster laughing her ass off at tricks and being a genuine hothead; she is, after all, still only 13 years old. She is however shinobi first, prankster second. Her friends are like family to her, and you always stay loyal to family. The part she likes about being a clan heir is being in the centre of attention and having the honour of representing the clan in a way, while learning special jutsu. The part she dislikes is people sometimes making decisions for or about her. She meets unfamiliar Suna people with a neutral to pleasant attitude, having been taught manners as clan heir. However, this rule is flung out the window when meeting non-Suna persons. Those people will be met with neutrality to hostility/suspicion.

Will be updated with a proper drawing later, which more clearly shows what the character will be like.

Hina is a girl of average height, about 1m55. Her body is well formed, though not overly toned. Just your average girl of 13 years old. She has long brown hair, with a reddish hue over it. Most of her hair is divided into three separate tails next to each other, with two strands being the exception, located in front, framing her face.

For missions she wears black harem pants, a brown shirt and a good scarf that can double as Turban.

Character Background:
Hina is the only child and daughter of Kankuro and Kaori. With her father being the most famous puppeteer currently around a lot of her early “fame” was due to her being his daughter. (Her uncle being the Kazekage didn't reduce the amount of people recognising her either.) Everyone expected her to follow in his footsteps and become a puppeteer. She did not disappoint. From an early age she liked the puppets (having them around and being a large portion of all her gifts and presents don't make this all that surprising) and was intrigued and entertained by watching her parents manipulate the inanimate objects. Especially her father liked giving her little “shows” and watch the face of his daughter light up. In that sense she is kind of a daddy's girl, though she still loves her mother dearly. With her father being more of a prankster, and Hina taking after him, her mother had to be the more serious of the family. Her father taught her quite a few tricks and pranks you could pull on people, and there was a lot of laughter in Hina's childhood. She suspects however that there must have been one traumatic incident involving one or more scorpions when she was little, seeing as she has a phobia for scorpions. Though she for the life of her doesn't have any memory of any such event. She's asked her parents about it, but they said they couldn't remember anything either. So she didn't think about it too much. Phobias are irrational fears anyway, right?

She tries to have as much control over herself as she can. Her freedom is important to her. Her father once told her “When a puppeteer lets someone else control him, it's all over.” She is by no means a control freak: the only thing she really wants to be able to control is her own actions and choices. However sometimes this doesn't work out, with her being hotheaded, afraid of scorpions, and the clan heir. (Also, with being a shinobi in general, sometimes you just have to shut up and obey.) Both her parents taught Hina the importance of honour and always doing your very best to achieve your goals. Luckily Hina inherited the intelligence of her mother and enjoyed reading about everything from katon jutsu (which she found she had an affinity for) to medical jutsu (which she finds fascinating and highly useful), but mostly about kugutsu, puppetry. Yes, Hina was quite the ambitious little student, if she wasn't joking around. This led her to be in the top half of her class and do relatively well during the classes and trainings. Though not in taijutsu. Seriously. Why should she be jumping around when she could use puppets for that?

Hina has visited her aunt Temari, uncle Nara Shikamaru and cousin Shikataro twice in her life. Though she only remembers one time. The first time she travelled to Konoha was when she was a baby. Her parents wanted Temari to see her, but Temari couldn't travel because she was pregnant with Shikataro at the time. The second time she went there was when she was 10 years old. She remembers being amazed at how green everything was, in stark contrast to the yellow sepia hues of the desert. There she met her cousin Shikataro for the first time. Essentially not a bad kid, but he was way too obsessed with her father’s puppets, in her opinion. She felt very protective about those secrets that she was learning, not in a small part from her father, and this led to her disliking the Nara boy. She wasn't trying to learn his shadow-possession jutsu either, now was she? She liked pushing his buttons. But she would never seriously harm him. And should Nara Shikataro ever get into any real trouble, she would help him. He is, after all, still family. And family should always, in the end, have each other’s backs.

In the Shinobi Academy in Suna she naturally hung out with her cousin Sabaku no Meran, with whom she grew up. Together they are quite the dynamic prankster-duo, working together to double the fun. (Fun for them, that is.) She also got to know Sakurai Akira, a girl with a totally different personality than Hina, but they still became close friends. The fourth (or first, second or third, depending on what way you count) member of their little group of friends is Itsuwari Hiten, her third friend. They all pretty much stuck together throughout their entire Academy career and became very close friends, all four of them. Their nickname for Hina is “Guujin”, meaning “puppet” or “doll”.

Physical SkillsRankPointsSpecialty
Buki JutsuC17
Ken JutsuD7
Social SkillsRankPointsSpecialty
Animal Ken-0
Shinobi CodesE2
Summoning JutsuE2
Sen Jutsu-0
Mental SkillsRankPointsSpecialty
Chakra ControlC17Chakra Molding
Katon jutsuD7
Total:110+30 Bookworm
Main Stats

Intelligence10 (6)30Primary Stat Boost
Seal Knowledge412
Starting Jutsu

Puppet = Prodigy = ½ CP
Taijutsu = Jinxed skill =1½ CP

Clan Jutsu:Rank:Cost:
Shoshinsha Kugutsu no Jutsu - Beginner Puppetry TechniqueD2,5 CP
Kugutsu Henge no Jutsu - Puppetry Transformation TechniqueD2,5 CP
Kugutsu Fukuwajutsu - Puppetry VentriloquismD2,5 CP
Kugutsu no Jutsu - Puppetry TechniqueC5 CP

Kawarimi no Jutsu - Change of Body Stance TechniqueE2 CP
Nawanuke no Jutsu - Escaping Skill E2 CP
Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique E2 CP
Starter Puppet (Chouchou)E5 CP
Total23,5 (18,5 + 5)
Quote :
Starter Puppet:
Due to ongoing changes to the clan, the puppet will not be very detailed yet. On monday I expect to be able to upload a drawing of my puppet. For now I can add a list of parts.

Name: Chouchou
Rank: E

Puppet Part:Rank:Slots:Amount:Cost:
Basic Mini HeadE11400 Ryõ
Basic Mini BodyE11500 Ryõ
Basic Mini Hand LimbE041400 Ryõ

Basic Senbon BlasterE11Basic Mini Head800 Ryõ
Senbon PackD020 SenbonBasic Senbon Blaster1400 Ryõ
Basic Shuriken BlasterE11Basic body part800 Ryõ
Shuriken PackD010 ShurikenBasic Shuriken Blaster700 Ryõ
Tiny Razor BladeE02Basic Mini Hand Limb 2x500 Ryõ

TO DO/ Known issues:

- Update character appearance with a drawing

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Green Admin


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PostSubject: Re: Chikamatsu no Hina    Tue 18 Jun - 10:43

Sorry for the delay in judging this character, as you know, we wanted to judge all the Suna characters around the same time. For this the clans for Suna needed to be developed. Currently we have come to an initial design of the Sabaku Clan and the Chikamatsu clan is now being play tested for possible balancing issues.

For that reason I cannot yet Approve your Character.

Due to resent changes the E-rank version of the puppetry technique has been removed. You have 1,5 CP left to spend on jutsu. Unfortunately the cheapest jutsu are E-rank jutsu worth 2 points.
However you are welcome to change the starting jutsu at this point, allowing you to jumble around and perhaps select other preferred jutsu in stead of your current selection.

Your character appearance description is a bit short, but I understand you will update the appearance with a picture later.

I leave it to Admin to look into who Kankuro's wife will be, but he might leave the decision partly up to your own creativity. That is for him to say.

I am curious to see your puppet design. 

Besides those points, I see no issues at the moment.
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Chikamatsu no Hina


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PostSubject: Re: Chikamatsu no Hina    Wed 19 Jun - 0:24

I understand your reasons for not being able to approve my character yet, and there are no hard feelings whatsoever. I have been busy myself.

I feel satisfied about the jutsu I have at the moment and don't need to make any changes in that department. I'll just not use those 1,5 CP then.

And, yes, my character description will be updated with pictures before not too long. (I hope.)

I will wait for and probably discuss about Kankuro's wife.

The puppet design is finished and will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Thank you for your response.
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Green Admin


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PostSubject: Re: Chikamatsu no Hina    Thu 20 Jun - 2:57

I have now made the final alterations to your puppet starting conditions, be aware that this does not affect your starting design only their prices and starting funds.  

I already made the changes to your char sheet and gave you a full magazine of 20 senbon.

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Green Admin


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PostSubject: Re: Chikamatsu no Hina    Sat 22 Jun - 5:38

Made the true final alterations to your staring conditions, since needing to learn alternative was of molding elemental chakra is too hard for you at character creation beginning with elemental jutsu is sadly not possible for your char. You will have to figure it all out in character and through roleplay progression so please choose a new D rank and you should be all set.
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PostSubject: Re: Chikamatsu no Hina    

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Chikamatsu no Hina
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