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 Sakurai Akira

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Sakurai Akira


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PostSubject: Sakurai Akira   Sun 9 Jun - 22:57

Basic Character Information
Name: Sakurai Akira
Age: 13
DOB: September 8th, 1969
Sex: Female
Affiliation: Sunagakure

Merits and Flaws
Primary elemental affinity: Raiton-1Dark secret+4
Bookworm-2Phobia: Erythrophobia+1
Hardcore-2Vice: cruel once instigated+1
Primary stat boost (stamina)-2Code of honor+2
Striking looks-2Tengu mark+5
Double jointed-3
Quick draw-2
Combat ready mind-1
Elemental Affinities:

  • Raiton

General Personality Outline:
Serious and fierce, Akira was destined for shinobi life and was drilled by her parents to be nothing less than excellent. As a result she’s driven and works hard, but her relationship with her parents is strained. She has a knack for impersonation and, being perceptive as she is, she can easily gouge what type of person she should be to be able to most effectively gain what she wants from someone.

Akira is confident and has no interest in having people get to know her, other than her teammates and longtime friends: Hina, Meran and Hiten. Because of this, she can come off as very unfriendly, even intentionally rude. Because of her rather formal upbringing, she knows exactly what is expected of her though, in terms of acting appropriately when there is a need for it. Her nasty side is especially evident for outsiders (non-Suna people) and people who get on her bad side.

Will be updated with a picture soon, but here's a description:

Akira has a pale skin and slender built. Her eyes are a stormy grey and she has ivory black hair that she wears in a high ponytail, with a couple of bangs framing her face. The bangs on the left side of her face are held back with a pin.

Her ninja attire consists of a sleeveless shirt and short pants. A knee-length skirt covers most of her right leg. She wears knee-high boots reinforced with metal on the front. Her arms are covered in fishnets and she wears fingerless gloves that reach to her elbows. Above her sleeveless shirt she wears a vest. Her hitai-ate is worn on her belly. She has a red scarf tied around her waist, that she can wear around her head like a turban to cover and protect her face, in a sandstorm for instance. All her clothes, save for the scarf, are black.

When traveling she wears a long brown reddish cloak with a red hood of the same material as her scarf that can be pulled over her head, to protect against the rain or in cases where her identity needs to be concealed. Can be used in combination with her scarf.

In her free time she can either wear a semi-formal ninja attire with sandal heels instead of boots, fingerless gloves that reach up to her upper arms, and pants that reach to her calves. Or she wears informal clothes consisting of a deep blue longshirt with semi-long sleeves and sunset gold trim and buttons, along with her short pants and sandal heels.

I made a quick picture with that "naruto character maker" programme and this is what I came up with. It will be updated with my own drawings later, when they are done. The image below is not entirely right, the hair's not good, the boots aren't good, etcetera, but oh well. It's a rough idea of what Akira looks like.

Character Background:
Sakurai Akira was born in the year 1969, September 8th. She had a strict upbringing by her parents, who are both shinobi. She enrolled in Suna’s ninja academy when she was 6, but her parents—dedicated to a shinobi life and wanting their only child and daughter to be excellent—started training her earlier on already.

At the academy she met Chikamatsu no Hina, whose heritage and commanding presence caught her attention. She wanted to affiliate with people who showed promise, so she could learn from them and become stronger herself. Hina fit the bill perfectly. Because Hina was related to and friends with Sabaku no Meran, she was introduced to him as well. The last person that caught her eye and was brought into their group was the boy called Hiten. Perceptive as she was, Akira had seen the boy was something else and had coaxed the others to accept him into their group. What had only started as a means of personal gain grew into tight friendship as the years went by.


Physical SkillsRankPointsSpecialty
Buki JutsuC17
Ken JutsuC17
Total:109+30 Hardcore
Social SkillsRankPointsSpecialty
Animal Ken-0
Shinobi CodesD7
Summoning Jutsu-0
Sen Jutsu-0
Mental SkillsRankPointsSpecialty
Chakra ControlC17Chakra molding
Raiton jutsuC17
Total:110+30 Bookworm
Main Stats
Stamina9 (5)20Primary stat boost
Seal Knowledge22
Starting Jutsu

Raiton jutsuRank:Cost:
Jibarashi - Earth flashD5 CP
Hiraishin - Sparking electric needleD5 CP
Dainamikku entorii = Dynamic entryD5 CP
Ayatsuito no jutsu - String reeling techniqueE2 CP
Nawanuke no jutsu - Escaping Skill E2 CP
Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone technique E2 CP
Henge no jutsu - Transformation technique E2 CP
Kawarimi no jutsu - Change of body stance technique E2 CP
Total:25 CP

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Sakurai Akira


Posts : 369
Join date : 2013-06-07
Age : 26
Location : Netherlands

PostSubject: Re: Sakurai Akira   Tue 11 Jun - 0:08

The Dark Secret has been sent per PM and needs to be approved, I've also sent a little description for phobia and vice. Akira's appearance will be updated soon.

Thank's in advance for your patience.
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Sakurai Akira


Posts : 369
Join date : 2013-06-07
Age : 26
Location : Netherlands

PostSubject: Re: Sakurai Akira   Tue 11 Jun - 2:52

Updated with picture and description, to get a rough idea of what she looks like.
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Green Admin


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PostSubject: Re: Sakurai Akira   Tue 18 Jun - 10:21

Sorry for the delay in judging this character, as you know, we wanted to judge all the Suna characters around the same time.

We are almost ready to look to all characters, but seeing you are clanless, you are not subject to balancing issues. 

Your dark secret was fine! A good example, which I cannot use as one.

There are no issues, so I can safely say:

999999999 Blue Admin Seal of Approval 999999999

Please be a little more patient for the others to be approved and your character profile will be created.
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PostSubject: Re: Sakurai Akira   

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Sakurai Akira
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