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 Haruno Michiko

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Haruno Michiko


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PostSubject: Haruno Michiko   Tue 21 Jan - 13:19

Basic Character Information
Name: Haruno Michiko
Age: 14
DOB: June 10th, 1969
Sex: Female
Affiliation: Konohagakure

Merits and Flaws
Clan Membership: Haruno-2Small frame+2
Bookworm-2Jinxed skill: genjutsu+4
Social nut-2Special hidden background+6
Secondary stat boost (intelligence)-1Vice: kleptomania+1
Strong will-2
Combat ready mind-1
Prodigy: medical-5
Elemental Affinities:

General Personality Outline & Character background:

Haruno Michiko was born in 1969 on the 10th of June. Her mother is Haruno Sakura, but despite her mother being clan leader, she’s not clan heir. That position is held by Haruno Sakena, who was also raised by Sakura but doesn’t share the same DNA as Michiko. She doesn’t know who her father is, though she has always wanted to find out.

In personality, Michiko lives up to her name (beautiful wise child). Well, in part. She is clever and she’s eager to learn, much to her mother’s pleasure because she stipulated the importance of studying both with Sakena and Michiko. Her biggest interest lies with physiology. She loves learning about the inner workings of the human body and as a consequence of this she turned out to be a natural in her medical studies. As for the other part of her name: she doesn’t think she’s beautiful, far from it, because she knows she’s underdeveloped for her age. She secretly hates it that people treat her like a younger child, but she’s learned to get over it and make use of it.

She was always smaller than her peers and over the years she’s learned to cope, but she doesn’t like her small stature at all. She holds an incredible amount of frustration inside her, and one of the causes is her insecurity about her looks. She doesn’t let it show to anyone though, she appears happy and confident in who she is. She never made a victim of herself and along with her witty replies this ensured she was saved from being bullied.

She is a fiercely independent free spirit and likes to accomplish things on her own, to be acknowledged for her skills and knowledge, to feel she deserves it, that she’s worth it. This is partly because she grew up in Sakena’s shadow, who was loved and praised by everyone and could do no wrong. Sakena has always been the older, more accomplished and widely renowned counterpart of Sakura’s household. Much of Sakura’s praise and attention went to Sakena. Michiko is bitter about it and in her younger days she often wished she was born to another family as an only child. She doesn’t like Sakena and doesn’t consider the older girl her sister, even though they grew up together and Sakura always encouraged their relationship. Maybe when they were younger they got along, but for Michiko the affection disappeared over the years, especially around the time Sakena became famous.

Michiko cares for her mother and wants nothing better than to get her undivided attention, but she understands Sakura has a busy life and realizes that what little spare time the woman has, can hardly be solely spent on her—however much she wished for it to be different. Part of the reason she pushes herself so hard with studying, and practices hard with her chakra control even though she’s not particularly strong, is to get her mother’s attention.

In part it’s also because succeeding somewhere gives her a sense of pride. Thievery is a bad habit she developed over the years, but it’s something she takes great pride in. She feels great satisfaction when she manages to get away with snitching something. That’s because she thinks using her cunning and stealth in this way shows just how much skill as a shinobi she has, but that’s a little secret no one but she knows. She has a good sense of self-preservation though, and she considers her thievery pretty innocent stuff. So far. She’s sure that during her career as a shinobi, her skill will come in handy for much greater things.

She’s often home alone because her mom is out a lot, so she learned to take care of herself pretty well. She takes pride in the fact she can rely on herself so much and isn’t childish in her behavior, even though she looks like a young child (and can act like one, though only for manipulative purposes). She has a bit of trouble relying on other people. She can do it, but she gets impatient pretty quickly.

She is a down to earth kind of person, realistic in her views on life, but not regressing into pessimism. She feels a bit uptight when Sakena and her mother are around, because Michiko has these expectations she wants to live up to in their presence. But she feels entirely relaxed with other people, because they expect nothing of her and she expects nothing of them, other than have a good time and amuse herself. She can be quite an enthusiastic girl and is pretty impulsive at times. She doesn’t have any true friends, but she gets along with nearly everybody. She is a real social butterfly and likes to interact with people, but every so often she does need some time for herself.

Her hobbies include cooking, which she picked up out of necessity at first, but learned to appreciate over time. You’d think that after studying so much she’d be sick of books, but she loves to read, especially sappy romance novels. She also likes to get out of her house and spend her time outdoors, where she’ll entertain herself by either taking a book with her to go read in a tree somewhere, try her hand at sketching, or meet up with other –sometimes random—people. She’s actually a pretty busy bee, much like her mother and sister, and she doesn’t like to spend her day doing nothing. Her eagerness to learn leads her to try her hand at many things that catch her interest.


Michiko is 14 years old, but she is petite and small for her age so people often think her much younger. She thinks she looks like a 10 year old boy and isn't happy with it. Unlike her mother, she has straight chest-length light copper chestnut hair. However, she did inherit her mother’s striking green eyes. She has a slight frame and is frail looking. She likes to wear comfortable clothing, which usually consists of a sleeveless top and loose-fitting camo pants. Her hair is held back with a headband.


Physical SkillsRankPointsSpecialty
Buki Jutsu-0
Ken Jutsu-0
Social SkillsRankPointsSpecialty
Animal KenE2
Shinobi CodesE2
Summoning JutsuD7
Sen Jutsu-0
ImpersonationC17Acting innocent
Total:110+30 Social nut
Mental SkillsRankPointsSpecialty
Chakra ControlB37
Raiton jutsu-0
Total:110+30 Bookworm
Main Stats

Intelligence5 (3)6Secondary stat boost
Seal Knowledge36
Starting Jutsu

Healing Palm Technique
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PostSubject: Re: Haruno Michiko   Sun 26 Jan - 4:11

everything seems in order, especially your hidden background perk made me react like this

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Haruno Michiko
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