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 Social Skills

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Social Skills

Unlike the Mental and Physical skills social skills require both ways of achievement, they are part mental, part physical.
One needs to not only understand human/animal/deity behavior and perhaps read about it, but also experience it for themselves as well as train themselves to perform in social interaction. Just reading about interaction is not enough to make one a good spokesperson, they need practice at the art they read about first. For example someone has read tons of books about seducing girls but has never actually talked to one will probably swallow his tongue at the first attempt due to lack of experience at said things. So as stated before Social skills are achieved through both learning and doing. If untrained however the person receives a - 2 penalty to all actions that correspond with the given skill.

Animal Ken
Communication with animals

Sensing another person's emotions/intentions

Expressing oneself, singing, writing,dancing, playing a musical instrument etc.
(Academics D required)

Intimidation skills

Persuasion skills

The ability to socialize with various people

The ability to falsify information and detect false info
(Academics C required)

Shinobi Codes
Knowledge of military conduct and codes of behavior

Summoning Jutsu
Summoning Techniques

Illusion Techniques
(Academics D, Intelligence 5 required)

Sen Jutsu
Sage Chakra Techniques
(Chakra Control A)

Acting skills, the ability to be someone else or falsify emotions/intentions.
(Academics D, Intelligence 4 required)
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Social Skills
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