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 Tenshu Ryochoku (APPROVED!)

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Tenshu Ryochoku

Tenshu Ryochoku

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PostSubject: Tenshu Ryochoku (APPROVED!)   Sun 26 May - 7:07

Tenshu Ryochoku
天殊 亮直
[Imperial & Exceptional] [Rightfulness]







[Birth Country]

Tenshu Spy Network 3pts
Strong Will 2pts
Genjutsu Prodigy 5pts
Primary Elemental Affinity - Suiton 1pt
Secondary Elemental Affinity - Raiton 2pts
Primary Stat Buff - Genjutsu 2pts

Total: 15

Soft-core 2pts
Late Bloomer 1pt
Intolerance - Contemption 1pt
Intolerance - Unequal Treatment 1pt
Phobia - Soteriophobia(Fear of dependence on others) 2pts
Jinxed Skill - Taijutsu 4pts
Special Hidden Background 6pts

Total: 17
I know I only need 13 but whatever.

[Elemental Affinity]
Suiton, Raiton


.: Actor, Manipulator, Deceiver :.
Ryochoku isn't the most honest person you will ever met. In fact, he might be the opposite. After so many years of social pressure, he really doesn't trust anyone and will always hold things inside himself. What he shows to other is nothing but a fake Ryochoku that will act according to the situation. Uncommon will he show his true face to someone else. In short, he is two-faced.

.: Calm :.
Being an actor, Ryochoku remains calm most of the time and is rarely angry due to his high patience and good EQ. This trait helps him to be one excellent actor that can hide his true intention in any situation. Still, it doesn't stop him for going into argument on occasion on simple matters, as those are not of importance.

.: Vengeful :.
Ryochoku remembers you even if you only steal from him a piece of candy and as soon as he has the chance to get his revenge, he will gladly do so to take back what should be him. One terrible thing is that he always reserve adequate brain space to save up such things so you cannot escape his revenge even when it's 50 years after the incident.

.: Self-Reliance :.
When you have no friend and family(inside his mind), the only thing you can trust is yourself. Hence, self-reliance is what Ryochoku really capable of.

.: Perseverance :.
Being a guy that keeps thing to himself, perseverance is a perfect word to describe Ryochoku. However, deceiving as he is, he can be pretty talkactive at times, when he deems necessary. His true opinion though, isn't always on the surface.

.: Stubborn :.
Ryochoku believes himself more than everything and that makes him a pretty stubborn person that will rarely agree on things that he disagrees at first. Even if he agrees on them later, most of the time it is just a deceiving act given that he believes the benefit is there. One thing that he tends to do is to argue with someone about something and if he is very into the discussion, then he might not be too calm there...

.: Jealousy :.
Ryochoku has had a tough life, that's why he is always jealous of someone else or something else that is better than his experience in life. This leads him to be a dangerous person in times.


# The superscripts refer to the pictures. Also, eye colors are not exactly the same.

His hair is pretty much self-explanatory by the pictures, a medium length hair that is yellow with a bit of gray in color. His eyes, have two colors due to a condition known as heterochromia iridum. His crimson red left eye reveals some sort of sadness if you look into it long enough. What lies inside it is loneliness and hatred if one can look deeply enough but it's not easy to see through the barrier of defense. His topaz yellow right eyes has a sense of imperial, conquering and domination but with a lack of actual power inside it.

Ryochoku has a clean body without any scar but that might change in the future. His body is also white by nature, which can't really be tanned unless through a lot of constant exposure to the sun or light source due to genetic advantage. Even when tanned, his body will recover back to the original color faster than an usual human being if there's no sunlight presents, a trait that woman dreamed of having.

His usual wear is a white kimono with a shade of red on the edge, pairing up with a black coat1,2. The same can be said to him as a man. White, is just the skin of Ryochoku, deceiving and fake; Black, the true Ryochoku, dark and depress. Being a member of a noble house, the material of his kimono is no doubt, top class material. It is some sort of silk that is light enough for mobility yet durable enough for it to sustain damage and that means it's okay even for fighting.

His formal wear is a white kimono too but this is a different kimono than his usual wear as this one has flower pattern rather than a plain plate3. At the same time, he wears no coat or any outside cover. The kimono has a little bit of black shade around the collar and beneath it for warming purpose. This is again, no doubt a top class kimono. This one is specifically designed for Ryochoku by a famous designer of Hi no Kuni.

[Character Background]

- Easy A -
Tenshu Ryochoku is actually a product of adultery. His father, Tenshu Atsuo is an half-blood of the Tenshu house. Also, he's a chuunin of Konohagakure. In a trip to Taki no Kuni, Ryochoku fell in love with a lady which then became Ryochoku's mother. The lady's name is Hayashi Riko, who is indeed one beautiful woman. Riko is actually a descendant of a shinobi clan who has zero knowledge of her clan at all and Ryochoku definitely has that blood inside him.

After one month together, Atsuo left the country to go back to Konoha as his mission was completed by then and he didn't know Riko was pregnant by then. Ryochoku was born that way and lived six years alone with his mother. His father was never seen then so Ryochoku always wondered why everyone have a father while he didn't have one.

- One of the Tenshu -
Fate is sometime complex yet beautiful. When Ryochoku was eleven, he met his father for the first time. His father came back to the city to find Riko as he missed her too much. The true shock to him was Ryochoku, his bastard son. His life was indeed purely screwed by then. Of course, there's a few options out there but nothing seemed to have more pro than con. Abandon them once again? That could be one of the option if he wasn't a Tenshu. Tenshu is a famous noble house and Atsuo didn't want to taint the name of the house and so he went back to discuss the matter with Tenshu Hirosaki, the head of the house.

Hirosaki agreed with the reason of Atsuo - to not taint the name of the house - despite not liking what he has done. Adultery was a big deal and it's definitely the best move to keep it as a secret. He asked Atsuo to take Riko as his wife. That was perfectly legal as Atsuo's wife died three years ago. Ever since that day, Ryochoku was officially part of the Tenshu House. Ever until today, Ryochoku has not know the reason why his mother accepted the proposal nor would his mother tell him.

As a punishment to such adultery act, the Tenshu Atsuo household is degraded into a half-blood household. As no one knows about the mysterious bloodline, Ryochoku is eligible to be a full-blood Tenshu because his mother is an ordinary civilian and the half-blood treatment is merely there as a punishment. Yet the half-blood status is technically fitting as Ryochoku is of a shinobi bloodline, but no one has known that yet, not even his mother nor him.

- Pressure -
Life of a Tenshu might be glamorous but not for a half-blood. A half-blood child by the act of adultery? That's even tougher. His father was below average to begin with and thus, he was looked down by most Tenshu in the house to begin with. Ryochoku was seen as a disgrace to the house of Tenshu. They kept the secret of him being a bastard son to the outside but the entire house(the "inside") knew about it and nothing was stopping them from hating on it.

Thus, he was facing social pressure everyday. Other Tenshu(especially the pure blood) really didn't like him that much and so he has only a few adopted or half-blood as friends. His mother was facing the same problem as well so was his father after the the incident. The pressure really got to him, which turned him to be a very negative human being. The world hates him and he hates the world.

- Path of Tenshu -
Every Tenshu must become a shinobi(or samurai, but more on that later) and he was no exception. It was not his choice of life but he has no choice. Samurai really wasn't something he was interested in so it was pretty easy for him to pick shinobi. He was enrolled into the school at a much latter age than the normal academy student but due to him being from the Tenshu house, the academy couldn't say no.

For someone that didn't even know much about shinobi to begin with, he was pretty decent in the academy. Well, there's several factors to that. First, the mysterious blood inside him brought him innate talent. Second, there's some extra training going inside the Tenshu house and those extra "tuition" helped. However, his social life really wasn't that great though due to the age difference and him being a weird late emission(He joined at the middle of the first semester). Oh yeah, his attitude and personality didn't help at all.

He didn't make many friends in school but he was already quite used to being an outcast anyway so that really didn't affect him too much. His friends were mostly those that were naive enough to ignore his problematic attitude so most of them were the younger bunch. Many of them were friends of his sister and classmate Kanako.

He has shown promise in the genjutsu department but his lacking in taijutsu only made the Tenshu members to not like him even more as they were hard to accept someone so bad in sword play and basic hand-in-hand combat to be a wear the name of "Tenshu".

At the end of a day, he's still a Tenshu and that is a burden to carry as the gear of life continues to move...

[Physical Skill]
Athletics E 2pts
Brawl E 2pts
Vehicle Operation E 2pts
Buki Jutsu E 2pts
Vehicle Operation E 2pts
Stealth D 7pts
Larceny D 7pts
Shuriken Jutsu D 7pts
Explosives D 7pts
Traps D 7pts
Survival E 2pts
Ken Jutsu E 2pts


[Social Skill]
Empathy D 7pts
Persuasion D 7pts
Socialize D 7pts
Intimidation D 7pts
Subterfuge C 17pts
Impersonations C 17pts
Specialization: Deceiver
Genjutsu C 17pts
Specialization: Target Genjutsu


[Mental Skill]
Academics C 17pts
Politics D 7pts
Chakra Control C 17pts
Computers D 7pts
Ninjutsu D 7pts
Suiton D 7pts
Specialization: Attack Type
Raiton D 7pts
Fuuton E 2pts
Doton E 2pts
Investigation D 7pts


[Main Stat]
Stamina 2
Speed 3
Strength 2
Intelligence 6
Ninjutsu 3
Genjutsu 3+4
Taijutsu 1
Seal Knowledge 4


Ayatsuito no Jutsu - String Reeling Technique
Nawanuke no Jutsu - Escaping Skill
Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique
Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique
Kawarimi no Jutsu - Change of Body Stance Technique
Magen • Jigoku Gouka no Jutsu - Demonic Illusion • Hell Fire Technique
Kahen Tonsou no Jutsu – Flower Petal Escape Technique
Mizu no Muchi - Whip of Water


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Tenshu Ryochoku

Tenshu Ryochoku

Posts : 277
Join date : 2013-05-21
Age : 29

PostSubject: Re: Tenshu Ryochoku (APPROVED!)   Sun 26 May - 7:08

The Tenshu House

天 殊

The Tenshu House is one of the noble houses in The Land of Fire. The ultimate goal of every house is to be the daimyo and lead the country but only one house is able to do so at a time. The main problem is that they are pretty aggressive in their approach and political tactics and that leads to more rivals and other houses actively blocking them. The Tenshu house is merely moderate in power and has no chance of being daimyo so far but it doesn't stop them from trying. The Tenshu clan was merely a clan of samurais few hundred years ago but through political and military strength, they were eventually recognized as part of the noble houses due to the clan's continuous contribution to the country as a whole.

Since they are noble, the Tenshu has always been a prideful family. They believe that they are born different than the other families and they should be exceptional at everything they do. While many of the noble houses have no problem with the village's kage handling their own, kind of like how a country utilizes their military leader to control the military, the Tenshu has always been "evolving", as so they believed. As they are of a samurai root to begin with and now that samurai is nothing more than the past, they begins to involve themselves into the way of shinobi. Compared to the other noble houses, which mostly focus on the politics and trying to grow the country through internal affair, economy and such, Tenshu has given some focus on the military side as well.

Tenshu has no shinobi ability in their blood and their raw talent in terms of ninjutsu and genjutsu are definitely lacking. The first few batches of Tenshu shinobis are really horrible in every aspect except for taijutsu. Hence, most of the early Tenshu shinobis are taijutsu users and excellent weapon users. One could say they are just enhanced version of samurai, using chakra to improve their bushido. Generally speaking, the rank of their ability: taijutsu > ninjutsu > genjutsu.

They are "evolving people" though and their adaptability is pretty high. Eventually, there's more and more solid ninjutsu users and genjutsu users within their rank but ultimately, they don't have enough "chips" to battle against those with a bloodline or well-developed shinobi clan. They are merely normal human within the shinobi rank. However, this is only a problem in the early stages of the shinobi era as eventually, more and more common folks have started to become shinobi as shinobi has replaced samurai as the primary military power of a country and no country will reject to have more shinobis in their hands.

The Tenshu house definitely has the advantage in this case as they started out earlier than most common families and so they are like the elite among the ordinary folks. Their driven nature, noble advantage(political power) and strict rules inside the house gave them the lead and there's plenty of Tenshu members in the chuunin and jounin level. ANBU though, not very much but not because of skill problem but mostly because of the political status of the house. ANBU are supposed to handle secret missions, which are technically military secrets and the daimyo definitely doesn't want other noble houses to know too much about them. Hence, only a selected few are able to enter the ANBU force. It's an achievement on its own.

To counterbalanced their initial disadvantage when it comes to the field of shinobi, the Tenshu house has their own ways of getting some extra shinobi knowledge through adoption and marriage. Tenshu has always been open to adoption really, anyone they viewed as exceptional enough to their standard are acceptable candidate of such adoption. They have done that multiple times in the past to acquire generals and exceptional warriors in the samurai era. Marriage, much like political marriage but not exactly like them, are done with a purpose. The difference between this and political marriage is that this is optional and the Tenshu member is given freedom of choice while political marriage are not optional most of the time. Of course, there's always inner political stuff when it comes to this type of thing. Anyway, the marriage is mainly done between a Tenshu member and a member of some shinobi clans. The main objective is to acquire the other clan's knowledge through the member or if the Tenshu member is a girl(which mean she is living at the shinobi clan's compound), then she should always try to acquire information from the clan to give to the Tenshu if possible but definitely not do it too offensively as one mistake or a scandal will bring the name of the Tenshu house down. Sadly, such marriage never really achieve much since the shinobi clans are very good at keeping their clan's secrets secret and most that lean to such marriage are the more untalented members of the clans and thus, the knowledge acquired are pretty low on the hierarchy.

Due to their political power, the Tenshu house also has a certain level of rights to the shinobi files, like a spy network or espionage act. Their members can request and acquire the data of the other shinobis for study and so forth. It gives them some advantages in say the academy test or some inter-team battle or something. Tenshu are always geared to win and they will do so with whatever advantage they can possess.

There are three types of status(or membership) in the Tenshu house:

Full-blood: A full-blood is one that has full Tenshu blood, one that is born within the Tenshu house to begin with. The father definitely has to be a full-blood Tenshu and the mother can be either an internal Tenshu member(so two full-blood Tenshu as parents) or a member of a non-shinobi clan. On a rare occasion that the husband of a Tenshu lady are willing to take Tenshu as his family name and enters the Tenshu house as part of the noble family, then their children are also full-blood.

Half-blood: Half-blood are one that is considered to have only part of the Tenshu blood and part something else. The most common case is that half of the parents is from a shinobi clan, a Konoha noble house. It's a case of contradiction really, while they have always wanted shinobi knowledge, it's hard for them to consider one of the shinobi clans as truly one of their own because of the distinctive feature of such "one"(i.e. an Uchiha named himself Tenshu Akitoshi still has the feature of the sharingan eyes, which standard Tenshu don't have). If only the mother is a Tenshu, then her children are still half-blood since their surname are not "Tenshu". Only by living under the Tenshu house and having a surname of Tenshu will them become a full-blood(as explained in the full-blood section). It's always half-blood though when shinobi is involved. One of the biggest reasons behind this half-blood status is that many believe that when the blood are thinned out like this, the Tenshu house will crumble into nothing but a bunch of wild, confusing mixed bloodlines that has zero unique identity at all.

If the half-blood child possess the special clan power like the Sharingan of Uchiha for example, then they are automatically send back to the clan house of said clan. The Tenshu house will not limit the interaction between the parents and their children but they(the children) will not be acknowledged as a Tenshu. While this is more of a dominate and recessive genetic thing, it's rare to have a half-blood child that doesn't possess any piece of ability so most half-blood parents will not teach their kid the clan-based techniques and maybe don't even tell them about their clan identity to keep their children with them. Something like Hyuuga's Byakugan though, will be too obvious from the start so that's unpreventable but so far there's no Tenshu-Hyuuga cross-marriage yet in the history of Tenshu.

There are ways for a half-blood household to become full-blood, even if half of the parents are shinobi but it requires time. Their children(the half-blood) needs to form a family with a full-blood Tenshu(full-blood in a must in such case) and then have at least one child, then they will become full-blood again as their children are technically 75% Tenshu and 25% outsider. Ultimately, this is just a leeway to convert their members back to full-blood because there are many cases that one becomes half-blood to pursuit the knowledge of another shinobi clan.

Note: A family is branded as half-blood as long as they have a half-blood child so a full-blood Tenshu will become half-blood as he married one of a shinobi bloodline like an Uchiha for example. In the case of a female Tenshu member married into some other family, then she is still a full-blood Tenshu but her children are treated as half-blood because they are not really part of the Tenshu house anyway and the next generation are definitely not Tenshu anymore but member of the husband's clan.

Adopted: Another way to become a Tenshu is to be adopted by one of the Tenshu households. Anyone can do so as long as they adopt the family name of Tenshu but only through exceptional display of skill that the Tenshu house will approve such adoption as they believe only the elite are allowed in their house and too many trashes will drag down the overall standard of their house.

The major difference between the three status is treatment. The Tenshu house accepts a variety of people but nothing is stopping them from looking down on them. Full-blood Tenshu are always on top of the priority list on everything and the more important jobs or positions inside the house are taken by the full-blood. Although that the Tenshu house are more open now and willing to put some non-full-blood into the higher positions, there are a limited seats for them and every such decision is discussed among the house council.

Half-blood and adopted Tenshu are generally looked down by the others, especially the full-blood Tenshu. Some more tradional Tenshu members even hate the idea of half-blood and adoption as they believe that their bloodline should be of their own and those are nothing but "illegal immigrants" into their family. However, it all depends. If a Tenshu becomes half-blood because of a well-known political movement, say to marry and Aburame for the secret of Aburame clan, then that Tenshu household will technically be half-blood but they are not really looked down as much by those who know the truth to such marriage. If a Tenshu marries another shinobi because of true love or what not, then they are definitely getting some different treatment for sure. Adopted Tenshu are well, adopted, so there's a certain degree of insecurity that they bring into the house. You just can't deny the possibility that some people are taking the adoption because they want power or wealth or they are into politics or some other reasons, which the Tenshu house possesses. Hence, the half-blood and adopted Tenshu have to work extra hard for the approval inside the house but most of them are definitely on the watch list for sure.


It is a tradition in the Tenshu house that every male member must be either a shinobi or a samurai to start begin their adult life. Some of them tend to become political figure or sort when they grow older but everyone starts as a some sort of warrior. A male member that doesn't take such occupation will be considered an outcast and kicked out of the Tenshu house. Of course, this is the era of shinobi so most members chose to be shinobi. There are some faithful samurai though but ultimately they became caravan guard, (normal) police force, bodyguard or something rather than a full-fledged samurai since there's not much usage of samurai as a military unit in the current era. Still, nothing is stopping them from using their katana(or other weapons, it's more open-minded now) to crave a way of life.

Female member though, has slightly more choice but really, not very much. One is freely to pursuit either the shinobi or samurai path but one can always be a housewife. Tenshu house is the noble house with the least servant as many female members chose to help the house as housewives.

Members of the Tenshu house are free to pursuit their own dream at the age of 30(initially it starts at 35 but it went through some political changes and votes eventually). I guess one can view it as some sort of very long term "national service" as they are only (truly) free after 30. Most are used to their warrior life at 30 and decided to stay there but some of them eventually became businessmen and so on.


Unless one is into politic, they will not know much about Tenshu. Hence, Tenshu is likely viewed as nothing more than any of the regular and ordinary family name and will not garner special attention like the shinobi clans(Uchiha, Hyuuga and so on). They are merely part of the "regular people" in the shinobi world.

Internal Conflict

Much like there's only one daimyo in a country and everyone wants it, there's only one house leader and everyone wants it. Hence, there's some internal politic going all the time. There are two main views:

One, the traditionalist, believes that Tenshu should follow their samurai root and the bloodline should not be weaken by outsiders, especially the shinobi bloodlines. They don't like the idea of adopted and half-blood at all and has been trying to deny such opportunity if possible. They feel that the shinobi bloodlines mixing in will only thin out the elite gene of the Tenshu DNA, thus making the bloodline weaker on the long run. They also dislike the "you can do whatever you want after 30" policy and truly believe that every Tenshu should be a warrior until he is dead, be it in the battlefield or out of.

Two, the newgen, has a more liberal view. They believe that only by mixing the blood and adopting elites from the outside that Tenshu will truly grow. They also believe that only by evolving the thinking style that Tenshu will truly be the "evolving people" and so they are fine with the policy of giving Tenshu members their freedom after 30. They think only by giving freedom will the Tenshu grows and their amount of knowledge on different subjects and things in life will help them more than the rather uncivilized and close-minded way of bushido.

While there are two sides, each side is composed by multiple small factions. They vary on their ultimate philosophy, some are milder and some are more extreme. An example of extreme traditionalist belief is that a Tenshu should only marry another Tenshu and those that are deemed below average in skill should be kicked out of the Tenshu house.

There are also a certain amount of people that just don't give a crap about these conflicts and prefer to live their life neutrally. They don't involve actively in conflicts, more focused on their own life and peace.

The current house leader is kind of a 50:50 person really, but his thinking is ultimately more newgen than traditional as he believes that only by finding a true balanced will Tenshu truly improve.

House Location

The main house(as in living space) is located in the capital city of Hi no Kuni and there's a sub-house inside Konohagakure, built at the beginning of the shinobi era. In these days, the sub-house has more population and are largely of the younger generations since most of them who live there chose the shinobi path. Still, the main house is where the council members lived and ultimately the "control room" of the Tenshu house. There are also multiple sub-house throughout the country, at various cities, but those are mostly spots for vacation or to settle problem/affair of the city/town, rather than a permanent living place.

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Tenshu Ryochoku

Tenshu Ryochoku

Posts : 277
Join date : 2013-05-21
Age : 29

PostSubject: Family   Sun 26 May - 7:17


Tenshu Atsuo
- 46 years old
- Father of Tenshu Ryochoku
- Chuunin and a very average one at that
- The only good aspect he bring to the battlefield is his taijutsu but his strategy and tactical vision has always been a good bonus to the team
- Mostly used for "outstation missions" by Konoha since he is disposable in their view as in he is not really capable enough if any emergency mission come up, so the best mission type for him is lengthy, low risk missions. Thus, his time of staying home isn't too much to begin with, which affect his relationship with his family members
- Considered under average as a Tenshu and has since been looked down upon, having a bastard child further decrease his standing in the Tenshu house as his household is considered as half-blood for now


Tenshu Riko/Ishimori Riko
- 33 years old
- 2nd wife of Tenshu Atsuo
- Among the household, the only biological child from her is Tenshu Ryochoku
- Housewife
- Loving
- Prefer to use action than words so she's not very talkactive
- Descendant of a mysterious shinobi bloodline
- Always treat every children as her own despite not getting the response she wanted, she is still trying though, which Ryochoku never understand
- The only one in the world that Ryochoku greatly care about

Note: Ishimori is not the clan name of the mysterious bloodline, it's merely a "civilian" clan name that Riko is born with and her surname until she joins the Tenshu house.


Tenshu Yumiko
- 1st wife of Tenshu Atsuo
- Died 3 years ago due to a disease, 39 years old
- Housewife


Tenshu Mitsuhide
- 24 years old
- 1st child of Tenshu Yumiko
- Nicknamed "The Sickle of Death"
- Ex-samurai, but he is too good so the Tenshu house requested him to join the shinobi path, which he accepted
- Jounin, very exceptional at taijutsu and has good proficiency in terms of ninjutsu, has not found many chance to use genjutsu in his routine
- Very great physical performance, especially stamina and speed
- Almost got into the ANBU squad but got rejected due to being a Tenshu. This has not bothered him by much actually since he prefers to just slaughter everyone without doing it secretively and he could care less about
- Natural element is Fuuton, also pretty good in raiton
- Extremely cruel in his way of killing
- His weapon of choice is a scythe(One of the pictures have two, but he only uses one). Second weapon of choice is katana
- Can be very straight when it comes to socialization as he doesn't really care about others' feeling, especially those he doesn't like to begin with
- Despite being straight, will sometime use sarcasm but not often
- Can be cunning at times
- Not exactly a family guy, has not considered Riko his mother, could care less about her...or his family in some case
- Dislike Ryochoku, only because Ryochoku has been useless in his eyes so far. His view might change in future but it's not going to be easy


Tenshu Mizuki
- 20 years old
- 2nd child of Tenshu Yumiko
- Chuunin
- Proficient in taijutsu, so-so in other aspects
- Natural element is Katon
- Consider her brother, Mitsuhide, as her rival and the target to surpass
- Favored weapon is katana but has a tendency to use rapier more. It's just that katana is the traditional samurai weapon so she cannot ignore that at all as someone prideful with her Tenshu identity.
- Prideful
- Has mild narcissistic personality disorder
- The favorite child of Yumiko
- Blamed her father for the death of Yumiko as he is not at home most of the time which to her, is like her father doesn't care his wife. Has not liked her father since then.
- Is not necessarily a bad person but her personality definitely turned bad following the death of Yumiko
- Will never accept Riko as her mother as no one is going to replace Yumiko as her mother in her view
- Hate(Yes, straightforward hatred) Ryochoku, look down on Ryochoku and consider Ryochoku as nothing but a trash and disgrace to the Tenshu house. It's going to take a ton of effort if one is going to change her view on this subject
- Will not hesitate to insult Riko and/or Ryochoku or any other disgrace(in her view) of the Tenshu house
- While Tatsuo is adopted, he has proven his worth well enough for Mizuki to not hate him and the fact that he is adopted and not some bastard child out of nowhere does help. However, she doesn't like it that Tatsuo is daddy's favorite child while being an adopted son


Tenshu Tatsuo
- 26 years old
- Adopted by Tenshu Atsuo, they met when Tenshu Atsuo was out in a mission to a minor country(too lazy to decide which, so any of them is fine)
- Rumored to be an ex-shinobi(thus technically a missing-nin) of a small hidden village(definitely not one of the big 5) but not confirmed
- Chuunin, has been considered for the position of special jounin but declined by himself as he prefers to work with his current team
- Nicknamed "The Sniper" due to his proficiency with long-range ninjutsu
- Diverse ninjutsu arsenal that consists of suiton, fuuton and raiton
- Jack-of-all-trade but specialized in long-range ninjutsu, mainly the ranged striker of the team
- Favorite child of Tenshu Atsuo
- Has always been fond of Mizuki and has always keep his feeling to himself
- Neutral toward Riko and Ryochoku but is busy enough that he has not interact much with them. There's also a certain level of pity as he knows the hardship and pressure of being a non-full-blood himself
- Very good personality as a whole: honest, friendly, good-hearted, kind, respectful, honorable
- It's hard to put his relationship with Mitsuhide to words. While he has huge respect to Mitsuhide, he doesn't necessarily agree with the way Mitsuhide does things and there's a certain level of conflict between their personalities


Tenshu Daisuke
- 13 years old
- 3rd child of Tenshu Yumiko
- Genin
- Hot pick in the upcoming chuunin exam
- High potential in taijutsu but not very good in ninjutsu and especially genjutsu
- Possess incredible stamina and extremely durable, the front line fighter of his shinobi team
- Natural element is Doton
- Lacking in the tactical department, can be pretty stupid at times, one of his biggest problems to overcome on his way to chuunin
- Jiraya-esque pervert and kind of a hopeless romantic, but definitely more on the pervert side. Ultimately he just wants to fall in love, desperately
- Has no problem with Riko as his mother
- Consider Ryochoku as his bro but can be a bit jealous on Ryochoku's charisma when girls tend to talk to Ryochoku and not him. Still, he likes Ryochoku most of the time. One of the few persons that Ryochoku genuinely care about.


Tenshu Kanako
- 11 years old
- 4th and final child of Tenshu Yumiko
- Academy student, same batch as Ryochoku so she is actually the classmate of Ryochoku
- Has good understanding on all aspect of shinobi and is a very clever individual so definitely very high potential to be a good shinobi in the future. If she can achieve her full potential, there's a high chance that she will be a very well-rounded shinobi and is likely to be the best among her sisters and brothers
- Naive...yeah~~everyone is my friend and I am friend to everyone
- Pretty popular in the academy and in the Tenshu house because of her very lovable personality
- Consider Ryochoku and Riko as her family. She is one of the few persons that Ryochoku genuinely care about and the caring level is even higher than that of Daisuke since they spent much more time together.

On a general level, the older bunch doesn't like Riko and Ryochoku because it's strangers coming into their life and they have a certain bit of Tenshu pride inside them. Also, they didn't like the fact that they are downgraded into a half-blood household because of this bullshit. The younger bunch grows up with Riko and Ryochoku so they of course view them as part of the family(plus they don't understand enough about the social status so the full-blood, half-blood thing isn't really a factor), the adult members are only out there because of missions and generally not caring much about the family(in case of Mitsuhide) so Riko is the main one who take care of them. Tatsuo, an adopted member, views things different from the ordinary Tenshu so his views are not the same as the older bunch.

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PostSubject: Re: Tenshu Ryochoku (APPROVED!)   Mon 27 May - 3:34

Wow! Simply Wow! Love the work you put into this.

And I don't take it into offense about the worldmap, the original picture was large enough and I was hoping that the site would streach it like it did the other images but instead it chose to downgrade it, already working on cutting it up into smaller maps.

As for the Tenshu noble house, very nice work indeed and I see many ways of how to place this into the main plot.

We would have to discuss it via PM or perhaps Skype if you have this would be best seeing as there would be a lot to discuss. Minor changes might have to be made to the Tenshu family, but when I say minor I mean minor. Otherwise this looks perfect but I am yet to read it all thoroughly.

I am still very much question-mark on the bloodline bit he got from his mother, but otherwise the background seems good as well as the NPC's.
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Tenshu Ryochoku

Tenshu Ryochoku

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PostSubject: Re: Tenshu Ryochoku (APPROVED!)   Mon 27 May - 7:25

Well this is Anji of the original Neo so you already have my Skype, we can discuss over there if you want to. I also edited a few parts, mostly about the half-blood.

Also, can I know the country names of this area so I can choose my birth country?

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PostSubject: Re: Tenshu Ryochoku (APPROVED!)   Mon 27 May - 8:54

Offcourse you can. And I have noticed you have the special hidden background flaw. We can do a lot with that. But how about we make your birthplace the Waterfall Country? That would be terrific. Very Happy
If you keep this it says might change.

I promise you 2 things.

1. It's gonna haunt ya, and hunt ya probably. And you're gonna be targeted for assassination even potentially. Also you might eventually even become public enemy number one to kill on sight as far as official records go.

and 2. All of this will have great roleplaying potential, will be intertwined with the main plot and if survived....if.....survived.....will have a tremendous opportunity and great benefits.

You see I was planning for a character much close to yours.....needed to the plot to spice it up. And I wanted to put him in as an NPC, but you made a far better more detailed version of exactly what I was looking for.
Very Happy

That's why I was happy. And I knew it was you was just trying to be ya know...official and stuff.

Anyway, great stuff.
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Tenshu Ryochoku

Tenshu Ryochoku

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PostSubject: Re: Tenshu Ryochoku (APPROVED!)   Mon 27 May - 9:16

There's definitely a lot of "hooks" you can use for the special hidden background so have fun with that. While waterfall doesn't sound so pimping at all, I will just take it.

And those things are actually more than I would like to know so keep the dirty details under the laundry...and let me unfold those laundries ICly(and maybe change them slightly so I don't see what's coming). I put a "might change" as I am not sure if the mysterious bloodline stuff will cost me any merit or flaw. If it has no impact on merit or flaw for now then I will finalize it ASAP.
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PostSubject: Re: Tenshu Ryochoku (APPROVED!)   Mon 27 May - 22:38

And we're done here too I believe. Muwarharharhar.

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PostSubject: Re: Tenshu Ryochoku (APPROVED!)   

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Tenshu Ryochoku (APPROVED!)
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